Supernatural Academy: Year Two – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Holy flying Atlantean babies everywhere! This book guys…let me tell you is FAN-FLIPPIN’-TASTIC!! I cannot describe the amount of turmoil you will go through in this book. It was like the equivalent of this.

I was not prepared for the world of hurt this book would put me through. When I finished reading the book I was like I think I’m losing my mind. I even tried begging for more and asking if she really wanted to risk me imploding… It still didn’t work. Why I do not know. Authors clearly like to be a tease. Who would’ve known?

I need to get creative though because,

stupid plan A’s – I gotto find a plan B for this

In the meantime, this will be me.

I honestly don’t know what I can say about this book without just blurting out the spoilers. but I will say…The year starts off extremely promising and then KABOOMIE IT ALL GOES TO HELL!

But I kinda think she set herself up with this line.

“So far, the year of purple has started out perfectly,”

Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Maddie

She should’ve thought of her own words, after saying this to Ilia lol.

I snorted. “Way to put that out into the universe. You’ve just screwed yourself.”

Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Maddie

But man, they do really go through so much and so many obstacles, that its kinda mind-blowing how they have all stayed sane. The key though to keeping your sanity is the people that you surround yourself with…and this is exactly what Maddie did. Her best friends Ilia and Larisa were such amazing characters and a serious strength to her and they supported her through it all. They are the kind of friends you really need in life. Loyal as they come. I absolutely loved as well how much these characters grew and the bond that really solidified even stronger between them.

Then we have the Atlantean Five and these boys wow…I LOVE everything about their bond together. It’s so hard to explain…but the love all of them have for Maddison and her for them is off the charts. They will literally do anything for her. Even if that means staying away. (hehe had to drop a little something, something to tease you guys). But honestly, they are tight. There was just something so truly beautiful how these guys and her best friends just pull together. I love all these peeps so much!!

They truly lived up to this:

“Family. It was my theme for this year.”

Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Maddie

And it truly was.

Through this book Maddi’s strength and resilience is incredible. I felt so proud of her for putting herself back together as best she could. She suffered a lot of pain throughout this book (not saying the others didn’t but being an unaware party she didn’t understand why people were being like they were). She learns a lot annnnnd guess who we meet here in the book??! Yes the Supernatural Prison books crossover! We get to see Jessa (making girl-power gangs – love this chick!) and Braxton (who help to train her), along with Tyson and Louis (yep he’s still around!). We even get a small sneaksie of one of the twins 😀 – that was soooo cool having the books-crossover like that. And Jaymin was SUPER clever by doing this.

“She’d mentioned dragon marked, but I had no idea what that was. I wished there was a book I could check out that would tell me everything. I paused. Amanda said they were famous. Maybe there was a book in the library about it. I’d find out soon enough.”

Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Maddie

Subtle but so blatantly obvious and right there…it totally cracked me up and I appreciated that little addition. 😂

I literally don’t know what else I can say about this book without spoiling anything…but be prepared (did you just start singing Lion King? I may have 😂), for gods to start popping out here there and everywhere. Expect lots of tears and heartache – Jaymin probably has enough of them to go swimming in lol (seriously I’m not kidding). You’ll see love and strength in multitudes – they go through a lot but come out the other end stronger and closer than EVER before. They may have even found that special little library and a cool little fairy Mab.

Atlantis is rising and so are the gods. gods are at war and they want to rule again. Old enemies become allies. New friendships arise. Powers grow and change…and it’s very possible that 3 very important characters may become the only way to take on the gods and survive, if they learn about one potential weapon, the Hellbringers. Sounds destructive right? And yep it could very much likely bring around the end of days.

The biggest question though above all else…what is Atlantis hiding and why did the ‘Mother’ god sink it, to begin with?

Can we take on Maddie’s and Stiles way?…denial, denial, denial….and hope it all goes away

.Never anything is as it seems and wait for that reveal at the end. I had a very strong feeling. Poor Asher. The main couple of the book can’t seem to catch a break. If you think what happens with Brace and Abbey is bad in Walker Saga…Jaymin turns the heat up with this couple.

