Called by Darkness (New York Academy of Magic 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Called by Darkness by Sean Fletcher

Clears, throat, attention please I have a very important review to deliver.

So I came in a tad late for the release of this book but the awesome Sean still sent through an ARC read for my honest review. So that’s what I’m here for. This book released a couple of weeks a go I believe and you can find this book right HERE!

What can I say about this book hmmm….is READ IT helpful?!

Okay, okay…fine…but you should really read it still. This book was an amazing kickstart to a new series and I was hooked on it to almost scary levels! From page one I was intrigued and by page two I just needed more.

I loved sooo much about this story it felt unique and powerful. It started off a little different to the academy books I have read which I really liked. I enjoy very much when I find uniqueness especially in a style of books I read a lot of.

So this book starts off with Skylar already knowing of her abilities…well sorta, there’s things she isn’t aware of, like what powers she really does hold, but she knows of the magical world of magic and magical beings and she’s even been brought up at the New York Magic Academy…but she’s beginning a new path at the Academy one that will be a lot harder. You see there’s so many years they do at the Academy and then they can choose to move on, leave, get jobs etc but then there is the option of staying on for another four years and doing like a Masters. Where they will be taught a lot more advanced stuff and get a different level of training. So here we find the starting of our book, just before the commencement of the Entrance Ceremony.

But in true Skylar fashion she isn’t running on time and turns up late after being at the Beastology stables, feeding some baby dragons, that she kinda wasn’t meant to even be there. As you’ll learn very quickly Skylar isn’t one for rules or being kept in a box. It says it all on page one.

“Naturally, I didn’t let something as silly as a rule stop me.”

~ Called by Darkness by Sean Fletcher – Skylar ~
Clearly these two would get on fantastically lol

I think this should be this girls motto lol. Like seriously it should be.

Once she makes it to the ceremony without too much drama…and is beside her bestie, Mia, who is trying not to laugh at her friends ways. As everything begins moving on as it should, with only an extra ‘Skylar touch’ when she meddles with one of the kids robes to change colours when on stage (you are seriously never going to be bored with her around lol). We then move onto her year and as is the custom for the newbie Masters, they are assigned Partners to which they are to be with for the next upcoming years…and who else does she get paired with? Of course the one person she can’t stand Asher Dunadine. Old time best friend but now categorised under total jerk (according to Skylar) and who have not been close for years. And this is totally them ↓ Yep, yep.

…and now she’s stuck with him and her best friend, Mia, just got assigned to Asher’s best friend Colson, who btws Mia is majorly crushing on. Sounds like fun times ahead right?

Well for us…I don’t think they are too thrilled about this. I’m sure they’ll get over it.

Things get right down to it after this, and we have a magical being called a Manticore that attacks and of course Skylar is right in the thick of it. You see there’s one thing you need to know about this girl. Her mum is kinda a big deal in the magical world. She’s one of the top fighters, being classed as a hero, along with…can you guess? Yep, yep Asher’s dad Lucien who, oh yep is also the Headmaster.

So you see for these two students they have a lot to live up to, in a sense as everyone expects a lot from them. A lot of pressure to not just pass but to be the best. But for Skylar she feels like she’s almost lost in her Mum’s shadow and is trying to break free of that. So sometime, okay most of the time she is pretty reckless. But she puts a lot of pressure on herself and doesn’t really let many get close to her because she feels like she has to do everything on her own. Be the best by herself, with no help. You can kinda picture the struggle Asher is going to have here right? I know I should probably feel a little sorry for the guy but

Its not that I’m mean but they are perfect for each other…and there’s strong chemistry so…

These are how the best relationships start right readers? The girl thinks they are jerk and then they learn they aren’t nearly as bad as they thought and the guy realises that the girl isn’t everything she’s showing and then things start getting better. In Sklar and Asher’s case though, they are both pretty stubborn but they work out some of the stuff…there’s still a very longs ways for both of them to go but they make improvements. Some lol.

“You know,” I said nervously, “just because we understand each other a little better doesn’t mean I’m going to stop giving you a hard time.” He smiled. A full, dazzling smile. “I can’t think of anything better.”

