Daring Provocation Book Update!

Do we have any fans of the Shadow Veil Academy Series by Heather Renee here? Well we (the ARC team) received some new exciting updates. One being that release has been brought into next Friday so the 18th October!! How awesome is that?!

Heather has a blog tour on Insta and she wanted its release to coincide with that so lucky for us she’s worked her magic and made the release earlier.

Now that means I will receive the ARC very, VERY soon probably no later then the 14th October. So keep your eyes pealed for crazy reviews and possible bookish teasers 😉

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you’re going to want to! You can find it right here!

To help amp up the excitement. I think this was one of the Teasers Heather shared at one point 🙂

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