Initiation (Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Initiation (Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) by Heather Renee

Gah! I literally could never get enough of this book! Seriously…I kid you not it is fan-flippin-tastic! I knew from the moment I heard about this one that I was gonna love it. My excitement levels were something akin to the girl from Despicable Me lol. You know how she gets overexcited that was me.

The easiest thing I could say to you guys would be just read the damn book! Like by whatever means necessary…work that book into your schedule, even if you have to do something like this.

Just try not to get caught thats the key lol. But seriously guys this book was so incredible in the way it demands your attention. It tells you what to do, it demands to be read and demands that you do not put it down until it is well and truly devoured. When it comes to this book, sleep is for the weak.

So have that caffeine ready for the next day coz you’re probably going to need it or, maybe you could try something like this lol.

I’m certain Heather’s mission in life is to own her readers hearts and soul… and it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly talented she is. I’m certain that with each new book of hers I read, the stakes get higher and the stories just keep getting better. Sometimes I do find myself questioning in my mind

Coz truly all her work just has a unique kind of magic to it… and I think it’s a little of good magic mixed in with some voodoo magic as well lol…Coz nobody should be able to tear up your heart like that and control your emotions through words so easily…who knows? Maybe as we read the magic seeps into our bones and takes effect, and we get lost in the moment not knowing who we are anymore… just like Ron Weasley.

But alas she can, and it’s either magic or she’s just that dang good.

Nah just kidding she’s just that good.

Wow okay, I haven’t even got into the description of the book yet and I’ve already rambled a fair amount…but guys I can’t help it…everything a book needs, this one has got it…A chic that takes no nonsense, is sassy as all get out and is bound to make you laugh, is only just the beginning. Feisty little fairy friend…check ✅…four sexy, overbearing and possibly jerky males (not RH)…check ✅….Enemies to lovers ….YES check ✅…Paranormal Prison…check ✅…one prison warden you may want dead…check ✅…and a killer story plot and great story development…triple check ✅✅✅

The characters are everything and you will LOVE them! You can’t help it. I automatically was in love with Cara, her fighting spirit had me from page one. But it wasn’t just that, everything about her I loved, her sassiness and the way she didn’t let her bad situation knock her down…nope she just continued being her awesome self. And then when she finds and helps Nixie, a fairy, things only get better…those two together are seriously just meant to be. They are like soul sisters or something.

Then add in the Fabled Four and you are bound to just love the tension as things slowly begin to unravel. But it isn’t all smooth sailing coz it takes those four men a teensy bit of time to learn that bossing and pushing Cara around won’t get them all that far…coz she will fight back at every turn.

Now that I probably have you all thoroughly confused, let me give just a wee bit of background. It starts off with Cara, a witch who hasn’t had an easy run and small things start happening that make her feel like her luck has changed over…but it definitely has not.

Anyways, this fairy turns up along with some mysterious men, telling her she’s broken Witch Law and is being taken off to Mandora Supernatural prison. See

But the problem is she doesn’t believe she’s done anything against the law and that it’s all just a mistake…but to make matters worse the Warden will barely talk to her because he’s “busy” and won’t be around for a couple of days…and to make matters worse she’s placed in with the men. Which is decidedly not good. The poor chic can’t catch a break.

Now its time for a survival 101 crash course.

From here this is where she starts learning some new things about herself and her power that were always classed as weak….she is definitely anything but that. The longer she stays in the prison the more her powers start to emerge and she just became a whole lot more important in the games being played by different parties.

This is a random piece of information but one thing I really looked forward to while reading were these funny little prison rules she’d make up as she went…and they would entertain me to no end. Here’s an example.

“Rule number five of prison: Other people’s rules were lame”

– Initiation (Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) by Heather Renee

Anyway, she’s lucky enough to be roomed with a decent guy named Anthony who takes her under his wing and tries to teach her some survival rules but well one thing you should know about Cara, she doesn’t do so well with rules. This is her outlook.

“She kind of makes a point, Siren. You don’t listen very well,” Blake said. My eyes narrowed at him. “I listen just fine. It’s just sometimes we all have different opinions, and mine is usually better, so I choose to follow that one.” Mason groaned. “This is a pointless conversation.”

– Initiation (Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) by Heather Renee

So although she automatically agrees with Anthony and following the three rules he gave her…that all goes up in smoke when she actually meets the Fabled Four…the ones that had been at the prison the longest – part of their punishment was working for the warden as trackers…and they tend to mess with the other prisoners…but well her fiery ways didn’t take too well to their methods and well she got under their skin.

The Fabled Four decide to help her, although their method of ‘help’ initially is a bit weird lol and its hard for Cara to accept their version, and she may just fight them pretty much at any turn she can…but in time bonds start to grow between them and even though friends aren’t a good thing to have in a place like this, that’s what happens. And maybe something a little bit more with a certain strong-willed moody member of that group 😉

And because men are a tad special and a little slow, it takes them a little while to realise that maybe the way they went about it wasn’t the best of ways…but hey they get there eventually lol. I’m with Cara and Nixie with this.

Nixie grumbled next to me. “I don’t understand men.” “It’s better that way. We’d lose our sanity if we did,” I replied.

– Initiation (Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) by Heather Renee

It doesn’t take them long to work out there are a lot more things going on behind the scenes, at the prison, but they are determined to work it out and hopefully, before anymore people are killed. We want them to escape the prison, not leave in a bodybag…that would be tragic!

Okay, I’m officially finished on the story matter because my self control is slipping. And I think I might start babbling soon like a looney. So instead this can just be me.

But please do realise this is more me in real life when it comes to books

So lets just hope that I’m not kept waiting too long for the next book in this series because I know that I will devour that up like a person craving all that chocolate cake. And oh how that cake will be eaten.

All I can say folks is this is a book you do not want to miss. For me, this book had so much to offer and it really took over my world. A book that can do that, is a book that should be read. Heather has really outdone herself and is setting the book bar high.

If you love strong lead characters with sassiness running to their core, you will love this book. Not only that It has an awesome enemies to lovers buildup that I really enjoyed…seeing and being apart of all that angst was pretty dang cool..

In a world where literally anything can happen be sure to take a chance on this book and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. It’s sure to be one hell of a read/ride.

Gah now I need to work out how to get out of my Heather book hangover. Lucky for me, mum and I had a little New Years party together and there was plenty of chocolate, coke and lollies so that was good to binge on lol. But in the meantime this is going to be me.

If this is you ↓ then my work here is done 😀

Thank you so much Heather for another amazing read! I thoroughly enjoyed this new world to which you created. I found this gif below and it really is true. I know some of you may not understand chronic illnesses but some days everything just feels dark and negative and books like this really do bring in a positive light…so thank you for that.

Also thank you for keeping me around to ramble on and on about your books. You are an amazing author and person and I feel so honoured to have had the chance to read this book in place for an honest review.

If you have anything you’d like to share or chat about please feel free to comment below. I love chatting and interacting with you guys.

Don’t forget to grab your copy! It releases 9th of January so the wait isn’t too long. The link to that gem is right HERE.

But for now seeya later and Happy New Years my book nerds x

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