Seeking the Fae (Daughter of Light 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Seeking the Fae (Daughter of Light 1) by Leia Stone

G’day Ramblers how is you all doing?! Staying out of mischief I hope…or is that asking too much? Possibly 😉

Anywho, I have just finished reading a book that I felt, I had been waiting for a really long time. The moment Leia told her group about the upcoming release of this book, I just knew it was going to be everything I needed (and oh how right I was!)… And because of this, I found that I had an absolute need to get on the ARC team for this series…and the incredible Leia let me in…wahoo!

So here I am bringing you my honest ARC review for this AWESOME book! If I have any words for you, it would be to make sure you preorder this book, so you can read it right away! It was so incredible that one of the first things I said to Leia was “sooo we get the next book tomorrow right?” This book releases on the 29th April so it’s not too much longer to wait…so please, please go and read it…you can find it HERE.

The “thing” is the book derh lol 😛

Okay, let’s get into it. I loved, loved so much about this book…it doesn’t hold back, and I loved how quickly it gets right into things. No dilly-dallying. Time is of the essence. And oh boy how true that is. The fate of the Fae world depends on it…well what’s left of it.

But lucky for us, we have one very strong-willed chica on our side (Lily) and along with her very good friend (Elle) and others, they are determined to turn it all around. You see though, Lily is a Fae but she’s a very special one, the last of her kind now. After the tragic death of her mum, which btws broke my heart!! 😢 Made her crucial to the survival of Faerie. She’s a Seeker. Which means she has a very special ability of tracking down basically anything…but most importantly these special crystals – or seeds from the Tree of Life – The very thing that practically gives life to their land. But you see these crystals were stolen…which leaves Faerie in a very dire situation. And so she must move fast and track them down as fast as possible, before Faerie crumbles.

But that isn’t the only problem…you see many years ago there was what they called the Dark War…and many fled Faerie because of it. Taking these life-giving crystals, so they could survive on earth…for without them they would die. But this only left a small portion of Faerie stable. Anywho, The Elders told Lily about this lost history, that was never shared with their people (Hiding things from people is never a good sign right? Never trust a person who keeps things like this from you!) …and they told her that from this Dark War came these beings called The Sons of Darkness. Or Dark Fae. And she was told they were abominations. You in yet? Coz if that was me…then this would be me 👇🏻

But when Lily goes on her first seeking mission something very baffling occurs. She’s in place, has found the crystal and these beings, but one is not like the others. It is one who the Elders said was the most dangerous, the ones with black wings. But the most baffling of all things happen…she bonds with him, like soulmate bonds!…and there’s a light show and everything! The guy (Dark Fae) is totally oblivious to what is happening, but he can def feel the effects, as he is clearly intrigued by her…and he does not try to kill her. Win? right? Yep totally. And then when someone barges in what does he do? Let me give a little sneaksie peak for you guys.

“He’d shoved me in a closet when he could have killed me … that was sort of … not evil? It wasn’t exactly soulmate love, like in Faerie, but he hadn’t killed me … so I’d have to take it.”

This gave me quite the chuckle as I was reading. I totally adored Lily and loved how it was narrated. Even though Lily was struggling deeply, her compassion and fighting spirit weren’t willing to just rollover. And after she found her new soulmate, things start changing fast. I don’t want to give too much away, but they eventually team up to get the crystals and try and find a solution to all the problems…but there is a bigger threat yet, that is going on…and hopefully, together they can work it out.

You remember how I said I adored Lily and the narration…this is the perfect example of this…so there’s this one scene Lily has to be a distraction while Liam goes to do something, and it legit had me laughing so hard because at first, she didn’t know how to even distract the people lol…I think she ends up throwing a healing ball over the wall, but when that doesn’t work, she flies over wall and throws a stone or something haha…they see her and then… and this 👇🏻cracked me up 😂You guys are going love Lily! I have no doubt!

They’re shooting at me? Well, I guess that was a good distraction. I pulled out my obsidian dagger. I’d literally brought a knife to a gunfight. Great.

But I need to get this out, I fell in love with her soulmate from page one! He intrigued me beyond anything I can explain. I wanted to know his story (and btws totally nailed it on the info about him…just sayin’ hehe)…but I want to know more about him. But so far I love him and the development of the relationship between him and Lily. Although felt very quick, totally understood why it needed to be that way. Love them already.

Gah I don’t know if I should say this bit or not…

Maybe possibly spoilerish below.

The King got loose on earth and he has his own agenda and those plans aren’t great…so it’s a fight against time and beating an all-powerful king. But now this 👇🏻 is literally me, to make myself stop talking. Some secrets are good to find out on your own.

That both feels good to have off my chest and also makes me this.

So yeah things are kinda cray-cray. There’s a lot that happens and unfolds in this book and I really loved the journey it took me on. Loved all the characters and learning more about this world. It was incredible.

The friendships are amazing and they are so loyal to each other… I also really like the new friendships that bloom as well between a very powerful Fae that is locked away in like this in-between world, Mara, she is like the keeper of this special door. You want to know more about that don’t you? Guess you’re gonna have to read it (insert teasing voice)

This book has everything, I kid you not. She even meets a flippin’ Mermaid! Which opens an even bigger door to this story. I don’t know what more I can say, if you aren’t convinced yet…But hopefully, I have because this book is worth reading!

Thank you to the absolutely amazing Leia Stone for letting me on the team for this series! ❤️It’s been awesome to be apart of another of your ARC teams release…Hopefully my crazy doesn’t scare you away. lol.

Okay, fine, you caught me…

I absolutely cannot wait until I can read more in this world. Thank goodness it’s only like one month until the next book, although that still feels like

If you wanna chat more about this book, get in touch just comment below.

But for now, that’s all I have. Enjoy reading…coz there’s plenty of time for that now!

Please don’t go insane.

Later Ramblers

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