A Legacy Witch (Spellcasters Spy Academy 1) Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Legacy Witch by Ashley McLeo

My rating: 4.8 ⭐️

I was given the awesome opportunity of reading this book for an honest review and I am so stoked to deliver it on this. So thank you so much Ashley for letting me read an ARC of this. It will be releasing 23rd September so not too much longer to wait 😉 and you can find this beauty right here…Okie doke without any further ado…

Wow there was legit SO much to love about this book. First off, being an academy based book was a fantastic start but even if I put that aside I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading this story. It wasn’t long after starting that I was like I’m so gonna love this and I was right. Clearly I know what I like lol.

There were so many aspects of this story that I loved. I was intrigued right from the beginning, the story development was well-paced for my liking, the characters were well thought out (which to me is something that is SUPER important), it had awesome friendships that I know are only going to grow more and a plot that I feel is developing quite nicely indeed.

Onto the juicer stuff 😉

That’s me ↑ I can never not talk about the romance side…and oh man the love interest…adorable. It starts off in I guess the cliche way of guy not liking girl, girl not understanding why…but I kinda like those relationships the most. I think it spices up the book lol. It’s not until further into the book that our lovely Mr Handsome Wardwell sees beyond her Legacy title and that just because she entered the school without taking the tests didn’t mean she was entitled or thought that everything should just be handed to her because of her family name. Sometimes it just takes the guys longer to learn that you shouldn’t take things at face value.

“Well . . . not exactly. But definitely a legacy—from a good family, wealthy, attractive. That you hadn’t bothered to read the paperwork frustrated me. It reminded me of something that I believed Hunter would do. So I took all my anger out on you. With every class, it became more clear that you were unprepared to be here. And I’ll admit I thought you were glory-seeking when the fae was trying to shift Amethyst through the circle. That only added fuel to my fire.”
I let out an exasperated huff. “This apology is going south fast.”
“It was dumb—all of it,” Alex amended, “but I took my first perception and ran with it. Some say the Wardwells have a temper—although I’m pretty sure that’s only my side of the family. Hunter seems to charm everyone.”

….“After we returned from our trial and I saw your face, I knew that I’d misjudged you. You may not be prepared to be here, and you might have gone a little overboard with the saving Amethyst thing, but it’s just because you really care about others. You’re not some entitled legacy.”

~ A Legacy Witch by Ashley McLeo

But guys these two are like super duper perfect for each other! I’ll just leave it at that…still being the hopeless romantic that I am I was a little disappointed that a lot of the romance side of things was brushed over. Like I wanted just a little more information on things to get a deeper feel for the bond that was building from day one. But I still enjoyed it.

The one thing that did make me drop my rating of this book just a little bit was sometimes it felt like bulk amounts of time were passing and I get that a whole year needed to be covered in this book but there was just something in me that didn’t 100% like that lost time. Especially with the fact that Odette wasn’t as familiar with the magical world as everyone else at the academy…maybe it was more to do with the fact that her learning curb of this world was lost a little with the time jumping. I’m not really sure.

Okay so just a little about the book, the blurb is pretty good at explaining the settings. But basically Odette is a witch who has been brought up in the limelight in Hollywood with rich parents that never really encouraged magic use and even kept their distance from other magical connections. She never really knew just how big a deal her parents were even though she was a legacy kid. This life was clearly not something her parents wanted for her, you see that right from the beginning.

But going to Spellcasters Academy was something Odie had always had her heart set on and so she never relented and that’s how she finds herself at the school. Nothing though is ever that easy right though? From her first day of classes she realises that her lack of knowledge and experience in the magical world has put her at a disadvantage and when her magic refuses to show much potential her status as a Legacy not doing the entrance exam, makes her a bit of a social outcast. And earns her one heck of a mean girl. But what is an academy book without that one character lol?

Am I right??

Right from the beginning though she is lucky to meet her suite mate Eva in the most hilarious of settings in their joint bathroom and it involved a fair amount of powder lol. The two hit it off extremely well and become tight friends then a little down the line Hunter Wardwell – yes you know that last name right? Mister Handsome Jerk yes? nope…it’s his cousin. A cousin that involves feuding families.

These guys friendships and characters you will seriously love from the moment you meet them! Believe me.

But all that aside there was a reason Odette’s parents didn’t want her going to the school. One that you don’t learn until a lot further into the story…but when people start turning up dead (surprising to Odie not so surprising to the other students who have been in on the magical gossip), Odie is made aware of this ‘curse’ that has been at the academy taking students lives and things really start coming alive then.

I won’t say much more but I thoroughly loved the twist of adding in the legends of Merlin & Morgan Le Fay and the use of magical totems and people of the same bloodlines, of these magic users, had me thoroughly intrigued.

If you love worlds of the paranormal with magical users, demons, vampires, fae and academy schools where you can watch as the MC develops and grows, this is the perfect story to dive into. I’d def suggest giving this book a go.

Anywho…now that I’ve talked your ears off..I’m gonna go now lol. Until next time. 😀

Cheerio and happy reading my book nerds x

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