The Fae & The Fallen: Gifted Fae Academy: Year One – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Fae & The Fallen: Gifted Fae Academy: Year One by Brittni Chenelle

My Rating: 4.8⭐️

So I was given the awesome opportunity to read this YA Fae Academy book, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I wasn’t actually going to be taking on anymore ARC books at the time, just because of health and stuff…but when I saw the potential this book had, let’s just say I’m glad I read it. So now here I am to bring you my review. Yes, yes I know its another Academy book sorry about that lol…it totally wasn’t deliberate. I pinky promise haha. But anyway if you love Academy books and love stories with Fae and an almost Dystopian like system – where everything looks perfect, but you know deep down has some serious flaws. This book is totally for you.

From what I gathered from the author, who is btw adorable and very nice, the paperback is already available but the ebook isn’t yet. I think its coming 21st December…but either way here is the link to the book for you to check out further. Go HERE.

First, I am going to have to apologise…I’m in a bit of a flare health wise and on top of that I have a cold…so yay good times.

So it I fail to make sense I am 90% blaming that and the other 10% goes to this book lol…

Hmm where to start…can I start at the end? no? Whatever I’m starting there anyway. So I didn’t realise that I was at the end until I saw the sneak peak for book two and I was like YAAASSS I NEED to know more. And that led to me reading that and then I was like…

So then I did the only thing I could lol…I ran straight off to message the chick who had my brain like we NEEDS more…

Funnily enough she wasn’t scared off by my crazy book nerdy ways. She embraced it which I loved!

Sooo all I will say if you have the willpower to avoid reading the sneak peak of book two, hold off because the ending of book one is easier to handle without that as an ending….not having the answer of what is said and done next is HARD. That’s just me though lol. Clearly I didn’t have the willpower, but I’m blaming the lack of brain power from the cold that’s taking all my energy.

I’m the blondy and your the one looking a wee bit stressed out by the temptation haha.

Okay but aside from that, I REALLY loved that ending…it really snatches you by the hands and makes you want more, which is kinda the whole point of an ending so…that was totally achieved.

Okay, I’m moving onto the story now lol. I really loved the pace that was set in this story and the world setup, it felt like it was constructed extremely well. Although not a huge amount of stuff went down per se, it was written in a way that still grabbed your attention and showed all necessary information needed for story development. It was a book that has been well setup to allow for great story expansion. I honestly feel book two will only get better from here.

I absolutely love the characters and I really enjoyed how we got both POV’s, I felt for this story it was 100% necessary. Also it was just nice at the same time knowing what both parties were thinking and what was happening. A lot of character growth went on for particularly Reina and I feel Kaito although a little behind will do a lot of his growth in book two.

As for the story…hmm what can I offer? Well, basically we are in a world where there are the gifted and the ungifted (known as Serf). These gifted have what is known as touch magic. So if they touch you or an object they can make it react to whatever their gift is. So for example, Kai his ability is levitation, so if he touches objects, people etc he can remove the gravity and wallah things start levitating.

But the thing is, those with no abilities, Serf’s, aren’t treated nicely because those that have gifts think they are better than everyone.

And then we need to introduce our main characters. Reina and Kaito. They have been long-time friends, until Kaito’s powers arise and then he changes and becomes just like the rest of them…a bully and especially a bully to Reina. He would literally make it his life mission to show her, her place. But Reina was not one to be kept down uh-uh. Nope she fought back and never lost hope. But as she gets older and no power shows up everyone was done believing she’d manifest…Reina still kept her hope. Holding onto it like a lifeline. She was determined she would get into Gifted Fae Academy, an Academy that raises the best-gifted students to fight the bad on the streets. But with every year that passes that chance is slowly slipping away.

After Kai takes one of his “lessons” too far Reina finds herself with a special confectionary that may offer some payback. At this I was like

Anywho, that also ends up going a little too far and well they both find themselves expelled.

Reina being the beautiful, determined soul she is, finds a way to get both of them in to take the exam, to gain entrance into GFA… cos we all know she’s gotto have some power right?

Well she does, just nobody knows what it is…so that makes things interesting when they do get accepted into the school…and Kai is right back to his old ways trying to become an Elite again.

Meanwhile, in between being accepted into the school, these like top Fae beings have begun to be offed by these people that are basically trying to change the whole system. Going by the name the Fallen.

Erm yeah happy news…um well, Reina may just have had her dreams come true and may have just scored the best teacher to find what lies just beneath Reina’s surface.

This novel is more setting the scene in my opinion…I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and learning all about this world and seeing the possibilities open wide…Just like those pop-up books lol.

I loved so much about this book and I loved the uniqueness of the story and characters. I didn’t feel strongly connected to some of the characters which was disappointing, but it didn’t change my opinion of the book…I also took my time connecting to Kaito, but really do you want to like a guy that’s been a douche-bucket to our girl like forever? This is my brain as I tried to settle my opinion of him haha.

I was completely sold though when he said…

“…Something about physical books always charmed me”

– The Fae & The Fallen: Gifted Fae Academy Year One – Kaito –

And when he finally decided that he had to win Reina back… but I dunno pal you got a lot of work to do to fix that bridge. Hopefully he has some Magneto abilities lol…cos that’s some serious bridge mending going on lol.

I think you will enjoy this book, it really shows great potential to get even better and I honestly can’t wait to see where this world will take us.

I’m going to take a moment to thank the amazing Brittni for bringing me into her team for this series. I seriously loved how easily we began chatting about your book and for giving me an extra sneaksie, when I legit went loco on you for needing more lol… because it just couldn’t end like that…. and you totally just went with it and still sent me a friend request! Best time of the day! ❤

Oh you are totally welcome…I know you really wanted to see some of those messages haha.

So now I’m just chilling around like an everyday book nerdy person and will probably be keeping in touch with Brittni and be like

Then I imagine something like this lol

Then me 😂😂

Hehe and I can imagine then something akin to her thinking Book Nerds are a pushy bunch. Its true lol…Sorry about that. I’m a patient person but when it comes to books

Okay, now that I’ve chatted everyone’s ear off I’m going to leave it at that. Thanks everyone for following…if you are new…Welcome to my blog!! 😀

If you have read or want more info on this book or just want to get in touch, just comment below.

Cheerio for now Book Nerds x

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