The Academy of Stolen Magic (Blakemore Paranormal Academy 2) Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Academy of Stolen Magic: Blakemore Paranormal Academy Book Two by Sullivan Gray & E.C Farrell

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

I seriously have ARC books coming out my ears but I couldn’t be happier. This awesome-saucy book can be found here and releases 25th September so not long at all now! Go grab your copy!

Be prepared this is going to be a serious crazy ramble fest!

Just wow! Holy flippin’ hellhounds! This was an incredible read! I legit had no words when I finished reading this book…

Annnd then I had all the words and was like what am I going to do with all these emotions and thoughts? So I did the only thing I could and I started messaging the author lol…and begged a little, for more…

And then a week or so later it then kinda DID work and she sent me this message:

“I’m going to be mean/nice and give you a teaser I’m adding to the back of book two for book three.”

– Sully Gray

And guys it was the best and worst kind of torture all rolled up as one! So don’t miss that little teaser in the back of book two guys!

So now all I am doing is waiting until some time in October for the next ARC book. Sigh. Just be prepared you may want to make sure you have your favourite things on hand when you pick up this book. For me, that was Chocolate and coke.

The intense build-up towards the end was fantastically done. And I probably would’ve lost my mind a little if they hadn’t of given me that epilogue at the end. It helped a teensy bit.

Sorry, I’m totally doing my rambling thing but you’d understand if you read the book.


So basically this picks up after the events of the last book but I think maybe a short amount of time may have passed…enough time that poor Cade is feeling a lot of strong emotions towards the sexy dragon shifter Sebastian after he has taken it upon himself to ignore her, once again. So Cade is feeling hurt and very angry towards not only him but also her parents who you know, just kinda took away her powers and also everyone else’s at the school. Nothing worse than having a crazy slew of people turning against you…although wink wink I doubt Sebastian has turned against her…he just has delusional ideas that he’s protecting her better this way…the logic-ness in this is just waaaay off right? and his good friend Levi agrees.

“…what’s your excuse now?”
I have to move. Standing up, I pace the worn path in the carpet between the beds and the tiny bathroom. “The most important thing is keeping Cade safe,” I say. The words are true, but taste like a lie.
“And you can do that better from here than on campus? Or you can’t be in a relationship with her and do that? Makes sense. Very logical.” His voice drips with sarcasm.

~Academy Of Stolen Magic ~ Sebastian & Levi

Don’t worry guys without spoiling anything too big he does come to his senses eventually lol.

I honestly want to talk more about this gush worthy romance in the book but I know if I do the proverbial flood gates will open…kinda like this

So all I will say, this book, if you haven’t already made Sebastian a book boyfriend, will totally make that happen! He’s just so loveable and determined.

Okay, okay…I’m moving on. Sorta. Maybe.

I think this one will be added to my list of…”Not Moving On From!”

So let’s talk about characters. I’m totally in love with the characters that have been created within this story and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the development of all their friendships and the way everyone comes together trying to uncover the mystery of where their magic has gone and what the deeper reason for it is.

Operation Witch/Weapon Hunt is on!

I have some serious favourites in this book when it comes to characters, MC aside I love the supporting characters. Tops being: Kurt, Levi, Olivia & Willow. There was just something so special about these characters to me and the support and love they have for each other.

Levi and Kurt both press closer to me, making me feel supported and also squished. I wouldn’t change a thing.

~ Academy Of Stolen Magic ~ Cade

They just have such an amazing dynamic this group and although they are uniquely individual they work as one. I loved all their little quirks and protectiveness of each other, even Olivia who is the more ‘say what you think’ kind of girl, who wasn’t initially part of the team slips in well and you see her walls come down around them. These guys are seriously the best and they have plenty of laughable comments.

I let go of his hands to cover my face as I sneeze. “Olivia? Are you alive?”
She stands up with a groan. “Next time I suggest standing on a questionable door frame, please slap me for my own good.”
I chuckle, and this triggers more sneezing. “Deal.”

~Academy Of Stolen Magic – Cade & Olivia

I particularly love the friendship she has with Kurt from the very beginning of this series there was a strong connection with these two. They clicked fast to each other and I just love how they are with each and how cheeky Kurt is and how he just loves to push “loverboy’s” buttons AKA Bash.

A bit more about the story. I’ve given a little information on that already. But basically this book is all about them trying to work out the secrets hidden at Blakemore Academy and how they all fit into the bigger picture. A lot happens in this book, a lot of secrets uncovered and plans begin to unfold. But the biggest question of all is…Will they figure it out, before it’s too late?

Join Cade and her friends while they navigate in a world where they are practically blind to more than just one thing. When you can’t see who do you know to trust? who will betray? and who will be the ones that are truly behind it all?

“…I need to be here, to be with people that I can actually trust. And now, more than ever, I want—no, need to know what’s happening to the magic…”

~Academy Of Stolen Magic ~ Cade

And just because I can’t help myself…let’s talk Sebastian just one more time. I know I said he gets over his little issues…but one thing I didn’t say was…there’s a bond brewing between him and Cade (you know that from book 1 – so no spoiler there) but we learn it runs much deeper…dragon level deeper. Feelings start to be felt and not in the typical sense…they start feeling each other’s emotions something that you could say is quite unique…Will they fight it and deny what they feel or finally give in?

Because all book lovers love a teaser I’m going to leave these words that gave me all the girlie feels. Like I said, Book Boyfriend Alert.

“And just so you understand, I’m going to make it impossible for you to say no.”

Academy Of Stolen Magic

Okie doke I’ve rambled on enough like a drunk lil pixie.

So all I will say now is thank you, thank you Sullivan Gray & E.C Farrell for the amazing opportunity of reading this ARC! And also thank you Sully for taking all my craziness in stride and for chatting with me today about your book. It made my day even if you were a tease lol.

Anywho, CANNOT wait for book number 3! It’s going to be EPIC and I NEED this book so much so that I would do almost anything to get a hold of it…maybe not give up my first-born haha but I’m willing to negotiate haha.

I’m so ready to devour the next book and all its obstacles. I may have guessed where the story was heading and who the insider was, pretending to be on their side but it didn’t matter one bit. As I’ve said many a time it never diminishes the feeling of when it does actually happen. So

I’m good to go. So choppity-chop-chop-chop. 😁

To help tide you over you can read all about Sebastian in The Dragon Heir Prequel right here for free. I def suggest reading it before you take on book 2. It’s not necessary, I guess, but you do meet a few characters or hear talk of those characters and parts of his life and story within that book.

If you made it this far wowsah you are amazing and dedicated to my crazy reviews. So thank you! 😀

Cheerio for now book nerds x

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