Of Dreams and Sorcery (Royal Fae Guardians 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Of Dreams and Sorcery by Heather Renee

G’day Ramblers,

Oh my wordy words! This book has me all…1100%! The moment mum began reading it to me (coz at the time I was too sick to even read), I was hooked and wanted more of literally everything. I devoured this book! It was so incredibly captivating and BRUTAL. I couldn’t help it, I had to message Heather (sorry bout my crazy 😂, just remember you love me hehe), like to the point that if I didn’t, I would combust if I didn’t share my thoughts and rant and rave like a looney, lucky Heather is used to me by now, all my weirdness and all coz let’s face it…

Now, if you hadn’t worked it out by now…my ranting to the author should’ve been a huge give away in itself to READ the book!! Heather was a little worried about re-entering this world and I told her she shouldn’t have a fear in the world because this book is AHH-mazing!! By the end of it all, your heart may feel like this 👇🏻…coz I know I sure did!

I for reaals had this weird liquid running out my eyes. Like what is this?! She flippin made me cry! I want to say why because WHY?! But it’s annoying because I know why it had to be done…but still…why, why, whyy?!

…but talk about giving yourself a death sentence (Not Heather, the person in the book derh – I’m not the murderer here 😛C’mon you knew I couldn’t let that opportunity slip pass me)….but I’ll say no more…because my self-control is very, very low right now.

So I was talking to Heather and another friend, Jeannie, and we came to the discussion of cliffhangers and us weird book nerds using it as our adrenaline high…and I told my friend that this was no cliffhanger…this was a cliffbungee…I know, I know…you’re all thinking what the hell is this girl on. That’s not a thing…guess what…I’m making it a thing! So nerh. 😛(very mature of me lol). The more people closer to my wave length might at least be thinking…well why? What is this cliffbungee?…now let me tell you. It’s where you just get punt kicked off the ENTIRE CLIFF! You know you won’t probably die (always a possibility!!) coz you, you know bungee jumping!…and you just crazily bouncing UPPPP and DoOoOoWwwwWnnNNn, up and down… until you’re just dangling there by your foot…in the middle of the air, off the side of a cliff. With nothing else to do. And that’s flamin terrifying, coz well 1. I hate heights lol! and 2. HANGING BY YOUR FOOT OFF A CLIFF!… But this is what this is…and I’m making it a thing! Cliffbungee…Heather? Did that live up to your expectations, when I told you about a new word for cliffhangers lol? She’s been holding out to hear that one haha.

Please I beg you, do yourself a favour and dive into this world. It is sooo incredible. I LOVED all the characters, so much so I became their friends…the connection was just so strong and so real. They were also relatable which is a really important thing to have with characters…and that was 100% nailed it for me.

If you do not read this book I will literally come and haunt you or something…because this is a book that deserves and neeeeedddss to be read!! It has so much soul and light…and there’s definitely some sorcery at work, I don’t care what anyone says! Because, Somehow, I managed to read half this book in like an hour and a half, whilst sick…and it was just devoured and I was just so shocked when it said it was the end and I was like…

Suppose I should talk a bit about the book aye?…Well, I really do have to say I loved the dedication in this book…didn’t it just melt your heart a little? ❤

Anywho, moving onto the book, let me start by saying there’s this awesome owl named Stryx, he’s stubborn, sarcastic and bossy and you’re going to love him…anyway, he came to Kali a year ago in her dreams…taking her to this secret realm that he magically took her too and taught her a little about who she was and where she came from, a place called Arvayta…and that she carries some pretty rare powers that could quite possibly restore the balance caused by the Dark War and…you know it, there’s a looming prophecy that was given at the time of her conception.

Her little owl friend is quite cryptic but she trusts him, even though it seemed quite insane…she trusted and took a leap of faith that what he said was true…and so the year leading up to her nineteenth birthday, she has prepared her mind and body as best she can for the transition that needs to take place.

And guys it seriously only gets better from here…the first day she goes across to Arvatya with her bestie Jordan (that chica I’m in love with, or should I call her Satan haha), and her mum and dad…and from there she meets this hella sexy dude, Ryland, and you gonna love him…although he is a complicated fellow with a tricky past so bear with him.

Ryland may be her soulmate but as she meets with him, he is not exactly pleasant towards her, maybe jerkish could be a better way to say it lol…which Kali doesn’t really understand, at all…and since she feels something towards him that she can’t really process, his rejection and rudeness hurt… so at the same time she tries to ignore the feeling growing inside, to deny whatever she is feeling….because our boy Ryland isn’t ready, just yet. Some people gotto knock some sense into him first…to clear the past up…not saying more in regards to that lol. Even though I really want to haha…This is my less cryptic version so be thankful lol.

But then we have the Dark Fae, Alaryk, and he’s about ready to start a war to get Kali on his side…coz remember prophecy. So a lot of threatening of the different races is happening in the Otherworld…and I feel like hell is going to rain down on them all…if he doesn’t get what he wants…and oh boy how he proves that.

So rushed into a new world and life, Kali must learn to adjust to her new overwhelming powers and prepare to take down the man? (erm I don’t really want to call him that coz he evil dude lol), anyways, she has to take him out…as she is the only one close enough in power to face him (which is obvi why he wants her to make her evil coz…)

Lucky for us, Kali is one strong chic and even though she doesn’t at first see that she is beyond extraordinary…she definitely shows a fighting spirit that is determined to do right and not give in, just because it is hard or feels impossible…and with her old and new friends the limit is beyond the sky.

“Something was broken within me, but I wouldn’t let it beat me. I’d take whatever broken pieces I could and use them to build something great, because that was what strong women did, and I refused to be weak.”

I loved a lot about this story but I loved seeing the growth between every character and the relationships they shared. The bonds made in this book really touched me and I just never want this story to come to an end. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can get more than two stories out of this series!

Be prepared to experience so many emotions during this story and prepare for a book hangover…I was telling Heather in my messages, that she was evil and that this book hangover hit me hard…and that all I’d done was just lay there staring at my ceiling…okay, I’ll admit that some of that could’ve had to do with the fact I’ve been really unwell but that’s besides the point because regardless, I don’t think I would’ve done anything after reading this.

All I can say guys is just make time to read this book okay?! Most of you are in lockdown so this should fill your time for a few hours or so depending on how fast you read. Enjoy!

And if you don’t read this book OR enjoy…I may have to rethink our friendship coz you do know that’s what book nerds do lol….

Ugh fine…I’ll probably, may forgive you, eventually…even if you don’t have good tastes…as I said before, every book of Heather’s I’ve read are just so incredible…she got some magic mojo, I’m sure…do you use a recipe or does it just happen? What?

Them = Me lol – I’d update the gif but I dunno how 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

But until you read it no opinion allowed…I think that’s fair enough.

Now missy chop chop on book two because…


Just non weirdly stalking you until my brain and heart are satisfied. C’mon you know you love me.

Anywho, rambling on…thank you, my friend, for yet another amazing read, that I loved. I can’t wait until this book sees the world. Remember, I’ll be haunting all your readers and making sure they read 😉See I am helpful lol 😂

All I’m gonna say is that the lovely Heather brought forward the date and it now releases the 26th April. So be prepared to go and Preorder that baby….it’s right HERE – Of Dreams and Sorcery.

Okay, well if you all love to hear me ramble away don’t forget to subscribe below, so you don’t miss anything. And feel free to comment below or get in contact with me.:D

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