Meandering Monday – The Iron Birdcage

It’s Monday again here in Aus and while I sit here sipping my cup of coffee I’m trying to debate what to talk about on this hot day. I know, I’m one of those people that will keep on drinking their coffee no matter how hot it gets. But instead of multiple hot coffees I may substitute a few for some iced coffee if I feel the need to lol.

So last Monday I tried to describe myself in four words…which btws was extremely hard. I didn’t get much feedback on that post lol…so I don’t know if doing these Meandering posts will be a bust but whatever lol.

So, this is a random little story I’m about to tell you, seems to keep on popping up over the last couple of weeks. So since it has…I figured hey lets just share it with the world lol. Why not? 🤷🏻‍♀️First two things you should know about me…. is one, I’m clumsy and hence weird things happen to me and two I’m a teensy bit odd haha.

Today’s story I’m going to call 🥁

The Iron Birdcage

So this happened a while back I can’t even remember how long ago – It’d have to at least be over 4 years ago. Since my sister was still dating her now husband at the time. Anywho, so one day my family went on a little adventure, to I think an old town called Berry? It’s this town that has all these antique, quaint little shops. Quite a nice spot btws lol.

So we, my mum, sister and her boyfriend (now husband), were walking down the street and I walked straight into this hanging wrought iron bird cage (how I missed it I have no clue – note I said clumsy ok so don’t judge haha)…and btw that’s not the funny bit 😉 The semi funny part is that even though I walked into the birdcage and you heard the resounding clunk from the other-side of the road….I legit didn’t stop…I just kept walking. Like seriously who keeps walking after they bang their head on an iron birdcage of all things? Like it hurt like a blowfish…but nope I just kept walking lol.

Afterwards, Nikita (my sister) told me that a young couple were walking by that saw (of course someone saw…can’t let this stuff go by unseen lol)…Apparently the guy started laughing and his girlfriend hit him and told him to quit laughing. But his response was something along the lines of. I’m not laughing that she walked into it, but the fact that she didn’t even stop. How embarrassing lol.

You’d think after being clumsy most of my life I’d be used to it…but nope. But hey least I cause amusement for the people around me haha. Also I think it took me about 2 minutes of walking afterwards before I stopped and was like “ouch”…talk about a delayed response lol. 😂

And yes I give you permission to laugh at my weird ways…a lot of the friends I told laughed…even I have to admit it was kinda amusing how I responded lol.

Okay that’s all I got for today. I hope you all have a splendid Monday and be sure to avoid any iron birdcages…they are not fun to walk into.


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