Book Causing Llama Drama

So you know that feeling you get when reading a book and then something crazy happens?! And you just have to walk away from your book because you need to process your emotions? Yeah that’s me currently. I’m feeling this 👇🏻 hard.

This is all me right now! So as you guys probably worked out, I’m reading From Blood & Ash… and Oh My Words! My flippin heart just got torn out!! I just can’t! Does chapter 26 mean anything to you guys?!! ! I just sat there clasping my head with my mouth agape, like an absolute idjit, and feeling like I myself just lost someone. My heart. Man. Emotions everywhere!! Flamin heck! 😭😭😭😭😱 That. Didn’t. Just. Happen. I don’t want it to be so. Jennifer what are you doing to me?! 😱😫😢😭 I love you but you’re doing quite the number on my emotions with this book!

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