The Cursed One (New York Academy Of Magic 2) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Cursed One (New York Academy Of Magic 2) by Sean Fletcher

Doesn’t seem that long since I was reviewing Called By Darkness…time has seemed to fly and I think reading a whole lot of other books in between helped a lot lol. I hope all you guys have gone ahead and read book one because this book is everything you need! I was dragged right back into this world before I could even process that I was actually reading the second book!

This book definitely has to be read…I’m a true fan of this series and I just absolutely adore the characters that have been created. Skylar is bound to make you laugh and Asher, Mia and Colson are the perfect friends. I know I said this in my last review but they all really compliment each other.

First off, I loved how this story started with Skylar and Asher in Greece fighting massive magical boars for the Academy’s practical hours. I couldn’t help but laugh it was just a perfect opening scene…but it soon morphs into something more. ‘Of course it does’ you’re saying, it is Skylar afterall that we are talking about. Anywho, the two split up to track down two of the boars that ran in different directions and well Skylar finds herself in an odd predicament. She’s following the trail and then she finds this magical cave that is one minute empty and the next poof there’s this mansion of a house that’s just randomly appeared, with someone standing inside that waved at her. Next minute boar crashes into her and yep the house is no longer there!! Here one minute gone the next…anyone getting a harry potter flash back?

But then to make matters more interesting say hello to the mother of all earthquakes. Lucky for Skylar, Asher came to check in on her boar situation and helps her out from a massive sink hole she got sucked into. See? it gets right on into it. And as a fun little teaser of our number one bickering partners…I bring to you Skylar and Asher right after this little event.

“You’re just a walking harbinger of destruction, aren’t you?”

“Oh, you know, just thought I’d do a little remodeling while I was here.”….

….“Okay, not that I’m blaming you for destroying the inside of a mountain…” Asher said. “But it was there before you went in, and now…” He pointed back at the now-blocked entrance.

“Sounds an awful lot like blaming to me,” I said, hands on my hips.

– The Cursed One – Skylar & Asher

Now I had to mention this disappearing mansion for a reason…why you ask? well because the book is kinda centred on this house. You see once Sky and Asher get back from their trip, many of the other students are whispering about this disappearing house….and it just so happens that this house is very important. You see the Fae imprisoned this being many years ago because of its potential of great evil…but at the same time it’s not naturally evil…think of it more like this…it all depends on the hands that wield it…and remember Kasia and her Society? Yep they are totally after it.

We all know that the Fallen Star and their leader Kasia are totally power hungry…and we all know how much Kasia loves her revenge. Yep she’s still on that train.

After learning about this house and being, known as ‘the cursed one’, Lucien sends his son along with Skylar, Colson and Mia to this other Academy in Denmark, to track it down…but well since it is them we are talking about…they land themselves in a bit of a pickle.

To stop some of my rambling on the story and giving everything away…which btws I’m finding really hard! Coz you know me and my rambles have no limits lol.

Anywho, back on track…Basically our little team go on a house hunt wading through many an obstacle and when they do find it, it is not what they expected. This was pretty much them at the time.

But being the champs that they are they go with the flow….and get ready for it, they want to protect it. Which will not be an easy feat. Kasia is tracking them down and what follows is a whole heap of crazy.

I know for me there was times I was like

But being the persevering person that I am I pushed through my stresses and read and read and read.

Also, I hope you haven’t forgotten about that dark prince inside Skylar…coz he starting to get a wee bit impatient inside our girl trying to convince her to use the darkness inside her…remember though sometimes it takes darkness to fight darkness. And Kasia has a lot of that bottled up inside her.

I seriously loved so much about this book…and I’m probably going to end up sounding like a broken record…but you guys know how much I love character growth and depth and these characters are 100% nailing that. I also particularly loved watching as their friendships grew and the respect and love they had with one another. They truly learnt to work as a team. Skylar grew the most I think in this one, learning to communicate and rely more on her team-mates and they all learnt a lot through each other. I actually really respect the people they have become and cannot wait to see what more Sean has in store for us. Whatever it is….

I have a strong feeling that the next book, Enemy of Magic, that releases sometime in May, is going to be a ‘fight with everything you got’ kinda scenario. Oh how ready I am for that…Bring it on.

So go grab your snacks and whatever else you need, when you go on a reading marathon, because you’re going to need it with this book. Be ready to be taken on the bestest of journeys. Oh and btw its gonna stink comin’ back to reality. Enjoy.

Thanks to the wonderful Sean Fletcher for sending me a copy of this amazing book in placement of an honest review, you know me guys…honesty is all you’ll get from me 🙂 If you have read book one or two, I’d love to hear from you!…so don’t forget to comment below. 🙂

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of The Cursed One so you can get to reading this amazing new book once it releases on Monday!

Bye for now Book Nerds x

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