Random Little Story & Tangent

Soo this is kinda random…but whatevs, you’ll learn that’s just me. 😀 Anywho, so today on my Facebook group I was chatting with some friends about my new blog and a friend of mine Taylor commented saying: “you are a real life Katy!” – any of you who don’t know who Katy is please refer to my book review for Obsidian. Katy in this book is a full-blown booklover right to the core, who of course has her own blog. So when my friend said this in my head I was like: oh my gosh this is like the bestest compliment a girl could ever get! And then because I’m the crazy over-thinker I am…my brain started whirring and making even more connections.

Like for example one of my nicknames growing up was Katy. This may sound strange as I have my name up as Tassi but this is not my actual name. I chose Tassi because its a special name to me that I came up with, for my nephews to call me.

First I’ll go off on a little tangent and explain why Tassi. Well the quick story is that I used to be called K from quite a few people (since my name is Kristen), now I honestly don’t know what made me think this (I can think of really weird and random stuff just because lol), but when people said K, it made me think of the Periodic Table and how K was the initial for Potassium. Seeing where I’m going here? No…okay well I figured Potassium was too long to be called and just ended up taking the Tassi out of it….and so here I am today with the Nickname Tassi.

Buuuut back to my original story lol…so as I said earlier one of my nicknames was Katy – how you say did I end up with that, when my name is Kristen? Well It was the sound when you put my initials together K and T…say it out loud, it sounds exactly likely Katy right? So yep that’s how I got that nickname also. So there’s another connector to one of my all time fav characters. 😀

The other one you may have already guessed…what is the coinkidink of my all time first serious book boyfriend being Daemon Black? The one and only being also from this series?!

Ha, I say I just found my own personal book character double. Pretty cool right? If you think not well sorry for wasting your time reading this blog post haha.

Anywho, cheerio for now Book Nerds x

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