Quick Update

So I probably won’t be shooting off as many Reviews as I have of late lol I’m not that fast. You just caught me at a really good time with ARC’s and rereads that need to be up and out in the world. I have one other ARC book lined up at the moment due for release around 23rd September its A Legacy Witch (Spellcasters Spy Academy 1) by Ashley McLeo. It promises to be really good.

I’m still currently reading Becoming The Balance Bringer. The story has been a bit slow to get started I’m 20% into it and to me its only just starting to have more interest pulling at me. The information dropped up until this point has me curious but I’m not yet engulfed by the story. I’m actually struggling to connect a little bit with the characters, but I’m hoping this will change! 🙂

Updates according to my blog:

  • I plan to do a Favourite Book Quote each week posted – let’s say every Wednesday
  • My Favourite Character that inspires me in someway will be posted according to my reading schedule. Around 1-2 weeks I’m guessing.
  • Book Boyfriends will be updated regularly – not necessarily according to every book but the ones that grab me the most.
  • Book Teaser Tuesday – any current book I’m reading I’ll post a bookie teaser from it.
  • Funny Book sayings or pictures that I relate to in regards to books (every Friday)
  • Updates on new books I have received or gotten will be posted regularly (because everyone loves book news right?!)

For now that’s all I’ve got planned, but if you guys have any ideas or suggestions you want to put forward I’m all for that.

Anywho Cheerio Book Nerds x

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