Enemy of Magic (New York Academy of Magic 3) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Enemy of Magic (New York Academy of Magic 3) by Sean Fletcher

Hey, hey Ramblers,

Woah! Yet another book in this series that I absolutely loved!! If you have been following my reviews since at least October 2019, you would’ve probably seen the very first review I did on this book…and still yet, this series continues to wow me. To the point that when you’re reading you get so absorbed in the world, that you lose focus on everything around you…that when you’re in the middle of a fight scene and hear a loud bang that brings you snapping back to reality, heart pumping and all you can do is laugh at yourself, for the way your heart is racing from the adrenaline of it all. I legit jumped out of my skin haha….I turned to mum who had been sitting next to me and was like “Well, that made that fight scene way too realistic” lol. Like for a minute there I was like

If you haven’t read book one I suggest that you stop reading this review because there’s bound to be spoilers from the first two books. But if you would like to check out my review for book one here – Called By Darkness. I do really recommend reading this series. It has everything you need in a book!

Okay, moving on from book one…because what I really want to talk about is this book! Coz seriously Sean…

I felt like I had been waiting for this book for-n-ever…not even kidding…but it was so so worth the wait! Even if in reality it was only a couple of months haha. What? 🤷🏻‍♀️…I’m an impatient book nerd…

Gah…I just don’t really know where to start with this review! All I know is that it was so epically good and that I want to share this series with you! There is such an awesome intensity to all these books, to be honest, and it sure doesn’t stop with this book…in fact, I really feel like even though it felt a little bit more like the learning book, you know the books where quite a few secrets get unloaded on you? So you do get some answers…but what I loved about it, was that even amongst the society that still is gunning for not just Skylar but also her group of friends…as Asher is so happy to remind her when Sky starts to get overwhelmed that all this is her fault…

Asher smiled. “Not to burst your bubble, Miss Popular, but that acolyte clearly said she wanted all four of us, not just you.” He gave an overexaggerated flourish as he pushed back his hair, a devilish glint in his eye. “I mean, I get it. Who wouldn’t want to take all of this prisoner? We’ve all peed off Kasia enough to get on her naughty list, Skylar. Don’t think you’re that special.”

“How can I, when you’re always there to bring me back to Earth?” Asher laughed. “But of course. I take my job very seriousl—”

You’ll be happy to also know, that Asher and Sky still are some of my favourite characters and I love the relationship they have. Meaning, the way Asher and her banter and the amazing friendship they have also develop further. They come a long way in this book…they all do actually. A lot of growth as a group and individually. Which I always love to see. The friendships in these books are, actually, truly touching. The things each of these people would do for one another is truly #friendshipgoals

I could seriously talk about these characters all day lol, they just feel so real and alive to me that I would easily be able to revisit this world so many times.

I feel like this book is way harder to review, simply on the fact that so much happens and it’d be oh so easy to even unintentionally let a spoiler out…because as I said before, this was really quite the book of discovery. But I’m going to do my best to not spoil anything…because for me

Okay, so we leave the second book with Mia leaving a super cryptic note before disappearing…and well this book follows as Asher, Sky and Colson try and find her. As they don’t even know if she’s in danger or anything. They go through this rare memory stealing demon who points them sorta in the direction they need to go…but nothing about this will be easy. Lucien, Asher’s dad, knowing that they are trying to find Mia, gets them into the Paris Academy under the guise of advanced students putting in required hours of working with international academies…which may have been unsuspicious under different times. Why you say?

Well, you see, not long before their visit a prisoner escaped, and the Paris Academy of Magic was the place of this happenings, as it also works as a high-security supernatural prison…but too make it worse, they also know that a student from the New York Academy went missing around the same time and is presumed to have helped this prisoner.

So its kinda understandable when they meet up at the Paris Academy and the head of the Red Guard, Alexa, is instantly untrusting of them and not willing to really share any information about the breakout.

Okay, alright, so far no spoilers…but this is where it gets a bit tricky without letting out the beans.

If you ever wanted to know more about Mia’s family and see into her story a bit more then boom this book will deliver all that for you! But first, they have to find her…and of course they do…because it’s them…and they are awesome. But not without their share of troubles before getting there. Coz we all know that really wherever Sky and her friends go, well trouble always seems to follow. It nearly makes me into a nervous Nelly…and I’m looking over my shoulder just looking for trouble anywhere and everywhere.

But then I also wouldn’t want it any other way, coz the intensity level is perfect and well they kick-butt really well. It’s just those damn Society members and Acolytes that seem to be everywhere…and btws someone really needs to do something about them…everything about this book and the story it tells, just makes you so obsessed and leaves you only wanting more of everything!

