Relentless – Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Relentless by Karen Lynch

My rating: 5 ⭐️

So it’s come to my attention that not a lot of my friends actually have read or heard of this series! First off GASP!

And then I realised it was up to me to 100% convince them all to read this series and clear those doubts

Coz peeps…

So far I have convinced one friend and she now realises I have awesome book recommendations hehe right Ursula? 😀 A second friend I convinced to read and I can’t wait until she does…I won’t forget Jeannie 😆And to all my other friends I will keep hounding on you until you read this dang book lol! What’s a true book nerd friend if they haven’t at least read one of your all time favourite series. I may have read this book like a lot like at least 10 times by now 😂but do you know what. After each reread I find something new to love about this series and it hasn’t once lost its appeal and I doubt this will ever happen!

Lets start and hope I can work some magic on all you stubborn people who have yet to read or need a little more convincing. Tinker if you are reading this…I will get you to read this series one way or another 😛

Okay where to start with this book…first off…

Yeah it was AWESOME…i’ve read this book many times now and i think i just love it even more with each read 😊It’s like one of those series that come into your life and just stick. It. Is. Life. When I’m having a bad day and need a real good pick me up…I read it…When reality sucks…I Read it…When I need to just get totally immersed into a book without second guessing myself…Yep I READ it. It’s just one of those books.

Well I know that just reading that it was awesome…may not cut it for some…and although I think this book is everything, it doesn’t necessarily help you decide whether you want to or not…so I’ll give you a basic summary…but honestly…

(this is just in your head coz i would NEVER actually throw a book 😉 )

okay, lets get serious…this book has everything a book needs in the paranormal sense…Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, Mohri Warriors (half demon/half human – basically a super strong race of people created to keep the vampires away and the Humans safe). Great start I would say!

The story surrounds Sara, a girl of 17, who found her father dead as a young girl – and she learns that it was not a natural death (but was caused by a vampire) …Sara starts digging into the supernatural world learning everything she can to find out the truth of her tragic past, while fighting to keep control of this “beast” inside her.

“I called it the beast. It used to scare me having this dark thing inside my head, even though I knew it came with my power. I read a quote once that said, “When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow,” and I wondered if the same was true for me. My power was the candle – bright and warm – and the beast was its shadow – sullen and dark. ”

Relentless by Karen Lynch

But through all this Sara is not the only one busy…unbeknownst to her she is being hunted down by a sadistic Vampire – that might possibly have more answers then she could possibly ever imagine.

Will Sara put her friends and family in danger to seek out the truth? Brought into a world that she thought she understood…but nothing ever stays simple….she finds out quickly that the world she knew is shattering all around her….

We then have sexy, broody Nikolas enter the scenes…Sara’s first thoughts…

“He stood so close I could reach out and touch him. His face was no longer hidden in shadows, and I found myself gazing into a pair of steel gray eyes that looked at me with such intensity I almost forgot to breathe. Mutely I stared at him while my stomach twisted with a sensation I could not put into words, and I felt a touch against the back of my mind like the flutter of butterfly wings. I experienced the strangest sense of recognition, though I knew I had never seen him before, and deep inside me something stirred like a cat uncurling from a long nap….”

…“I suddenly realized we were staring at each other, and I smiled to cover my embarrassment. “Sorry, I must have banged my head harder than I thought.”

My words did not elicit the reaction I expected. His whole body stiffened, and his eyes suddenly blazed as if I had slapped him. I took a step back, stunned by the hostility in his stare, especially after his kind assistance. “Okay… well, thanks for your help,” I mumbled and fled.

I slipped through the crowd until I spied the door that stood open to the deck, and suddenly I was in desperate need of fresh air. What the hell was his problem?”

Relentless by Karen Lynch

Great first encounter right? 😁

I don’t want to give too much away but basically a vampire attacks Sara at a club and she is saved by…of course the hunky dory man known as Nikolas.

But yeah, nothing is the same after this…Nikolas has now taken it upon himself to basically be her own personal body guard…naturally we would think…dayum this girl is lucky…but he is not always all charm…to me he is though hehe…but even our tough little nut Sara can’t keep him at arms length because something about him calls to her. Something she cannot explain. Unlike anyone else she quickly trusts this warrior…and trust is something Sara alway struggled to give.

I found this book to be very engaging and every time I read this it has always been devoured up in at least a day and a half if not less. I read these pages like its air to breathe. You can’t help but get lost in this world.

This story has so much to love in it but I think the thing I have always loved the most was that the characters have so much depth to them that they seriously feel real. Her best friends Roland and Peter are amazing and the thing that not just this book shows but the others ones too is that the friendships made in these books are the kind that you hope you are lucky enough to make in your own life. They are dependable and although so much crazy stuff gets thrown at them their friendship is one thing that you know will always survive. No matter race or distance.

Karen has done an exceptional job of creating this magical world it is truly constructed to absolute perfection.

She has an incredible ability for world building and making something that is just so unique that you can return over and over again and still appreciate just as much as the first. This is definitely one of my top favourites and one I seriously recommend. If you can’t like this story we may have some issues lol.

If you still haven’t been convinced I don’t think theres much more I can say. But if I have

Don’t forget if you want more rambles don’t forget to follow 😀 Til next time.

Cheerio Book Nerds x

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