Quote Of The Week & Wellness

“Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.”

– Dan Brown

Wellness Checkup

With everything crazy going on out in the world…I wanted to check in on my loyal Ramblers. How are you all coping? Iso can be tough for a lot of people that aren’t used to being stuck at home. For me? Nothing really feels different. Cleary, was already living a quarrantined life. The only time I get bummed out is the thought that if I wanted to go out for coffee, I can’t. BUT at least I can bring it back home. So that’s a bonus. 😁

But sometimes dwelling on the things that are stressing us out, can sometimes make the time of iso, a bit harder to bear. But focusing on what we can do, is known to help mentally, as it shows the things you can do and the things we are thankful of. So in light of that…for our Wellness Wednesday- I’m thinking a game known as the “Glad Game” created by Pollyanna (a book series by Eleanor Porter). Anyone who is not familiar with this game it’s a game to find what you are glad about in your life. Or being able to turn what could be deemed as a bad situation, into something you can be glad about. For eg. One of the things that happened to Pollyanna was that she desperately wanted a doll but in turn she accidentally received crutches. She was terribly sad but her dad turned it around saying something like “but we can be glad we don’t need to use them.”

So even though the world has entered into what seems like a YA dystopian novel what do you have to be glad about?

“…there is something about everything that you can be glad about, if you keep hunting long enough to find it.” 

For me: I am glad that even though I’ve felt incredibly unwell, to the point of not being able to leave bed, that I have a mum that will come sit with me in my room to show that she is there for me, no matter what and has now taken it upon herself to read to me, because she knew how down I was because I couldn’t read, without causing more issues.

So that’s what I’m glad about. How about you guys? Comment below. Let’s try and boost our spirits to keep positive that things won’t always be like this.

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