Magic Is The New Black Anthology – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Call Me Wicked (Darkwater Reformatory 0.5) by Marty Mayberry

A few authors recently got in contact with me to review a few of the short stories within the Magic Is The New Black Anthology that is releasing 18th March so not long at all to wait…and guys so far what I have read is blowing my mind. So go preorder yourself this limited edition collection right HERE.

This very short prequel, yes I’m at that again…why, why did it have to be so short. Six chapters just will not do!

And I just checked and the first book to this series doesn’t come out until like the middle of June! That’s forever away!

Well I’m not in America I’m in Australia but you get my point!

I just realised I never actually finished my first sentence properly 😂🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️All these authors are seriously on a mission of breaking my brain…and I think it’s working…

Back to my first sentence. This very short prequel to the new upcoming Darkwater Reformatory series was absa-bloomin-lutely fantastic!

It took next to nothing for me to connect to the characters and legit from page one I was a goner! It was just so incredible how easily I fell for these guys and how much I emotionally connected to their situation. There is one guy in this story that dies trying to protect the MC from the brutal king and I was legit fighting back tears. The intensity of his love and sacrifice just hit me so hard. That’s just what I call devotion. I just couldn’t.

Fari dinkum…I know that I am absolutely going to love this series, when I can get my hands on it.

From the moment I read the blurb that was sent to me…my curiosity was spiked…but now it’s so much more than that. Marty, you have not just gotten my attention you demanded it and pulled me right in.

So a little about the story. As you know this is a prequel book and it sets the whole pace/tune for this new world we will get to dive into.

This story was anything but slow. Expect that from page one you’ll be taken on a non-stop journey. Right up until that ending! And boy does that end have you sitting on the edge of your seat…desperate for answers. That ↓ kinda felt like me internally lol. It was like so much was happening in my head that I couldn’t hear or anything through the ruckus.

And Marty don’t worry about how much time I have. Coz for you, I will make the time so I can get the answers! 😁

Once again…I kinda got sidetracked lol…oopsie. Anyways…to put it simply…we have an evil fae king ruling who likes to kill people and we have Jaceylyn and her boyfriend Rohnan, who is currently held prisoner by said king simply because he’s Jacelyn’s boyfriend. You see the king had arranged a marriage for Jacey, since her dad is like third cousin or something to the man. And well Jacey says no so the king punishes Rohnan to punish her. See…twis-ted.

Why does these drastic moves always come down to this…

So the book basically starts with her and her uncle trying to break Rohnan out so they can escape through this veil and join a people that had escaped the kingdom ages ago…but well not all goes to plan. Why can’t plan A’s just work out for once! I feel like I use this gif a lot lol

But once again…it’s true. And well the king catches onto this escape and well things go south…and fast.

To not give the whole world away, I’m just going to say that Rohnan and Jacey end up in this prison, Darkwater…and it does not promise to be good. You see the Warden got news and she is basically going to give them hell or kill them. I think she’s aiming more for the later…make the problem disappear so to speak. Right? But this prison is bad news…literally anything can happen here! And I mean anything. But one thing she was told was to make it to the reformatory, so they could still have a chance of escaping from the king. This reformatory offers a way to “graduate” from Darkwater but it requires a triad and to undertake some challenge. But I doubt it’ll be that easy. It never is.

So that’s the new plan oh and the whole revenge thing on the king. For taking someone dear from her.

“The king will pay,” I hissed into Rohnan’s shoulder, infusing my words with every speck of power remaining inside me. “I vow on my soul that I will find a way out of Darkwater and go after him.”

– Call Me Wicked by Macy Mayberry

And that’s all I’m saying about this new world. I know you are going to love it too. So make sure you read it!

This short story has it all and will leave you just wanting to read more. I know it has for me.

Thanks to the incredible woman Marty for getting in contact with me to read your book. Feel free to contact me whenever you want 😀 like seriously lol. Man, I need to get my hands on that first book. I may just combust if I don’t lol. You don’t want that do you? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Obvi you are Piper and I’m the demon 😂

Anyways thanks so much!! I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Don’t miss it guys!

That’s all I have for you at the moment.

Cheerio book nerds x

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