Life Update

So, apparently people like life updates…is that a thing? Should I be doing that? Let me know in the comments if you want more about me. I’m terrible talking about me. Like what’s to tell? I have no clue lol. But from time to time I could try and give an update….if that’s what my Ramblers want.

Books I’m Reading

Well, in the book world…what’s been happening? Unfortunately, not as much as what I hoped for. I’ve been trying to quench my book nerdy ways through audiobooks. Health has me a bit down in the dumps…that’s why I’ve been so absent and not posting nearly as much as I would’ve wanted. Anyways, I just finished the audiobook of Rage and Ruin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Her second book in the Harbinger series just released (a review will be coming soon – bear with me, hopefully it’ll be worth it!). But just quickly the audio was AHH-mazing! After finishing that though, my head was in a bit of a spin because that was such an intense and emotional read for me.

I then decided I needed to dive back into an old favourite. I’ve been in a bit of a funk of late and I always turn to this series or the Lux one to help me get through rough times. So, I’ve made my way through these books for what? the 10th time? I can’t even remember now, possibly more lol…I’m currently on book 5 – Haven. The reread has been something I needed. Escaping in this world is like returning to an old friend and it offers comfort to a tired soul.

I’m also currently trying to read this ARC Anthology…but at this point I’m only focusing on D. Fischer’s – The Woe of Shadows. Due to health physically reading is not going to plan. I can barely make it through a page on my phone without my concentration faltering, eyes closing due to fatigue, headaches etc…please don’t put the faltering concentration down to the story, its got more to do with side affects of medications and symptoms of my illnesses! I’m nearly finished with it but it has been slow going. I’m hoping a review will be up for the novella sometime this week.

Upcoming Books

I just heard from Heather and we have some good news! I should be receiving the ARC of this book approximately by next weekend…and I’m hoping with everything inside me, that my health picks up and finally allows me to read without experiencing complications. Coz I ain’t got time for complications, when it comes to Heather. I can’t wait to dive into this world again because I was sooo hooked on the first book! So if you haven’t read Of Dreams and Sorcery yet, make sure you do because I know this new book will be epic!

Books I’m Excited About

Recently Heather released some news about a new upcoming series. It was cover reveal time…and how awesome is it? I’m in love and can’t stop staring at it. Cover aside though, I’m so so keen for this book to be released. The Pre-order has its release at October but if I know my girl any, this date will possibly come forward a little. The blurb has me all like YES, YES, GIVE ME! We have one exiled Fae who sounds like she usually gets what she wants…but something (or is it someone 😉) has her returning to the land of which she was exiled and vowed never to return to. And of course there’s a Fae King that needs to be taken down. Seriously, what’s not to love?

This would be a highly anticipated read by Jaymin Eve! I literally just finished a reread of the Supernatural Prison Series and its really hit me how much I need this book! The last news I got of this book, is that it could be the next release by Jaymin… and I’m a gonna hold on to that tight coz I is desperate! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book for-n-ever but I know when the moment comes and this book sees the world…it’ll be beautiful and absolutely perfect…because c’mon it is Jaymin we are talking about. Give me all of Jacob…I’m so, so ready!

My Life

Hmm this is the hard part…well, its been a struggle. I’m struggling to see beyond my health at the moment. It’s really knocked me around of late…and I’ve mostly been stuck in bed not being able to do much of anything. My meds are wreaking havoc on me and I’m hoping that maybe I can give the injection version a go, to avoid some of the side affects that are really messing with me…got a couple more weeks to go before my Specialist appointment though….Ugh…It’s just beyond frustrating when your body is just dead set on betraying you…my body is evil, it likes to mess with me and see what more it can throw at me…So anxiety has been high and yeah, depression of living like this all the time is sucking a little bit at my light of late…but unfortunately that’s life aye. So not a lot has been happening for me.

My little puppy is doing well and has found a strong love for sleeping under my bed or finds some random sock or jacket that’s been left on the floor (I know bad me lol), but who am I to remove her comfy places to curl up lols.

My little nephews are growing up fast and I’m loving watching as they grow into new phases of life. My sister’s eldest Jasper is three and then there’s Kohen who is two and baby Jairus who is one and we have baby number four who is yet to make an arrival.

I’m loving how Jappy is getting older and is beginning to understand that with Aunty Tassi (me) he has to be a little bit more gentle…so of late when they visit he will want snuggles or just sit with me in bed and chat…which is adorable. One of our conversations was about him turning four. And he looks at me all serious “when I turn four I’m getting married”….it was so random and adorable. I tried asking who he was marrying but all I heard was something about a school…so who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️😂. We tried asking again and he grinned at us and changed his answer to “I’m marrying Aunty Tassi and Meema” – heart-melting.

Little Koko is the cheeky, charmer one, out of them….and he knows it too lol. He’s got what us Aussie’s would call a larrikin sort of character. He’s a little mischievous and rowdy but he’s gold at heart. I love that cheeky side of him but I have to remind myself to try and keep a straight face with some of the things he does lol. Unfortunately though, I think the poor kid inherited my clumsy side…sorry little man about that.

Then we have Jairy…and yesterday I finally got him doing high fives! Go me lol! And then well he didn’t want to stop. So yes we had to sidetrack him to give my arm a break lol… He’s really grown a lot in the last months and his little character is really shining through. My sisters going to have her hands full with her boys (sorry but its true haha). I feel like maybe they are going to get in a bit of mischief together haha. They all have such cheeky dare devil sides (you know I mean that with all the love). All my little men are growing up so fast. But it’s incredible to be able to be apart of that and their lives…there’s nothing quite like being an Aunt. I’ve come to accept that motherhood isn’t something I can see in my life anymore…so these little men are everything…they may exhaust me lol but I wouldn’t change them for anything…so if being a mum isn’t in the cards for me, being an Aunt is the best gift I could be given to help with that loss.

Erm, not sure what else is going on in my life…oooh oh I got a new book today in the post! It was the last book in the series (of course it was haha) The Girl Who Cried War by Bam Shepherd and Heather Hildenbrand, lucky I have already read the books, otherwise that would’ve been a bummer…Now just to wait for the other two. I’m super excited about receiving the first one because and amazing friend of mine, Jeannie, absolutely spoilt me by organising a signed edition of the book. Soo eeeek. What an amazing friend aye?!

Today I was having a bit of a miserable day…but it was also a really nice day because for the first time I got to video chat with my good mate Jeannie, and we had an awesome talk! Thanks lovey for that! 💜 There’s definitely something different about talking like that instead of just texting…And it was great to also meet her awesome hubby too! Friends make life that little easier when things just suck. So thank you to all my friends who I can truly rely on.

The only other thing that’s happened…which was pretty rough on me…A couple of weeks ago a Great Uncle of mine, who I’m pretty close to, unfortunately, had a couple of falls and is now in hospital. He has a long way to go before he can leave the hospital. Rehab will be a long hard process for him. I took this news pretty hard…as he’s just been one of those people that get’s me. Understands what it’s like to feel hopeless and lose so much. Just understands what its like to be sick. We are so similar…it’s like he could be the male, older version of me…He’s been very unwell like me too. We both had spinal surgeries a few years back now and weirdly, from there both of us just went really downhill. Could be a coincidence, of course, or a trigger to something that was lying dormant inside us until then. Either way, both of us got sick and he’s one person outside of my mum, sister and brother that will check in on me and see how I’m doing. So yeah, that happened and was rough. 😢

And that’s literally all I can think of to say about my life right now. Sorry for the ramble…What’s been happening with all you guys?

Chat later Ramblers x

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