~ Called by Darkness by Sean Fletcher – Skylar & Asher ~

A little about the story….a lot really happens. Some really cool stuff I was extremely interested in. Not long into their partnering up – all partners are roomed together, which is important to know. So basically Mia and Skylar share a room and Asher and Colson share but they are grouped together, like in an apartment I guess…anywho, so not long into the year Mia gets kidnapped and Skylar not thinking just dashes off after the person with her friend…leaving behind Colson and Asher. Except she soon learns that the person she is following wants to be followed…and she meets this woman who is set on revenge about something Skylar’s mum did…and they weren’t really after her friend but her.

But from this event Skylar is worrying that something is inside her. See, she’s hearing this guys voice in her head. Which in a magical world is never ever a good sign or any world…but as the story goes on she learns she has a darkness inside her and she is rightfully so terrified of it, when she realises what it is and what it can do.

What it had given me, what it had done…this wasn’t magic. This was monstrous. I stumbled forward, legs weak. “I didn’t…what is this?” I stared at my arms. The smoky darkness was there, but instead of elation I felt only disgust. I’d wanted to kill. I’d thought nothing of the destruction I was causing.

~ Called by Darkness by Sean Fletcher – Skylar ~

There is a new darkness gathering in New York a power that is seeking revenge and something a little more, and it has its sight on Skylar…and it’s prepared to take everything down that she loves, to get what it wants.

Skylar teams up with her classmates to try and work out who and what this Society is after and why they are after her. But one thing Skylar is keeping very close to her chest…a secret she is afraid could be her undoing, is the darkness inside her. But sometimes darkness is needed to fight darkness and they are going to need everything they have to get through this alive. Except the thing is, whenever she runs off to fight these people, Asher thinks she’s just doing it to get attention to be the best so he’s really not too impressed with her and then they tend to butt heads a lot in an epic way. Like for example this scene. Least this didn’t turn into a full-blown argument but I just loved this scene.

“Let’s make one thing clear since it obviously hasn’t sunk in: you’re not alone in this anymore. That means you let us in on whatever insane plans you come up with. I’m not dying via your stupidity.”

“Stop being overdramatic, we haven’t died yet. And I always fill people in on what I’m doing.”

“Do you? Because thirty seconds ago you nearly filled us with holes. Does that sound like communication?” I tried to pull the door open, but Asher easily held it shut. We both glared at each other. “Communicate,” he repeated. “You’re not the only one who’s going to suffer if you—we—screw this up.”

“I get it, Dr. Phil.”

~ Called by Darkness by Sean Fletcher – Skylar & Asher ~

I loved so much about this book and I automatically connected to the characters in this story. There were times I was like “Skylar you are awesome but maybe pull it back a little and think things through” lol…but hey I guess that’s why she was paired with Asher…and he’s more than happy to tell her that. To be the practical side of her brain. See told you…perfect. for. each. other!

“It’s just…that’s what I’m good at, you know? If it doesn’t work, I keep trying until it does.”

“Maybe that’s not the best way to go about things. If something’s not working, you probably want to look at it from a different angle.”

“I’m not really the best at that.”

“Which is why I’m here.”

I frowned at him. “What’s that mean?”

“I mean as your partner. That’s what partners do. Each of them approaches problems in a way the other might not have thought of.”

“So if we suck then it’s both of our fault.”

“I…guess that’s one way of looking at it.”

~ Called by Darkness by Sean Fletcher – Skylar & Asher ~

Trust Skylar to come to that conclusion haha. Man, I love this chick. Her fight and determination, to see something through…but what I loved the most with this…is that with the friendship of not just Asher but also Colson and Mia we see a growth in all the characters. As they work out how to be a team. They might not be perfect but together each of their weaknesses is another’s strength. So that‘s what makes it perfect.

Be brought into a world where nothing is quite clear, where secrets are being kept and where friendships grow and new relationships develop. This is a story you won’t want to miss. It is engaging and the kind of book you just won’t want to put down.

This is the first book I’ve ever read by Sean Fletcher and if you are in the same boat guys you need to start reading his works now! I know I won’t be just stopping at this book.

Thank you so much Sean for the chance to read and review this amazing story. I can’t wait for more, like….seriously…I need more of this. If the next book was out already…I know this ↓ would be me.

This is one of those books that will take you completely away from reality and the moment you resurface, you’re just lost and don’t know anything anymore.

Okay, I think I’ve talked your ears clear off by now so I’m gonna leave before you all start doing this to me.

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Cheerio Book Nerds x

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