Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy 3) Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mage Shifter by Lucia Ashta

4.5 Stars

I have really enjoyed reading this series…and I think there is one more book to come so I am curious where it’ll lead. With a School of Magical Creatures though it could be anything.

After seeing how this ended though I’m a little unsure what the new threat would be as it really felt like most stuff was tied up. Especially with Rage & Fury and even later on with the competition with Leander’s brother. Maybe something more will arise in that department and exploring her magical abilities. So I’m kinda a little clueless there. Weirdly enough lol I have missed the cliffhanger with this one. So weird to think that I’d miss a cliffhanger.

Anywho I did really love where this story went…it really opened up a whole world where the Academy had gone bananas and was doing some downright odd things. It kept me engaged trying to work out what was happening and how Rage & Fury connected into it (because that was just a given right?).

I loved watching as Rina’s powers really developed and how she found the strength inside to grow mentally and physically. Especially towards the end with everything she and her friends had gone through. She became confident in who she was and basically embraced it. Which was awesome. You gotto embrace all of you even when parts of yourself freak you out.

Another thing I have really enjoyed from the start was the friendships of all of them. From her brother Ky and Wren, Jas, Boone, Sadie, Dave, Adalia and Leander. I love the support and growth of this group and how they always have each others back. Each character is unique and so well thought out that they really do come to life and you love them all just as fiercly. Even her close friends aside down to the Trolls and teachers etc. So much pops up and you aren’t sure if you like one character one minute and the next you’re like hang on a minute I kinda do (Ahem crazy professor teacher Hapblomb such an odd-ball that one lol)…and then you have the mother killer Rabbit shifter Roberta – She cracks me up lol but I’m with Rina on this one I’ll like her from afar very afar. You don’t wanna mess with a woman thats got like what was it 320 kids? Crickey that’s just crazy. Bunny apocalypse waiting to happen there lol. So my point here is that Lucia does a fabulous job crafting all her characters to perfection.

There is honestly a lot to love about these books and a lot will go down and you’ll just be like wow ok then. Other times I did feel like it was pretty predictable but for me, it didn’t take away from the joy of reading the story any.

Get ready to be swept away in a world of magical creatures and magic where anything is possible with a girl that was never really meant to be.

You, however, are unheard of. Mage powers don’t mix with shifter magic. They never have. Not in all of recorded magical history.”

And yet here she is. Rina Nelle Mont. Shifter and Mage.

So strap on your boots and prepare to be taken on a magical ride.

Happy Readings Book Nerds x

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