Wicked Academy 3: Dirty Little Secrets – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Wicked Academy 3: Dirty Little Secrets by Nissa Leder

So I just finished reading this book yesterday and I just realised it released today. Yay. So it’s all ready to be purchased by you – you can get this book here on Amazon and you can find it HERE.

Apologises my brain is a little out of it today…between lack of sleep, meds and being so dang exhausted…everything has decided it wants to go on holidays, leaving me to try and work out how to write this review lol.

Hmm okay Ramblers, have we got anyone who’s been reading this series? What were your thoughts? I’ve been reviewing these books from the beginning, but I think this was my favourite yet! Especially loved that cliffhanger ending…there was so much information dropped that has really left me curious. I’m really intrigued by her grandma and all this Wendigo stuff and I just want to have everything pieced together…I feel like I’m missing some crucial piece of information to just tie all my thoughts together…which sorta makes sense since there’s more to the story lol. 😆

But guys that cliffy is going to make you want more.

I was like, this seriously just got my attention majorly. I knew Beck was in on something but I wasn’t expecting that…and then with the grandma…and her family. Like dang.

I’m just sitting on the sideline, not so sure who I want to be trusting. I’m sticking with Wren and her group…they about all I trust right now. I won’t give any spoilers. But dang…this is a book that fits its title lol. So many dirty little secrets. Which weirdly made me just think of pretty little liars haha (not that it’s related in that department but speaking of all the secrets…you know what I mean…I hope lol).

I feel like so much actually happened, without really happening…I know, that sounds confusing, but in the terms of actual action that’s left mostly to the end. During the school year it’s more about learning mostly about their magic that has grown and passing the year at Wicklow…whilst trying to learn how to keep these weird visions Wren’s been getting…you know the ones in the last book where she’d feel really sick and dream of her grandma?…yeah well now that’s happening with the Wendigo too and well it’s making life very difficult for her…and stressful and really gross lol (can you imagine being in the mind of a beast as it hunts and feasts? Umm no thank you, I’ll pass!). Lucky for us, she has Callum that has her back as they both try and find a solution/answers. Even if things are complicated.

I feel this is so accurate for Wren with her feelings lol

I know he made his mistakes, but he learnt his lessons and I really like him (heart palpitations alert lol). I’m totally standing by that. Wren will accept it too…you can already see the chemistry and it only builds more in this book…even if they try and push all those emotions down for the sake of their friend Zane. My heart does kinda break for him but Wren isn’t the girl for him. But Callum and Wren…

I do have to say…I feel like all the friendships were really trialled in this book and I was a little disappointed in Olivia and Micah. But I mostly forgive them…they just better work extra hard in the next book (What? 🤷🏻‍♀️It’s only fair). I may have wanted to give a huge wake up call especially to Olivia coz I was like girl WAKE UP! you with a d-bag and you can’t even see it…and then when she goes all crazy and doesn’t stand up for her friend I was like

Yep, I went through all those steps haha. Attitude…then I wanted to have a stern talking-to with her haha. But don’t worry, she comes around eventually. We didn’t get to see much of Micah at all in this book but with Wren and Olivia’s friendship being so tested, Micah sticks with Olivia, which makes sense, as they were friends a lot longer first…

A little about the story…well, you mostly follow as Wren tries to make it through the year, learning how to use her magic, whilst struggling with the fact that she feels icky having taken others magic…then you learn a little bit more about the ‘secret’ society the Mystics (ooooh yeah I’m good being on the outside…but thanks)…and the story starts unwinding and you get sneak peeks into all this political stuff going down and see that it’s not looking as good as what is initially shown…and then there’s like a new player who wants to join the campaign as the new leader for the magical world (Can you guess who it is? I totally didn’t think we’d seen the last of her family!)…and it may be very possible that Wren’s grandma is working on something alongside this person.

Believe me, the grandma is up to some crazy stuff…yeah that one…the one in the cabin, in the woods. She, I do not trust. She not good news. But I have so many questions about her. Like what happened to her? And why is her whole family so secretive about it all…

I don’t really want to say too much more, coz for me, this book didn’t really have a whole heap happen that wouldn’t give the story away or give out spoilers lol…but I did really enjoy reading it and I love the uncertainty of not really being 100% certain on how all the bits of information will come together. Like, I have my suspicions etc but I really want to know more and have everything fall into place.

This really isn’t one of my best reviews, on the actual story plot but as I said, it’s complicated and well hello, I did say my brain wasn’t really with it…So..

But I will say, that I feel like Wren is continuing to grow and love how she questions the things happening in her world, not just taking it for granted…so I do like that about her, along with her fire and determination…and the way she still continues to try and turn her life around….and become the new and improved Wren. I do like a lot about her character, but I do sometimes struggle a little to connect with her. But that aside, I think she truly has grown the most in learning to trust others and let others in. Which was a big step for her! I just can’t wait to watch as that grows some more.

If you have enjoyed reading all the other books in this series, I think you will really enjoy this book…as I said, this was probably my favourite out of the lot…I think the story is really growing at this point and has definitely spiked my curiosity. Gah so many questions left unanswered.

And I can’t wait to get them in the next book! Give them all to me! I will come hunt you down (in a non-creepy or weird way haha, if that’s even possible and wait til I get some answers lol).

Thank you so much Nissa for the chance to read and review this ARC in place of an honest review! It’s been an honour following Wren’s journey as she navigates her life at Wicklow Academy.

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That’s about enough for today lol. Just to stop this ↓ becoming you.

I’m out book nerds x

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