Assassin’s Academy: Book One: Rebels – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Okay guys you going to have to bear with me on this review…I have so many emotions running through my mind right now….but lets start with the easy stuff aye. So as you all know the ARC of this book just recently came through from an awesome author friend Everly Frost. The book releases 11th October! Not long now so go buy that book!! 📚 ❤️You can find the link to the book HERE!

Now onto the trickier information. The information is all in my brain but its the whole transferring that into words that’s the problem.

But sometimes the transferring process is messy and full of craziness and rambles. But well if you haven’t learnt by the name of the blog…what more can I say lol.

Everly has turned up the dial for this one…believe me you won’t be cold. nahuh.

Everly definitely cranks that dial…instead of heat level being on hot…no, no. It’s more catastrophic levels where from the moment you start reading, it tears at your heart and your just like, “oh its all good, I’m just burning from the intensity your story is bringing me. Don’t mind me.”

Oh and if that’s not enough it’ll feel like this is happening a million times over and over throughout the WHOLE book.

There won’t be a moments pause. There will be some downtown but yeah no, not really enough to help you gather your fragile little pieces back together…so just grab some duct tape and you’ll be good.

Everly was kind enough to warn us of the intensity and stress levels of this book beforehand, so one book nerd to another this is me relaying her warning.

But don’t let this stop you from reading the book! The best books written are the ones that make you feel something…and if this book doesn’t do that, honestly I don’t know what will.

Okay a little bit about the story. It starts off with Peyton being taken, forcibly, to this school for the supernaturals where their abilities have been repressed or unknown. It’s a school that basically has a one way ticket, there is no escaping and those who do…leave in a bodybag.

I agree with this dude!! 👆🏻But Peyton is a fighter through and through…and she is determined that she will survive this place. She is not a stranger to mistreatment, abuse, bullying you name it…and because of this, has developed thick skin and a fiery spirit that won’t go down without a fight.

Her character automatically calls to you and you feel what she is feeling right from the get go. I think, I was two pages in and I was already talking to Everly and was like my heart….it’s hurting already and I haven’t even made it to the end of chapter one! Peyton is one character that literally just begs you to listen and be apart of her world with her. Which is fantastic and terrifying for you because that means you’re trapped in that hellhole too, not knowing exactly what will happen.

But honestly just throw all caution to the wind…there is no script to follow and honestly you get so involved in the book that even if your brain was working properly, it would be pointless. I was so uncertain at times where Everly was going to take me and was just like…

Ehh whatever lets just ride this crazy train and see where it takes me.

One thing is made very clear from the beginning. This school is no normal school. This is a school designed to try and make everyone there, show their abilities in whatever way the Bloodwing teachers see fit. So basically I’m saying torture. They rough them up, put them in a pit in the dark with these creatures that are meant to be practically un-killable, slice and dice them, make them punch wooden posts and a tonne of other crazy stuff. All in the “name” of getting them to show their powers. The running theory is that with fear that’s when powers show and they really do wrap their hands tightly around that. These teachers are insane and know no limits.

On Peyton’s first day at the school the Headmistress Osprey and her newly assigned compliance guards work some magic on her trying to pull out what her supernatural ability is. Aside from causing her a hell of a lot of pain, they are able to determine nothing. With that happening she is marked as an “Unknown” which is extremely rare. All current students have shown some sign towards where their abilities may lie but aside from one other Striker Draven they are the only ones that are “Unknown”, classing them as a danger. Hence she is secluded in the attic with him. For the “safety” of everyone else.

The thing though is that Mr Draven has a reputation…and it isn’t a good one. He’s mean, cold and rough and likes to push around students. And he is not happy with the new addition to the mix and so he sets his sites on her. But nothing is ever as it seems right? There’s more to the story…the academy has put the students through a lot and they are slow to trust…and Draven his heart has been shut off for way too long (it’s a long story – just know I still love him). Time for Peyton to come and shake some things up…and she isn’t afraid to stand up to him. She’s ready to go head to head with him. Do you reckon she’ll be able to find his heart and finally make him feel again?

“One day, I will rip out your heart, Striker Draven,” I whisper. “I’m sure you’ll survive without it, since you already do.”

Assassin’s Academy: Rebels – Peyton

So through all this intensity and world, we see a fire that is burning so bright and deep inside each student. Each one has been through hell. And although friendships in a place like Bloodwing is dangerous…that doesn’t stop them from forming connections and friendships that truly touch your heart.

They start to fight, they start to learn about their powers and they learn that giving in isn’t something that is in their blood. Each one start working together to help avoid being killed. You see there are stages within the Academy and you are put through different phases as the teachers learn about their abilities (can you guess they aren’t good phases right?). But with each phase that is meant to help them “control” their powers can cause what is called a “Flicker” fit. Without saying too much…when this happens its B-A-D…and if the teachers or compliance officers notice? Its bye-bye to that person. And this then becomes me ↓ and probably you next.

I can’t express how much goes down in this book…I’ve only just barely scraped at the surface but please believe me on this, you do not want to miss this intense read! Yes it pulls at your heart strings, yes you feel like your going crazy and HELL YEEESS you will need that book nerd safety kit I talked about because this book brings EVERYTHING! You will not be bored, you will be pulled into this book like Harry Potter is pulled into the pages of Tom’s journal

You will probably want to cry but you will love it with every fibre of your being. The characters and world Everly has created in this book is phenomenal. The friendships and fighting spirit of these characters just can’t be overlooked. You won’t want to. And one little secret between you and me…these students are waaaaay more powerful than the world is prepared for. Think real big. No time for thinking small.

All I can say, with that ending and with everything that goes down…Peyton, Striker, Lucinda, Ashley hell everyone. Their role in everything just reached new proportions. But they’ll be ready. They have to be. I’ll accept nothing else.

For lovers of the Assassin’s Magic book this is a MUST read. I was speaking to Everly and this book takes place during the end of Assassin’s Maze. You will hear things throughout this book that connect to the story and because I can’t help myself…guess who is the founder of Bloodwing Academy?….Lady Tirelli!

That explains a lot right, about the academy aye?!

But I just found my magic little unicorn and he’s making me zip my lips closed. So that’s all I’m sharing. Aside from this one little quote. *speaks through side of lip as the unicorn zipper magic starts to work*

“She fixes her gaze on me, her bruised cheek dark and blotchy in the sunlight, a wry smile on her lips. “Besides, if there’s a good time to rebel a little, it’s now before they get a new beast for the pit.” She holds out to me the rose she just cut. “Come sit with us at dinner.”

There’s a question in her voice. I consider the flower. She’s right. I’m not going to survive on my own, especially not with Striker gunning for me every time I turn around. The more I observe the academy and its teachers, the more I realise that I’ll need help if I’m ever going to get out of here. And maybe… some of the other students will come with me. I reach out and grasp the flower. It’s time to take a chance on friendship.”

– Assassin’s Academy: Rebels – Peyton

I will carry across Everly’s warning though that this is a dark YA Academy style book and I wouldn’t really recommend a younger audience to read due to some of the content. It’s definitely aimed at a more mature audience. So please do keep that in mind.

I am SOOOO ready for the next book in this series and I’m so excited for you guys to read this! So don’t forget to Pre-order or buy this baby because a book like this shouldn’t be missed.

Thank you so much Everly for having me on your ARC team, it is truly an honour to be there and to share with you all your successes…and this will be another one. ❤

If you made it this far…thank you all for being here and for reading my crazy rambles. Don’t forget to follow or subscribe so you don’t miss any others. 😉

Cheerio for now Book Nerds x

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