Outcast Fae: Supernatural Prison Camp – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Outcast Fae: Supernatural Prison Camp by Ingrid Seymour & Katie French

Wowsah I absolutely L-O-V-E-D this book! There was not one moment I was not captivated by the story that was being told. Man, it seriously took me on the wildest journey.

Oh the truth of this…I think I need a hug, like seriously…this reminded me a little of the the Hunger Games style to a point but even more intense! Dude those controllers of this rehabilitation program, I tell you…all the things they did and do it comes down to this.

Yep…it’s really just that simple. Crazy people.

It doesn’t matter what style of book you like, this book has it all! Intensity, well-developed characters, fantastic story plot, enemies to lovers, fighting spirits, heart racing games, and a plot that leaves you unsure of who’s going to die next. What did I tell you…Hunger Games. Although, it’s not the inmates doing the killing.

The reason I say it reminds me a little of the Hunger Games is because the teenagers/kids that have supposedly committed crimes, are put on this island and well the controllers of this program can practically do anything on the island and get away with it. If they want an earthquake…than there’s a damn earthquake. If they want a giant squid thingie that will want to eat and drown you? done….and it’s all done in the name of rehabilitating the kids.

This book has it all for me! I was wrenched into this story from the first page, and from that moment I just needed to get my answers. This is a story that knows not the meaning of dullness. Every moment has you utterly captivated and sitting on the edge of your seat.  

My poor heart is still reeling from this book and the beating it put on me. I tried not to get connected to characters but sometimes you just can’t help it, even the ones I didn’t particularly like I was still hurt by the craziness that went down…So if you can, try and avoid it lol. Although you’ll probably have about as little hope as I did.

Okay, okay, let’s give you some deets…It kicks everything off, with a girl being kidnapped out from her bed, Tally, she’s our main girl and she’s also a Fae. I’ll give some quick background info. Basically, an evil dude called the Bane destroyed Alanthyl, the Fae homeland, making all Fae refugees on Earth and a lot of humans sort of despise them for who they are. As they are refugees a lot of the Fae are spread far and wide. The Seelie queen has gone into hiding and Tally, she is actually part of the royal family. And our girl has made it her job to look after all the children she can from her world, to make them feel safe again.

So when she is taken from her home with these kids…she’s going to do literally all she can to get back to them. But for now, after being told by the people that took her from her bed at night, that she has committed a crime and needs to be rehabilitated, she has no choice but to obey….because nobody is going to listen to a fae, even if she hasn’t committed the crime… so it’s up to her to bide her time and escape this new hell she has been put into.

But in this new hell, she is not alone. Oh no. On the day that she is brought in, she finds there are five others in a similar boat and they are to become her new ‘campmates’. They are thrust onto this crazy magical, not in the good kind, island and have to comply with the rules that are given to them…and oh boy the consequences if they don’t. Life and death…kinda scenario.

Kinda feels like some of the controllers I know picking off the campmates

It’s not long into the whole fix the campers attitude, when Tally has a vision and she learns that her children pulled the disappearing act as well…and Tally is even more determined to make it off the island…to get her kids back. But she has a strong feeling its the very same people that have taken her. And do you know how hard it is to fight a battle against someone that can see your every move and are in control of everything?

And not only that, a lot of the campers are not made out for the hard journey coming their way and others…others just hate her for just being Fae…ahem Vaughn. Yeah he not very nice and he def has some secrets of his own…which btws Tally is determined to crack. Especially if it means getting answers and finding those she loves. And maybe just maybe in the meantime she and Vaughn may just break down some barriers.

But to even top off all that, who does she run into on the island…other ‘campers’ and this group just so happens to have someone she knows….you thinking what I am?

There’s a lot more than meets the eyes that’s going on, on this island…and the North section that they are told to stay clear of….the Dome…may just have all the answers.

Let’s just say a hell of a lot goes down in this book…and oh boy did that ending have me freaking out! I was legit like

All I can say is this book was so incredibly written ladies…I take my hat off too you both! You deserve a crown…so here we go.

Anyone that want’s to get swept off their feet and brought into a world where nothing is set in stone and people are doing whatever it takes to get off this island, then hop on the crazy train. It will take you as I said on a wild adventure.

I loved so much about this story and I loved how much it made you feel. I won’t give any names but my heart was broken when a certain someone sacrificed themselves… and then I was gutted when someone supposedly betrayed someone…and then clenching my teeth when someone may have gotten tortured. Don’t blame me if you feel like you go crazy and want to start yelling at the top of your lungs. (Don’t worry I think it’s completely normal in this circumstance haha).

Gah what a journey this book was. If you want a book that will let you sleep…then this book isn’t for you…this book wants and needs to be read. So get yourself prepared.

Thanks so much to the amazing Katie and Ingrid for the chance to read the ARC of this incredible book in place for my review! It was a fantastic read but seriously

I know the next book is probably just going to tear at me more but damn it…I need it so much! I gotto see how it plays out.

Don’t try and Yoda me because we have already established I don’t have patience when it comes to books

So just be a darling and send it to me 😁

Maybe I should tone it down just a wee bit lol…

Maybe begging works?

And if that doesn’t work…maybe too much of my crazy got in the way lol. Either way…I’ll be waiting to take on the next book.

Anways guys that’s all I have for today…but there’s a lot more to come. I’ve had a few authors get in contact with me to read some of their books and I can’t wait to dive into them. So hang tight.

Cheerio Book Nerds x

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