Teaser Tuesday

Today’s bookish teaser is being brought to you from a new favourite book of mine I am reading at the moment by Heather Renee. It’s not released just yet but it will be very, very soon.

“Not so fast, Siren. There are rules when we’re outside the prison. Rules you need to follow,” Blake said.

Rule number five of prison: Other people’s rules were lame.

“Fine,” I drawled.

“First, you don’t talk to anyone except the four of us. Second, you don’t deviate from the plan, whatever it might be, when we arrive. Third, you don’t get to make decisions, not a single one. Fourth and most important, you will listen to us when we tell you to stay out of the way. You break any of those rules and one of us will break you.”

Ugh, Blake was full of fun-ruining chats lately.

“Got it. You guys are king, I’m just a peon merely trying to stay alive. Let’s go.” Standing up, I went to the door, but none of them moved. “What?”

Mason glanced at Blake. “She’s not going to listen to any of those things, is she?”

“Probably not.”

PS guys you will fall so majorly in love with this story. You can’t help but love the characters especially Cara. She’s awesome and is bound to make you laugh with her sassy ways.

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