Teaser Tuesday!

Alex’s beautiful face remained impassive as he came my way. Now that he was closer, I noticed his eyes were bluer than the Caribbean Sea. Holy hell. How am I going to study with a hunk like that hanging around all the time?

He stopped beside me and read the plaque on my door. “Odette Dane? As in the daughter of Lauren and Joseph Dane?”

“That’s me!” I chirped and did my best not to twirl my hair. Spies in training did not twirl their hair. “You’re a legacy and you don’t know how to get into your own room?”

Alex frowned. “Didn’t you read the orientation paperwork?”

“Ahh, not yet. I figured I would when I got here.”

“So typical of a legacy.” Alex rolled his eyes.

– A Legacy Witch by Ashley McLeo

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