Yesterday’s Adventures!

So I totally have to tell you guys all about what happened Friday afternoon because it is totally worth blogging about. So last night I got to finally meet a favourite author of mine! Eek I know right! We have been messaging for awhile now and when I heard she was in Sydney for BABE (book event that is happening today). When Heather learnt that I couldn’t go for many reasons relating to my health, she amazed me by taking time out of her busy schedule to catch up! How awesome is that?!

So off I went with my family into the city, coz there was no way I could’ve gotten there myself lol, so we made a family trip and they dropped me off at the hotel Heather was staying at. I don’t know about Heather but the moment I saw her and we just went in for a hug I just felt us click. We sat down got some food and chatted like we had done it a million times before. It was just incredible finally being able to meet you! It means more than words can honestly express but I was just so happy that this happened. After some pretty hard news the day before this was a very nice change up!

I’m so glad we were able to make this happen. And no amount of thanking you Heather can express how awesome it was that you made this happen!! You are the absolute best and a beautiful soul! ❤️

I then finished the day off with my family, while my little nephews munched on some food and played at the park.

So there you have it folks! My Friday afternoon spent with an author and it was the most incredible thing ever!!

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