Freshman Witch (Supernatural Academy 1) Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Freshman Witch by Ingrid Seymour

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

First off, I am a huge fan of Kasi Hollowell as a narrator (and yes I’m still thinking of the Charmed Sisters – should I just make her part of their extended family? lol). She always does an amazing job and she didn’t let me down with this audiobook either. If you want to check out the audible you can do so HERE. If that’s not your style then find every other format HERE.

This is an amazing kick-off for the series. I wouldn’t have initially said I was thoroughly invested in the story and characters but that did change. For some reason, it just took me slower to find my connection with them. I’m thinking it may have been to do with a book hangover and the fact that I didn’t want to let the other characters from my other book go just yet lol.

The characters are likable and the love/hate tension between Charlie and Rowan are intense. She’s determined not to fall for the guy that “rescued” her from off the streets after her friend so quickly and tragically was killed. Unexpected and unknown to her, magic lives inside her and hence she is brought in to the academy to learn about magic. She is extremely hesitant to start off with for many reasons but she decides to stay because for once she has regular meals, a bed and a place she can stay and promised safety.

What I really liked though that although there are a lot of prejudices within this world and a lot of rich kids around her she finds an amazing best friend who is kinda just as socially awkward as she is herself. Charlie does initially try and shake Disha off since High-school and friendships had never really worked out for her in the past, being that she never had much money, even when her family was around…but well Disha is a persistent girl and just doesn’t quit, thankfully. She may be wealthy but she’s not an entitled snob, she’s just like Charlie really. Lonely.

But like I mentioned before it’s a very prejudice world she has walked in on and from the moment she walked into this new life nothing was particularly easy. She also wasn’t as safe as she thought and promised she’d be. Something is happening at the academy and someone is letting in creatures that are endangering lives and magical artifacts are being stolen etc. She decides to team up with Disha and a displeased Rowan to find out what is truly going on…but it’s never that simple right?

I do feel like the story could’ve been a little bit more in-depth but all in all I wasn’t displeased by it. I had kinda already guessed who was behind it pretty early on and was sold on my decision not long after. I will say I wasn’t really expecting that ending. I kept waiting for something more dramatic to happen I wanted it to go out in a display of power so was a little disappointed there but I did like the little addition of what happened to Rowan. That was an interesting turn of events – I read a little sneak peak of the next chapter in the following book and was like okay now I need to know what happens even more.

So although it wasn’t my all-time favourite academy book, I do feel like it has a lot of potential to grow and am curious where the story will go.

Thank you Ingrid for the chance of listening to your audiobook in place of an honest review! ❤

Sorry for the lack of crazy in this review haha…I think I used up my dose of crazy in my last review haha.

That’s all for now book nerds x

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