Negative Zero (Soldier Of Light Chronicles 1) Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Negative Zero by Ireland Gill

My rating: 4 of 5 star

Thanks to the amazing Ireland Gill who offered me the first book for free in both Audiobook (which only just released – check it out here) and Kindle in preparation of release for the second book Absolute Zero releasing 13th September (you can find it here) all for an honest review. So here goes.

First off the narration of the audiobook is incredible loved, loved, loved it! Never listened to J. Elizabeth Anderson before but she did an incredible job! So if you love Audiobooks def go check that one out. I was impressed by it. Her narration was spot on for the MC in my opinion. Okay now lets move onto the book itself 🙂

So the first book in this series, really kicked everything off wonderfully. You’ll have to forgive my brain if it doesn’t make much sense it’s very tired – haven’t been sleeping well and not because of books 😛 I have not been a very well camper and pain levels have been high…but enough of that. Lets talk book.

this clearly is representing my brain right now

Tiredness aside there was truly a lot to enjoy about this book. It dives fairly quickly into the story but doesn’t information overload you. The information was slowly spread out throughout the book but not in a way that had you bored or anything. If anything it kept you interested as you wanted to work out what Hayden was not sharing.

Speaking of Hayden…he’s Evika’s yummy overprotective guardian angel. Those two together is kinda hilarious. They are seriously like opposites. But opposites attract right? hehe. But there’s nothing quite like havin a Guardian Angel that has a calming effect on her when she has a raging temper. Let’s just say the first time she learns what he did to her emotions she was not impressed. But that aside these two definitely have some epic blowups. Or well Evika blows up and Hayden trying to be the level headed practical one gets irritated when she can’t see reason.

Okay so a little about the story. The story surrounds a girl who just turned 21 she hasn’t had it easy after her mum died 3 years before. She never quite let go of her loss and the boiling rage of losing her mum all to soon. Can’t really blame her. But she’s lost her path and falls into alcohol to help with the pain. When one night goes to far at her birthday bash she ends up falling of a 9 story building and gets lost in past memories with a guy she learns is her Guardian Angel, one she had in fact once dreamt about. She wakes up in a hospital with months passed by unsure as to how she survived. In fact everyone in the hospital believes it was a miracle that she had survived with the levels of alcohol in her body alone and well from falling off a 9 story building!

When she wakes literally everything in her world changes. She learns that there’s more to the world than she ever realised. Like that she is what is called a Soldier Of Light. A being created that had a relatively strong soul would be marked with a gift of the Creators choosing. The human would be guarded by their Angel throughout their life, like all other humans are, but once their First Death took place they were reborn in a sense into their new life and destiny, remaining with their Guardian Angel as they worked together to release what are called the Seekers or souls that were prisoners of Alysto (think of him like the devil I guess – holding souls that were evil even once their penance was done). If I explain too much more I think I might give most of it away. But basically she finds herself in a life of new experiences and facing a future that although she has semi accepted in part. But she has this ability that shows up on her first Seeker and she struggles accepting that she has to let the soul move on otherwise she risks something much bigger from happening. You know that saying about opening a proverbial can of worms? its akin to that.

And since I feel like I’ve given enough information on the story front to hopefully shed some light (hehe the irony right? lol) on the book and what its based around I’m zipping my lips shut.

I really loved the characters in this story and although at times Evika did seem a little childish I also saw just within this first book she did grow a lot and I felt with Hayden by her side she will continual to do so. Although that temper of hers isn’t going anywhere I feel she’ll continue grow and annoy Hayden in the process. Having said that…we all know its obvious he’s gonna be the love interest. Buuut I’m not sure how that’ll work out. I’m guessing its probably a big no-no for Guardian Angels and her being who she is…but

It’ll all work out because I accept nothing less derh.

I’m still obviously waiting for that ↑ to happen but it will.

Be ready to be thrown into a new unique world on the typical Angel, Demon spin of things. I’m sure you will enjoy every minute of it.

Happy Readings Book Nerds x

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