Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 by Everly Frost

Okay nice and easy steps first…This is the final book in the Assassin’s world that Everly Frost has written….so for me it goes without saying, but you do not want to miss out on this ending! It’s one hell of a ride! You can grab your copy HERE and be ready for its upcoming release.

When I finished this book yesterday, I thought writing this review would come naturally lol with how much I absolutely LOVED this final book. But it’s really hard, coz I know by writing this review that means it’s really over and gah I don’t want that to be true! So I will say this, If it had to end, this wrapped all the books up oh so perfectly. All my questions were answered and if I have to say goodbye, then this was the way to go. It goes out with a bang.

But before you get to this point…this book is gonna rip at your heart and destroy you. A lot has to go down before it gets better. So you best get used to trying to hold yourself together. That feeling of your heart in your throat and all that….I know I said in the first book to Assassin’s Academy that it was intense…but dayum it’s nothing compared to what this book throws at you. It’s like living on an active volcano. You have the intensity/fear of knowing you’re living on the edge the whole time and then the reality of when it does eventually all blow up.

I knew with this book, I was going to need to prepare myself for literally anything but I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for what went down…

Then me hoping against hope that plan B is organised coz its gonna be needed lol.

I’m giving you a friendly heads up, that this book will not give you time to take the hits, nope…you’re just left on the edge of your seat wondering if your heart can take another hit…or whether you should just offer it to the black market.

With all the angst and hurting this book put on my heart and all the stress I encountered, I’m beginning to think Everly’s goal is to make me accustomed to this feeling…

And that one day when I read her works, I’ll just all casually be sitting amongst the fire, of her making and be totally chill about it. Strangers things have happened right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

All that aside, this was a damn good book!…you may be in near hysterics in parts…more than once I might add…Everly knows this, coz I told her, I nearly messaged her on a tirade because I thought something unforgivable happened and I was all like

And then I had to get hardcore on myself and it mostly worked lol.

And that was when I would read on and I would be like

So, if you love having your emotions torn all over the place…then I shouldn’t really need to say much more to convince you. Coz this book has all of that… I will say though that this book will own your heart and soul and even though it hurts a lot…

This book deserves your attention…and so deserves to be read. A book that can control emotions so much like this book did for me…it demands to be read and when you start reading it, you won’t be able to deny it. It’s like Peyton herself is compelling you to read and we know a Fury is just something we can’t ignore…and we won’t want to.

If you have read the first book, what the heck are you doing reading this review?! If it’s for entertainment purposes…then that’s okay and is excusable but nothing else is. Just go and read the book. It’s simple. Trust me. You want this kind of pain. It’s what all us booklovers crave.

Hmm, I guess you want some story background? In that case, I suggest if you haven’t read the first book you stop here…coz spoilers for book one are bound to come out. I know I’m good but I’m not that good.

So basically at the end of book one, we have the students making a deal with Hadrix to train them for their mutual survival against the Assassin’s. From here we get to see into the minds of Hunter (eeek once again!), Striker and Peyton. You feel each step of the way and experience what they are all thinking and feeling to such powerful levels. You watch as they “train” under these men, who believe they can control them by sheer force. Make them into weapons to save them from the Assassin’s that are gunning for them. Or so they make them believe.

Even as each student finds their unknown monster, the battles all become both physical and mental ones. All of them are basically trying to protect the others but in doing so a lot get hurt. Striker tries to push away Peyton, for her safety and she doesn’t even understand why. And Peyton, knowing she is one of the strongest beings there, throws herself into training so she can hopefully take down the people threatening the ones she loves….But in the end, will they all become the one thing they are trying to avoid? Like the evil men that surround them?

“My plan is my own. A path I made for myself four months ago without realizing the battles I would have to fight along the way. I was born to be one of the bad guys, so that’s what I’ll become.”

– Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 by Everly Frost – Peyton

Many paths are woven and everyone basically has their own game that they are playing and trying to win. It’s a web of lies. But meanwhile, everyone is getting stronger and hands are being shown…sides picked and Peyton may just unleash her own brand of punishment to the men that think they can break or control her.

“I’m not a woman. I’m a fury, and he will never break me. Nobody will.”

– Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 by Everly Frost – Peyton

This book seriously had so much to love about it. I loved each of the fighting spirits of these students and their determination and will to survive. They never cease to amaze you with what they endure and yet no matter how many times they get knocked down they just get right back up again. You remember that scene in the Last Samurai, the rain fight one?…where he just keeps getting up?…that’s what these kids remind me of…and like him they only get stronger for it.

So much happens in this final book, there’s a lot of twists and turns that will almost give you whiplash keeping up. New allies are made, new deals struck, New unknowns unlocked and truths that will be learnt. It’s time to step out of the darkness for them and see it all. To see the truth.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be extremely tired by the time you reach the end and may just be a bit of an emotional wreck.

Everything about this story was constructed to perfection, right down to the finest of details. You will love the characters and the growth they undergo, particularly in this book, and will love the crossover of Assassin’s Magic and Assassin’s Academy…be ready for timelines to merge and finally have all the answers…I know that ending for me was just amazing and I couldn’t have really asked for more…maybe it to drag on a little longer but that’s more because I didn’t want it to stop lol.

And you’re going to absolutely love the angst of the romance….it is to die for. It has you on your toes the whole time and your heart hurting.

At one point I was uncertain how it’d play out, but thankfully…you’ll have a happy heart by the end.

“Love might kill me, but I want it.”

– Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 by Everly Frost – Peyton

This is a story you do not want to miss. Pen it into your calendars folks because if you miss this book you will regret it! It will take you on one hell of a ride that you won’t forget. Let yourself be swept away in the magic of this book and get lost in a whole new realm…oh and it’ll also totally leave you with a major bookhangover. It’s a day later and I’m all like

I’ll tell you if I’ve moved on in that time lol.

Anywho, if I haven’t convinced you yet, I’m losing my touch haha…let’s just hope it isn’t on today’s review.

Thank you as always to the amazing Everly for the incredible journey you take me on with each book of yours. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us yet. Thank you also for the chance to read and review this series in place for an honest review.

Okie doke that’s all for now book nerds…don’t forget to follow or comment below if there’s anything on your mind.


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