When they find Mia, not everything is as all black and white…like always with these guys..c’mon did book two not clue you in on that?

And as they are trying to piece things together and make their next move, Skylar is having an issue of her own…yeah remember that Dark Prince inside her? Well, she’s learning things about him and herself and there’s a possibility things aren’t looking too good for her…and to make it even more interesting, the place they found Mia, calls to the darkness inside her…but maybe she just finds someone that knows a little about what is going on inside her and may be able to help. Yeah, yeah I’m being cryptic…but I have to be…just read it to find out. 😉

But it’s possible that the very hidden place they find Mia, may just hold the answers to more things then they realised…like Kasia’s story and why she’s all…cray cray and all about..

And yep, she’s like that with basically the whole supernatural race and anyone who gets in her way. So be wary…And so, while there are fights going on left, right and centre our group has to learn some very important steps…especially Asher…that sometimes the best way to help, is letting someone do what they need to, alone…but like Skylar our boy is a bit head-on with his approach, especially when it comes to those he loves. Which I do really love and appreciate that about him. Time for everyone to learn some communication skills lol.

Everyone in this story learns a lot about one another and because of that, they are stronger and more trusting of each other than ever before…a lot of barriers are broken down and maybe that means Skylar shares some of her own problems..we know how our girl struggles sharing things…because it makes her weak (her thoughts not me)…but she learns just because you need help doesn’t make you helpless.

Kasia and Sky have a lot more in common, as you probably are aware…and because of that Sky may just be one of the only ones to be able to take her down…the battle is one that will take everything Sky has…but will it be enough?

With what feels like everyone gunning for our guys…I’m with Asher when Sky shares her worries of them hurting those they love…

“There wouldn’t be many worse ways to hit us where it hurts. And our reputation is kinda starting to precede us.”

Asher sighed. “If that’s true then we’ve simply got another person with a vendetta. They can get in line.”

This book will take you on such a journey and if you’re anything like me you’ll love everything about it. And then bring in the chemistry between Skylar and Asher and Mia and Colson…

I’m a hopeless romantic and for me one of my most swoon-worthy quotes that had my little book nerdy heart all a flutter…and I think I just need to share…because oh my words, the horror if I didn’t! I’ve got to throw everything at you guys to convince you that you need this book just as badly as me. Seems like the right thing to do aye?! Whatever, we’ve established I’m weird so this could be strange…but it makes sense to me sooo…all’s good lol.

“I’ll follow you to hell and back, Skylar. And when I can’t, I’ll carry a bucket of water and douse the fires on our way.”

For me, I feel like this ↓ was accurate haha…it was like all these fights and such were going down and the supernatural world going crazy…and then just when that would sorta clear up a teensy bit (I say teensy bit because we all know that while Kasia is still around there’s no clearing things up completely)…and then bring in that ending scene and oh my great flying dragons it couldn’t be more accurate!! I want to say what happens so badly haha…like I’m legit having an argument with myself about it haha. No jokes 😂But yeah a new party steps in and well another new worst-case scenario just appeared.

I felt like with that ending I really needed to calm talk myself lol…being all like…

Whilst another part of my brain was all like internally panicking because I just needed more and needed all the answers!! Not left with even more questions!

The other thing I sooo loved, was how at the end they all stood strong together…and can I just say Lucien is awesome!!! I love how his character just comes to life whenever he is on the page…but the scene to which I’m referring is right at the end…and I was all like YEAH! Take that you snobby, powerful Marquee family. Although, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them just yet…but it was still an awesome moment! Can you just go and read it now?!

I think I’ve put across everything that I can…and have hopefully convinced you to continue to read. You won’t regret the continuation of all their journeys…and I seriously cannot wait to see where this all leads! Sean if you’re reading this I really hope that next book is nearly ready because

Okay, great that’d be awesome…why thank you so much hehe.

So yes, anywho, make sure you add this book to your read list…you need it! Even if you don’t know it yet. Even if your pile is growing out of control like this…

This incredible book releases the 4th of May so there is still time to Pre-order go quick and do that right now – Enemy of Magic (New York Academy of Magic 3) Amazon

Thank you so much to the awesome Sean Fletcher for providing me with this ARC book for my honest review. It’s an honour reading and reviewing such an amazing series! Can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Okie doke, Ramblers that’s all for now…my ramblings are finished for the day…did I just hear a sigh of relief? lol…anyways thanks for reading and being here…if you want to chat just comment below or reach out to me on social media.

I’m out Book Nerds

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