What’s On The Reading Agenda?

Soooo what’s everyone reading at the moment? Anything interesting you’d recommend because we all like to keep our TBR pile growing, right?!

You can kinda all see what I’m reading according to my Goodreads Widget. I apparently like reading more books than one at a time lol…but I just started listening to the newly released audiobook Freshman Witch by Ingrid Seymour & Katie French. Not that far into it yet, so bti hard to say but I am curious. The narrator is also one I have listened to before and really love! Kasi Hollowell (sorry but every time I write her name I want to write Halliwell lol – like you know the Charmed sisters). One of my favourite series Raven Point Pack by Heather Renee is narrated by her and she does a top performance of it.

I don’t know what I’ll be reading next but books just have a way of finding there way into my lap when I need them so can’t update you on that front just yet. But I’ll be sure to let you know if multiple books just pop on up. 🙂

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