Ravenwood Academy: Year Two: Wolf Cursed – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Ravenwood Academy: Year Two: Wolf Cursed by Lena Mae Hill

Rating: 4.5 ⭐️

Soo this little book just landed in my lap a couple days ago…and I finished it yesterday…It’s due for release on the 16th November I believe, so just a little longer for fans of this series to wait. If you need that link to go pre-order for yourself HERE it is. 🙂

I will apologise in advance my brain keeps dozing off and thinking that it doesn’t need to function…which in all honesty makes it extremely hard to write, it keeps nodding off and I just left like huh what happened?

Wake up brain! So if my review is lacking, blame it on my brain…and if you feel like I left anything out just comment below asking me anything you want to know more about.

Like the first book I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this. I loved how the story plot got thicker and expanded and I’m honestly very curious where the next book will lead! Lena definitely (man I just took way too long trying to spell that word lol 🤦🏻‍♀️) but yes back to important things, Lena really knows how to write her books! She knows just how much information to drop, while still leaving the mystery alive and to leave you trying to piece it all together.

But aside from the story building which was amazing, I also really loved the intensity and watching as the characters grew as well. Without that in a story, I feel it loses something vital. Like the thing that makes it tick.

So I was happy to see this in the majority of characters. For some reason Svana and Viktor lost their appeal to me in this one…but I also loved that they showed up without question at the end, which is important as well. Just something about them wasn’t working for me. I felt like they should’ve tried harder to be more involved even with how the Wolf boys claimed Timberlyn as theirs. But I understand why they couldn’t, but still. I felt the friendship they built in book one was really tested here, especially with Timberlyn learning the truth and all that about them. So for me friendship building didn’t really happen for me…I just would’ve loved to see more of their friendship being strengthened instead of it mainly just being at the end of the book. But I can move past that. Coz they did come through in the end.

I really loved returning to see more of Timberlyn’s sassy ways and how she never just let things happen just because. She fought for the things she wanted and stood her ground when peeps tried to push her around. I need some classes from this chick

Also me, coz this chick does not like confrontation lols. #Runaway

So a little about this story…we are back at the start of a new year and Timberlyn is returning back to Ravenwood with a family thats still a little clingy after the ‘animal attack’…but our girl isn’t one to runaway from her problems and she knows she has to go back. Upon returning she is determined to find her answers…and she learns a lot. Some of the answers come easier then others but not everything is that easy. There is a lot going on that She isn’t aware of and even the Wolf boys aren’t.

You see when she was bitten by the Big Bad Mr Wolf you remember that? How could you forget! One thing you learn early on, is that Timberlyn is nothing like what they expected. First off she still smells completely human.

Which shouldn’t be possible and yet here she stands. I cannot really say a lot because even the blurb itself doesn’t cover much…and if I start telling you the plot of the book BOOM mystery field gone!

But I will say I loved how the bonds between Alarick and Timberlyn grow and even between the other Wolf brothers. And I also like how protective Alarick becomes and a teensy bit, okay, um a lot possessive of Timberlyn. We knew he couldn’t stay away forever. Timberlyn is too awesome and her ways are just too charming to you.

The one thing I will say though is that to me the way Timberlyn acted, kept making me forget her age (I think she was only meant to be fifteen), which is all well and good but with some of the things that were happening I was like hmm I think I would’ve preferred her to be a little bit older.

Prepare yourself for some good binge reading as this stuff is good and you know how the initial thing was just finding mates? by the end alliances are being made and a very interesting turn of events develops right at that pesky end lol. But its not a huge cliffy, just one that makes you want more and ends it like…

If you were lovers of Ravenwood Academy Year One you are in for a treat and won’t be disappointed. I’m so curious to find out more like there’s some things I just NEED the answers to. There’s a certain name I want to drop but I cant. I wont.

But I’ll leave you with this quote.

“They have to be here, I told myself. It wouldn’t be Ravenwood without them. And though I shouldn’t have wanted to see them again, I did. I’d spent an entire summer waiting for answers, and let’s just say patience was not one of my virtues.”

– Ravenwood Academy: Year Two: Wolf Cursed – Timberlyn –

Thank you Lena for another amazing book to read. I can’t wait until the next one in this series is released. C’mon already is it out yet?

Okie doke guys…I’m going to leave it at that. Would love to hear your thoughts once this little book hits the shelves.

Cheerio Book Nerds x

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