Fires Raging In Australia

Today I just wanted to say to all my fellow Aussie’s, that my thoughts and prayers are with you all and to just keep as safe as possible. My heart is truly breaking at all the devastation and loss these fires have brought, but what touches my heart is the true support and way we have all banded together helping each other in whatever way we can.

To all our Fireys out there that have been fighting these blazes nonstop putting your lives on the line, you are the real heroes and nobody will ever forget that!

There are many ways that we can help those in need or to the firefighters themselves – if you want to help…you can donate to places such as

Also I just had to share this tribute that was made from a few of our fellow Aussie artists

We Are One But We Are Many sung by Dami Im, Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew, Nathaniel, Samantha Jade & Taylor Henderson

Please all stay safe and listen to the warnings issued by your fire departments! x

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