Delayed Admission (Shadow Veil Academy 1) Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Delayed Admission by Heather Renee

So I just realised I just posted a review for book 2 of this as it had just released but I felt weird not sharing my rambles for the first crazy review that kicked off my obsession for this series…so here it goes. Buckle in and be prepared for a bucket load of cray cray.

Okay unfortunately time has not helped me any, Heather broke me good and proper with this one.

So if this review fails to make any sense remember this ↑

Goodness where to even begin. I know I say this a lot but there ARE a lot of awesome books out there and I have read some seriously fantastic ones this year. But holy smokes Heather I think this is one of your best yet! There’s gotto be some witchcraft involved right?!

and while that is a possibility since its a book of magic but its mostly the good kind so who cares. shrugs

First I’m going to give you some advice. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing, can prepare you for the journey that is up ahead of you, when you start reading this book.

So if you go down this road just throw all caution to the wind and don’t even try to prepare. Just throw what you think might happen aside.

Okay so a little about this story. Lets see if I can get through this without blurting out any spoilers. I promise to put them in spoiler brackets if I can’t help myself.

So we have Raegan a 17 year old nearly 18, who has lost her parents recently and has gone to live with her aunt Jules, who she didn’t know about as apparently Jules and her parents had a falling out. But recently these new abilities have started to show themselves, like say glowing fingers or moving objects accidentally. She’s not really sure if she’s just been imagining these things happening due to the emotional stress of losing her parents but one day when she goes to the cemetery to see her mum and dad she’s attacked by this man that she can see these shadows around. A man named Enzo saves her but afterwards wants to take her to this school called “Shadow Veil Academy”. Without saying too much more she goes although reluctantly, learning that her Aunt hasn’t been all that forth right with her about a whole other world were Shapeshifters, Witches, Elves, Vampires you name it exist. Cool right?

But everything isn’t as easy as just starting a new school. Raegan somehow has been kept out of the system and nobody had even known she existed up until this point. No trail whatsoever of her existence. Curious and curiouser. But to then top it off she learns she’s not just one race but has multiple inside her making her a hybrid. Which isn’t all that different until they learn she is waaaaay more unique then that. But something else is brewing at the school and its nothing good. From the moment Rae got to the school she felt a pull that became stronger and stronger and its not until she’s standing in front of this door that she’s told is nothing but bad news but can’t ignore the pull that it has over her. When that door opens it unleashes an evil sorceress who hitches a ride inside Rae’s head. And nothing good can EVER come from that. I’m gonna stop there otherwise I’m gonna spill all the beans and its just to awesome to do that.

Anyways because she’s been brought into this world a lot later then usual she has to have a mentor to help her to catch up. And who else would it be but the most infuriating, arrogant but sexy Elf on the planet Enzo who she and me both are sooo not crushing on hehe. Let the fireworks begin lol.

Raegan automatically clicks with Gemma the girl that first showed her around the school and guys you are soooo going to love this chick! She is epic and everything we all want in a BFF. She’s so full of spunk and just absolutely perfect for her. Their friendship is like #friendshipgoals. The friendship these two have and how they stick together is truly something to read.

The characters in this book are so epically written that you really felt you were in on everything. You loved who Rae loved and hated who she did and everything in between. So amazing work there Heather!!

I absolutely LOVED how much this book took me in and although nothing like crazy full on happened until like towards the end there was so much story world building happening and a heap of information we needed for that explosion of an end. Not once did it feel like nothing was happening though, its more in the sense you could feel things slowly heating up bit by bit and tensions increasing in a steady crescendo as it prepared for that whopper final to be unleashed. This has got to be one of my favourites as Academy worlds go. So I take my hat off to you for accomplishing that Heather.

There’s seriously so much to be said about this book it was truly an incredible read! And I cannot wait to have the next book. I have soo many questions that I need answered coz I kinda feel like my world is crumbling (kinda dramatic but whatevs you’ll understand it when you read it). I just seriously can’t get over that ending. Like it surprised me. And not to sound like I’m full of myself but this is honestly a rarity to happen. Like never would I have guessed that certain people were involved and roles they played. Like I worked out some but

Heather it has been an incredible honour to be apart of your ARC team. I know your totally enjoying all our torment but daaang girl you take being kicked in the gut to a whole new level lol. I nearly had a mental breakdown bc the page on my ipad wouldn’t turn anymore. I wanted to yell and scream at it coz it just had to be broken and that Heather couldn’t leave me hanging like that but well in the end it was just me that was broken (see first gif lol). So when that happened I seriously felt the need to hug my pillow and cry.

The things us readers put ourselves through. Totally go read that book!

Okay there’s a tonne of other stuff running through my head even now a day later. But I’m gonna stop there otherwise we will be here for evvveer! lol. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next hurry up already.

hehe I’m learning I have a really bossy side when it comes to some very particular authors…who would’ve known aye?! 😆

Anywho…Cheerio Book Nerds

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