Guess What I’m Reading!

I’m so so excited to finally have been able to start Pawn by Karen Lynch. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE the Relentless Series by her and since hearing about this new series I was all over it! I do have a few ARC’s that I need to be reading but the call for this book was strong. I just couldn’t ignore it. So I’m dividing my time up between all the books I need to read lol.

And check out that gorgeous cover! Eeek I just know I’m going to love this story. Only a chapter in and I’m already sucked into the world.

What book has you so so excited to read, like you legit are dying to have in your hands?

Also don’t forget that I try and keep my ‘Upcoming Book Releases’ page as updated as I can. So don’t forget to check that out if you have trouble remembering book release dates. 🙂

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