Special Little Story

So a really special someone did this really amazing and incredible thing for me. And she got her insanely talented Oupa onboard. Big hugs to you both for this beautiful surprise and gift…I’m truly so touched!!!! 🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜 so I just had to share it with the world!

A little backstory. So I had seen this super adorbs dragon one day and I got this really random idea in my head. Seeing this little dragon really hit home and connected to me, without at first truly understanding why. The more I looked at it, the more I understood. I wanted something to represent what I go through on a daily basis. What I fight when it comes to my body. The effort it is just to survive a day. And this little dragon somehow represented all of this. Dragons are fighters with a matching spirit, they are strong, determined and love a challenge. It showed/represented to me all of that and more. So I messaged my mum my random thoughts, coz she’s always the first person I share my randomness with… saying wouldn’t it be cool if I had my own little dragon that did just that? Fight the invisible battle that is going on inside of me, of every day and every minute. Something that showed that side of me, the side with battle scars but who is also really weary of it all…but to be honest, I didn’t think it would go much further then just being an imaginary being I had created in my head and shared with my mum….

I should’ve known better, when I mentioned it the next day to Fuzzy (ZanMari Vosges)…and well she totally made it happen. In her words “If Peanut wants a dragon Peanut gets a dragon”. And that’s exactly what happened….And it honestly blew me away when she got her Oupa on board and he DREW ME MY OWN DRAGON! We did a lot of texting getting the little dragon ready and perfect to be the absolute perfect symbol of everything. And she is truly something else. 😍

So I want you all to meet my new little friend and fighter, who wouldn’t have been possible without my Fuzzy and her amazing family, Onyx. This name was chosen specifically. Not just for what many of the jlanders may be thinking, but because of the meaning of the word itself. You see, the onyx stone is a powerful protection stone, which can absorb and transform negative energy…whilst also helping to prevent the drain of ones energy and aids with emotional and physical strength and stamina – especially during times of stress and confusion (and I’m in a perpetual state of that lol)….so what better and fitting name for one who is basically doing all that?

A little about my Onyx. She isn’t just any dragon. You may not initially notice but she has three scars on her tail to represent my two spinal surgeries. Whilst also having a purple ribbon for awareness to chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia. The blue in her little mane to represent my autoimmune disease…The slight grey to point towards the titanium that is in my spine….The semicolon to represent both anxiety and depression, that I battle with daily. And The warrior blade is double meaning – but mostly, strongly, points to the fact that it feels like I’ve been betrayed and stabbed in the back by my body. The star in her eye?…do I really need to explain? Fighting the storm anybody?….and the book…well, that points towards one thing that provides a sanity and much needed escape, in a life that constantly is beating me down.

I can never thank you enough my friend, for this amazing gift that has really, honestly, touched my heart. I have no words to express truly how much this means to me. It’s only been a year since we met but man, it feels like so much longer. I seriously wish I could hug you right now. There’s a reason your nickname is Fuzzy….because you never cease to give me all those warm fuzzy feelings. And I had that pinned from the moment we started talking. Girl you mean the world to me. 💖💖


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