Fighting The Storm!

‪Let me tell you a quick story about this mission below….way,way down there👇. After receiving a highly anticipated read Storm & Fury I got a message from a girl, that I had only just spoken to recently, ZanMari Vosges or better known as Fuzzy. We instantly clicked and became super crazy friends. But what was in the message you ask? Well it was to help show our love and support to Jennifer Lynn Armentrout and to raise awareness for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Instead of thinking “wow you are crazy chick!” my first reaction and gut instinct was telling me I HAD to do it. I just knew that this was something we needed to do and try. So I was like “Heck yeah! Let’s do this!” And so we set out, just us, and we were absolutely blown away by the response to this campaign.

Our little duo team slowly started to grow from here and in came Anneke Steenkamp (Lassie), followed by Ashley Sherin (Izzy) and then last but not least Ursula Kruis (Kitten). We all became fast friends and we worked around the clock to make this as perfect as possible. We managed to work out around that pesky Timezone thing and get all this amazingness put together. We had a mission and nothing was going to stop us. But aside from the Admins I was truly humbled by the response and loving caring natures of each one of these members in the group. It was beautiful to see how we all came together for this special task and to watch as friendships bloomed in the process. Beauty and love can really rise from the ashes.

We have made many a friend within this group and I just can’t believe how loving and caring these guys are. We may be crazy book nerds but the hearts of these people are as big as the Grand Canyon. ❤️

Thank you guys for being apart of our crazy journey and taking a chance on us, even if you did originally think we were spamming you lol. Each admin was banned at least once by Facebook for sending out too many messages…some more then others ahem Zamma lol. She’s our little eager beaver. Facebook didn’t stop us though, we found away around it and kept on plowing forward.

So thank you to everyone for being apart of this crazy, amazing adventure and movement.

So without any further ado this is for you…a tribute to our amazing, strong woman Jennifer Lynn Armentrout ❤️

✨“Can you still see the stars at night?” ✨ ‬

‪After reading “Storm & Fury,” by Jennifer L. Armentrout, many of her fans were really hit by what Jen and many others go through, on a daily basis, dealing with a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). So a small group of her fans rallied together, and over the course of three months enlisted almost 1,000 people from all around the world in a campaign called “Fighting The Storm”. We have made it our mission to spread awareness of RP, which is a group of rare genetic disorders that involve a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina—the light sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye—and causes progressive vision loss. ‬

‪We would really like to make many more people aware of this illness and share how it affects so many lives, including our amazing Jennifer’s. So here we are, sharing our pictures with these very special designs we created, using a quote from “Storm & Fury.”‬

‪✨“Can you still see the stars at night?” ✨‬

‪These words may seem odd or small to some, but it’s something we can so easily take for granted. Just looking up and being able to see the stars. This is something Jennifer’s doctor asked her, and it really brings this disease into perspective. Those with RP will one day look up and those stars will be gone. The character in this book showed such strength, not letting her illness define her and she found ways to work around it. Just like Jennifer does every day. ‬

‪Why “Fighting The Storm” you ask? I came up with this title a little while into the campaign and this is why….Yes, it relates to the book title and the character within, but there is a deeper meaning behind it. Everything we know about this illness, and other invisible illnesses, they are 100% without a doubt like fighting a storm, and through this campaign and raising awareness we are head-on fighting that storm that tries to control us. We fight the storm while it fights with fury . . . but the things it didn’t count on were love and friendships. That’s what truly helps us keep fighting.

✨“Can you still see the stars at night?”✨‬

‪#stormandfuryRP #findacure4RP #FightingTheStorm

“I’m guessing the sky is full of stars?”

“It is, but the only ones that matter are the ones you see.”

~ Jennifer L. Armentrout, Storm and Fury

If you want to join in on our campaign – Join our ever growing group HERE – we really want to spread as much awareness as possible.

In honour of our campaign movement…I will be posting my review of Storm & Fury hopefully tomorrow. So keep your eyes posted 🙂

Cheerio Book Nerds x

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