Fallen Halos & Brimstone (Legacy of Sins 4) – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Fallen Halos & Brimstone (Legacy of Sins 4) by J.N Colon

You guys do not know the struggle it has been for me to continue reading after finishing Supernatural Academy…literally everything was meh…which was kinda sad because I know my enjoyment of this book would’ve been even higher than it was…but I did thoroughly enjoy reading it! For any readers who may be unsure, this is not the final book! So stop stressing we still have more time in this world…yay us!

I have slowly been reading these books in-between ARC’s but I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend who got me onto the ARC team for this series. So a shout to Jeannie for helping a pal out 😀 Love ya girl! ❤️

Okay, where to begin? There’s a lot to love about these books…I love the characters that are created and the development of the story. For me, I would probably class this book as more of an easy read. It doesn’t require my brain to think too much, which is sometimes a good thing, and I can easily just get lost in this world. For me, that means I can easily predict where the plot is going and even saw how it was going to end, but I still really enjoyed watching as that developed and played out!

As I like to be real in my reviews…the one thing I wanted to see more of was a deeper development in Lena and her Neanderthal, oh wait I mean Jayson haha. Don’t get me wrong I love them as a couple, who wouldn’t?!…

But I just felt something in their relationship was missing. Like for eg. Sometimes Lena felt like she could be ‘swayed’ (not the best word choice, but it’s the best I got). What I mean by saying swayed is that she felt like although she loves Jayson, it didn’t always come strongly across in the writing…I’m struggling to find the right words to explain this though…this could just be me though. Was this just me? How have you readers out there felt about this? I’m always open to discussions and chats 😀

Okay, so a lot sorta happened in this book…a lot was shown especially towards the end and although I did work out what was happening there, I love the twist to the story that it will bring…I can’t develop on that too much more since #spoiler lol but that was nicely done. I loved how Jena brought in all that angst between Colton and Jayson…if it weren’t for Lena…#ThatDudeWouldBeDead

You remember how Lena got hell marked by the dude? Well, this book does focus a lot on their efforts of getting it removed. While Colton controls Lena in the process…That dude is messed up in the head.

You betcha there is!

Like he def keeps the story interesting because he is kinda one person you can’t always predict…guess being the son of Astaroth, what can you expect? They like to get obsessive.

Moving on from Colton though…coz we don’t want to set our favourite Neanderthal off.

If you think small-town life is quiet…think again. Ever since Lena moved here, she’s had someone after her…and nothing has changed. Demons, Dwellers, Fallen Angels you name it. Being the Avis and the well known ‘Eve’ has kinda made her important…a very important piece to the puzzle. A piece that could end up bringing a lot of destruction to earth.

During this book we see Lena’s abilities grow and strengthen…we see as she struggles with them and the temptations that are literally at every corner for her. We see in the end of the last book that a new ability appears that has the shadow Nephil running in the other direction. Well in this book we learn exactly what she is doing…and this will be her newest test. Will she be able to fight through the temptations and not give in or will she fall back into her old ways? I’m with this ↓

And through it all her man is with her…and Lena is a fighter too, we can’t forget that…she may not be able to physically fight, because oh boy she’d probably fall on her own sword or something lol. But doesn’t mean her fighting spirit isn’t important. She is continually putting herself in harm’s way to try and protect those she loves…and when she loves someone she is literally willing to do anything to save them.

With darkness and evil seeping into the town in waves…say hello to a whole heap of new shadow Nephil that enter the town to cause even more chaos for them.

But is there an underlining reason for their arrival aside from raising a little hell in the town?

With thirty-two totems collected and only one more to go…hell is basically ready to rain Brimstone on them all. The Fallen want out of hell and being this close to their goal they aren’t backing off. They intend to throw all the punches and win. Astaroth has plans for Lena and plans to free his brothers. He’s only ever used to getting what he wants…but it’s time he lost.

But there are a few people they didn’t count on and especially not our shmexy (as Lena would say) man Jayson. He will do anything to keep Lena safe and out of hells hands. We’re talking about soul-mate level determination. And he won’t go down without a fight.

I can’t wait to see where the next book leads. It does end on a fairly decent cliffhanger. So be prepared for that.

The battle of a lifetime is headed our way, I can feel it and I know it too.

Let’s hope good perseveres…but it probably won’t until a little hell is raised first. So bring on the falling brimstone. Bring on the darkness. With Jayson by Lena’s side let’s hope they can get through anything. Afterall temptations and sin is Eve’s weakness.

I loved the journey that Jena took me on…and the crazy ride of being inside this world. I loved being in Lena’s head, she’s a bit klutzy and dopey lol but oh so relatable. There’s a lot of books out there with a strong female, that’s a heroic fighter…but not many where the girls don’t become the fighters. At times, I would’ve liked that but then when I thought about it…it felt a bit more real again this way. Coz I dunno about you…but if I was put in a situation like this…It wouldn’t matter how many years I was given to learn to fight…never would I be able to accomplish that…I’m not limiting myself…I’m just being realistic. Everyone has their strong suits and mine wouldn’t be that haha. Like Lena, I’d be more likely to chop off something important lol. But just because that isn’t our department doesn’t mean there isn’t another area we can shine in….and this book really hits that point for me. Heroics come in many forms.

Okay after taking a random spin off on the topic of female heroics lol…I’m gonna leave it at that.

Thanks Jena for the chance to read an ARC of this book in place of my rambling reviews. If anyone needed further convincing to read this book…I hope I helped. If you have read it. I’d love to hear your thoughts…Be sure to grab yourself one when it releases the 19th March. You can get it HERE.

As always thanks for following.

Love ya guys.

Talk to you all later. Still more to come. x

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