The Burning Shadow (Origins 2) Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Burning Shadow by Jennifer Armentrout

I have no clue whatsoever how to start this review.

Because holy flippin’ llama’s and aliens flying everywhere! This book literally destroyed me! It was fantastic and beautiful but it broke my heart soooo many times. I don’t even know what’s going through my head right now. All I know is that Jennifer…my heart…is breaking.

I literally can’t express how much happens in this book and how one moment things are semi bad and then BOOM epic proportions of bad is going down….and I’m just left messaging my friends particularly Ashley…sending crazy messages as my mind is exploding and accidentally freaked her out (oops soo sorry about that by the way!!😬)…and I’m just like what

And then all I wanted was to have my damn pillow!

While also wanting to curl into a ball and sob my heart out.

Jennifer is evil in this book, so seriously try and prepare yourself for anything and everything! You’re going to need some armour for this one.

Okay, so as you can see, there is a heck load of crazy in my head right now…but if you have read this book you’ll understand.

This book although it drags you through the fire and into unknown territory, it is amazingly written. A book that can bring this much emotion has to be given a chance. Your heart might get torn out, but hey we are readers and book nerds are resilient bunch and always prepared for battle. So have all the essentials ready. Duct tape to hold yourself together, ice-cream to shove into your mouth and a cup of coffee to try and calm your racing emotions. It’s okay if you feel this way ↓ because I bet you a tonne of other readers are feeling the same way.

What can I actually say about the story itself though? Hmmm 🤔…well it picks up directly after the ending of Darkest Star you know, like when Sylvia offers to make a toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup for Luc? Well they’re kinda at the table and Luc isn’t eating his sandwich because well his is Luc and decides that it was too easy making her do that. Trust Luc…He really likes to stir things up a little bit lol.

I don’t know much of what I can say without any spoilers…But basically Evie starts learning more about who she is while there’s also an outbreak of flu’s killing people left right and centre in the city…soo not good. But something happens to Evie and it unlocks a part inside her that is a tad worrisome. One moment she’s Evie and then she’s like this crazy assassin chic only focused on the threat, that can kick some major butt. Kinda cool but its really not the best of news. Thank goodness she has Luc and her friends at her side to help her through it.

I’m struggling here trying not to spoil anything but Daedalus? Yeah that place that we all hate and thought was shut down? It’s soo not…and they’re back at their games and playing with a fire that they can’t control.

They have created beings with extreme powers that are ultimately mindless terminators…and Evie has found herself right in the middle of it all, in a war and position she may not be able to control. For the first time in Luc’s life he does not know what is going on and that in itself is terrifying.

And all I’m doing is reading faster and faster, while feeling like I’m running around in circles in my mind, trying to keep up with all the pages. That’s completely normal right?

You know what Luc is like…when Evie is in danger…every protective instinct is on fire. His determination to fix and keep her safe is both touching and a wee bit scary. But I’m seriously in love with Luc. His character and little antics amuse me and can I just mention the little surprises he gives to Evie are hilarious and adorable. Welcome to the family Diesel lol.

You get to see a deeper side of Luc a side that only Evie can bring out in him. You see his devotion and care for her and If anyone can get Luc to do something it is this girl. These two together are seriously perfect. She’s not scared to say how she feels or to just listen to him because he says she has to do something. It does create epic fireworks derh coz Luc is used to everyone doing as he says…are these two reminding you of anyone else lol? It honestly just reminds me of Daemon and Katy but maybe amp that up a notch or two. I’m not kidding. But there is so much emotion behind these two and its truly beautiful.

Speaking of Katy and Daemon…yes, yes you totally get to meet them again eeek!…along with Archer, Dee, Dawson and Beth and others 🙂 . It’s like a reunion with all my family favourite characters…and you can’t help but get all excited when they pop up on the page. I miss these guys soo much!

I literally can’t say another thing about this story without spilling all the beans…and I can’t do that to you guys. But this is a journey that will take you on a wild ride. I do suggest or warn that you have some comfort food at hand. It kinda made me want to gorge on Tiramisu. Strange and random want lol but I do love coffee so that probably explains it.

I’m totally freaked out with the ending we had because I have no idea where this is going to go right now. I can barely think properly. All I know is that I need that next book and I need it now!

And yes my inner toddler is rearing its head.

I don’t know if I want to say thank you Jennifer lol since I have a bone to pick with some of the things that happened in that book. Like you are kinda evil to your characters…its da truth lol. Like why, why, why did so many bad things happen to the people I love?

Sigh…That was a very well written and amazing story Jennifer. I cannot wait to hear how you fix this war that is brewing. Please, please, please don’t destroy my heart anymore and kill anyone.

Okay, just so everyone is clear I do LOVE this book and Jennifer but well I need a moment to process all the crazy that just went down. Just know you will love this book, even if it hurts right to your core. Jennifer has an amazing ability of bringing a story to life and this book is proof of that…otherwise I wouldn’t be being this crazy and rambling like a fool.

Also for audiobook lovers the narration by Saskia Maarleveld is INCREDIBLE. The way she reads this story only makes the world come more alive in my opinion. I think she has to be one of my favourite narrators.

Also I do have to prepare you…the fall back to reality is a tough one.

Okay I’ll leave you with just one little quote.

“No, you’re the Burning Shadow and he’s the Darkest Star and together you will bring about the brightest night.”

– The Burning Shadow – Jennifer Armentrout

You do not want to miss the second book in this series. If you haven’t already purchased…why haven’t you? Grab your copy here!

Okay, okay…I’ll leave you book nerds to it others I will just keep rambling on.

Cheerio Book Nerds x

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