Deadly Declaration (Shadow Veil Academy Year 2) Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I think it’s only fair that the first review on my blog goes to the woman that gave me the nudge to do this blog…so without any further ado lets dive right on into my crazy, crazy review.

Soooo I promised a crazy review so lets see what I can cook up and since Heather liked my last one I gotto make this a real good one. Let’s cook up a storm.

Oh gosh I don’t even know where to begin with this one…but I carry across from what I said from my last review. If I sound like a crazy person its because Heather broke my brain. She’s very good at it. It’s like her superpower…so once again after a full day of reading…my next morning result is once again this…

So really all you need to know is that this book is crazy good and it’ll put you through the worlds largest emotional wringer eva, spit you out and then you’ll be chewed on lol….whhhyyy u do this to me Heather!? It’s a good thing I live for this crazy stuff and love to be messed with. Must be how I get my adrenaline rush. lol…But seriously guys…

I do promise I’d never actually throw the book at you because GASP…you don’t throw books – this is just metaphorical throwing 

Soo i’m gonna try really hard not to give any spoilers for THIS book but I’m guessing if you’re reading this then surely you’ve read the first one right? If not there will be spoilers from the first book. 

So pretty much this book picks up with Raegan heading back to the school after a summer away trying to process all that has happened and to you know…process Enzo’s betrayal. But she knows she has to return coz there is the threat of her crazy “mother” Malina out there…up to the same game. you know of taking over the world lol.

I feel like these characters would get on really well am I right?!

Aside from Malina’s threats weeeelll she totally couldn’t leave Gemma and Aunt Jules behind. They already shooting off crazy texts as it is, trying to get her to call them. Sooo would you really want to mess with those two? Honestly I wouldn’t lol. But that tackle hug Gemma gave when she saw Rae for the first time…was like, this is hitting all the feels. Their friendship is #friendshipgoals

Jumping onto the story side of things I loved how quickly this story got right back into it. There was no dilly-dallying and before you know it you’re right in the thick of things. 

I know I said I wouldn’t spoil anything and I’m really trying to keep my mouth shut. But can I just say the moment she saw Enzo for the first time and taking in his dejected self I was like oh boy…I can’t take all these feels. But right from the get-go, I knew there was a reason behind why he did what he did because derh there was no other alternative…Enzo is meant to be hers. But having said that and knowing now the full reason…I was like ok let’s give him a little grief and make him work for his forgiveness (coz well *shrugs* I’m evil like that)…but ok lets start mending the bridge guys. Soo although 

It just may take Rae a little bit of time getting there…so be patient lol…But well we all know that once Enzo is ushered a challenge and he sees hope for them…he is determined not to give up on her. And thats where I’m all like… 

Let me give you a little sneak peek of this in action.

“If—and that was a big if—I forgave him, there would be many more moments of groveling on his part. There was no making this easy for him after what he had done. 
“Do whatever you want, Enzo. You’re a big boy and you can make your own decisions, but try not to be too disappointed when things don’t go your way.” 
I patted his chest and then pushed him away before moving back toward the stairs. When I stepped onto the platform and turned around to press the button for the main floor, Enzo was still standing there with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. Damn. I just gave him a challenge, and he wasn’t even remotely afraid of it. I’d done the opposite of pushing him away, and I was in trouble.”

I saw this today and was like this is Enzo! Rae is his destiny. ❤️

So a lot really goes down in this book and we meet some really awesome characters that you are seriously going to love!

We also learn more about her dragon side after she comes in contact with this epic chick JayLeigh (you are seriously gonna love this one! All I’m gonna say is panty burp 😂)… anyway she is sent to take Rae back to Drakken the realm of the dragons basically. Where she will learn to hopefully connect and shift easier into her full dragon self. And who else other than our Sexy Elf comes along for the ride? He has to right? There was no other option hehe.

Can I just say I think Enzo got sexier in this book and soo much more hmm let’s say uber protective…

Anyways…sorry I keep getting sidetracked by Enzo…can you blame me? But back to story…So between this new world and learning things about herself…Rae grows a lot…in fact every person within this story grows. They don’t change because of what’s happened to them but an inner strength shines through that is beautiful. Especially within Rae and Gemma. These chicks don’t let any one hold them down – oh and same for RayLeigh that chick means business lol. She’s one dragon that’s got their backs. And the friendships within this book are the best. I love each one of their personalities and how sassy they are. Heather has an amazing ability of just bringing her characters to life.

Be prepared for a lot of stuff to go down…and I mean a lot! There will be old and new traitors popping out and plans being put in motion. But the one question is…can they take down the one person who is the biggest threat they could face? Malina. 

I do have to say this cliffhanger is nowhere near as bad as the first book but my heart still hurts…I was like freaking out but didn’t want to let myself panic…but it still physically hurt my heart. So when I was finished I had to go find some chocolate to process my emotions and the fact that the book was finished.

But like I’m totally zipping my lips shut because I physically have the worst restraint when it comes to this series and I don’t wanna blab….this is why I have this magical little unicorn to help me out.

But once again fantastic work Heather! I honestly got so lost inside this book that I didn’t even realise I was sitting in the dark like a mushroom. Loved every minute of this crazy awesome sauciness you created, so nicely done my friend!

So now here I am trying to take Rae’s words “Dig deep and find some patience,” very seriously coz I like Gemma, this is not our strong suit lol.

C’mon Heather we all know you not human with all this crazy good work you give to me, soo put that magic brain of yours to work right now lol…Coz…

Hehe I swears I was never bossy until I started reading yours and a few others work…soo 

I know she loves her Supernatural so maybe she won’t feel the need to give payback for me blaming her…but you gotta know girl

Thanks so much Heather for just going with my craziness, it’s really the safest bet lol, and for having me on you’re ARC team. I tell you it was the bestest day in like the universe when I got in. I love your books soo much, even when they put me through like the worlds biggest emotional wringer…I wouldn’t have it any other way. Call me weird but those are best kind of books. It tells you I’m invested in your series…and who wouldn’t be!? Unless you’re insane and then it doesn’t count 😏So unless you read it then no opinion allowed.

oh oops did my crazy just show? 

Anywho don’t delay with reading this book you don’t want to miss this gem! 

PS and i have absolutely no clue why but I wrote this review back-wards. That’s totally a new thing lol…also blaming Heather for that one too lols. She got my head screwed on wonkily…

Happy Reading My Nerdy Friends 🤓

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