I know I haven’t touched much on Asher and Maddie. Eek I just can’t. I’m so worried I’m gonna spill too much. I’ll say this…their love is epic and I adore them together. But they go through a lot in this book and it puts a huge strain on their relationship. When something particularly horrific happens (you know what I’m talking about Jaymin 😛you are soo lucky I trust you explicitly otherwise I would’ve lost my ever-lovin’ mind…but I was still DYING! And my mum got told all about it because I couldn’t keep it inside! I kinda startled her when I randomly just started ranting lol about things exploding and on I went)…Maddie then struggles to trust him and a bit of a gulf starts to grow between them, understandably so- and well once Asher learns he needs his girl too much and can’t be without her, he gotto go mend those bridges. Get to it dude…oh wait…he doesn’t like to be called that. 😉

His eyes flashed. “Don’t call me dude, Maddison. I’m not one of your friends.”

Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Asher

(I’m so mean right? hehe feel my pain)

But I’m totally slamming that hand over my mouth now or do I need duct tape? I’m not really sure. We can try.

I honestly don’t know how Mad’s did it all along with school. I’m with Derek on this one. I’m not smart enough to ace everything. I can only focus on one major task at a time…and that would be NOT dying!

I’m soo flippin nervous what is in store next for us! I’m worried for what remains of my sanity and for my wellbeing lol.

probably coz I forgot to breathe through my rising panic of how this is all going to go down? Can you honestly blame me!?

We need survival kits set up or something. With all our favourite things. Chocolate, Coke, Fluffy Pillows you name it! Have it prepared and waiting! I’ve been drinking coke and chocolate all afternoon like my life depended on it while hugging my pillow. I’m def in a bookhangover. Anyone else?

But at the same time I am so so excited…I really do NEED this book I NEED ANSWERS JAYMIN please hehe! I feel like the equivalent of a kid who has their favourite blankie in the washing machine haha. Kinda like Joey down there ↓

You know that weird thing I kinda did with Heather Renee’s last book Deadly Declaration? Where I wrote the review backwards? Yeah I’m totally doing it again right now! What the heck is wrong with my brain. Ohhh I know what it is…Jaymin’s in my head. That’s what it is. They make craziness spew out from me. Is it truly fair though to blame them? I dunno…I have my own brand of crazy for sure…

but I think they make more just randomly explode from me….so I think in these instances

Wouldn’t you agree?

Anywho thank you to the amazing awesome-saucy Jaymin Eve for letting me in on your ARC team.I think I nearly died…I was like

It was one of the best days when Heather reached out to me, asking if I wanted in and derh of course I did!

But thank you sooo much for taking me in and for not being weirded out by my crazy. You’ll adjust to me (hopefully haha). But thank you, thank you… being on your team is like a dream come true!

So if you haven’t gotten or understood my ramblings….I can’t put it anymore simpler than this.

“I would go toe to toe with anyone who argued books weren’t life savers. They were the work of whatever god kept us functional when the world seemed too hard to handle. They were the air when we couldn’t breathe. The blood when it wouldn’t pump in our veins. The beat of our heart when we were done trying to force life to go on.

Books saved lives. End of story, pun intended. “

Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Maddie

I couldn’t not add one of my favourite quotes from this book. This chick is a girl after my own heart. ❤

I take my hat off to you Jaymin. You are so incredibly talented and you always leave me wanting and begging for more. I always become so invested in your books and characters that it makes me a little crazier than normal lol so…here is my proverbial hat being taken off to you 😀

Okay, I think my ramblings are done now. I hope you didn’t just sigh with relief there. You did, didn’t you?

Just a super quick note for younger readers this book is what I would class New Young Adult and does contain sexual content and language.

Cheerio and Happy Readings Book Nerds.

PS Jaymin I told you weird crazy weirdness just spews from my mouth…I hope you enjoyed it 😉 😂

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