Elemental Compass (Supernatural Prison 7) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Elemental Compass (Supernatural Prison 7) By Jaymin Eve

Wow, Wow, Wow! This book feels like I’ve been waiting forever on…and it did not disappoint…not at all. It was so incredibly perfect and amazing and to sum up the last six books so perfectly, I don’t think I could be happier…well unless there was maybe a series done on the children hehe 😉…but currently I am satisfied and I’m feeling both happy and sad…but what an incredible journey we have been taken on. Just

I could probably gush all day about this book…well sorta. I’d probably exhaust myself and there’s already plenty of that going around. But this book does not hold back any punches. It brings everything. Greedy Presidents, sexy dragons, evil beings (couldn’t say what being coz that’s probably a wee bit spoilerish lol), incredibly strong Jewelled Princesses and so, so much more. I tell you, you won’t be disappointed with this book…and if you are yes, I’m sure you know where this is going

What? I’m passionate about what I love

But seriously if you have read books 1-6, I honestly can’t see why you wouldn’t love this one. Like it’s just the best thing since well getting…book six haha. Yeah, I was not going to say some cliche thing like sliced bread lol 😂 (unless by saying that now, makes it count….and then well, I guess, I totally just went there 😂). Moving on…you seriously just N-E-E-D this book in your life. I don’t care how you manage it into your busy schedule…but…

This book as I said has it all…it even has those heart-stopping moments where your heart is in the back of your throat and you’re just freaking out…or the moments your heart just feels like its being torn out of your chest and you don’t think anything can right itself again…until it does….this book will give you all the feels. It’s really quite heartbreaking in some scenes and I’m just like nope, nope I don’t think I can do this. But then you are just blown away by the strength and warrior-ness of characters *cough cough* Justice *cough cough*. What this girl goes through in her twenty years of life will touch any heart…and if it doesn’t…first off…


Sorry it’s da truth, if this book doesn’t give you all the feels from your head to your toes.

A little about the story…once again yes the Compass Pack is back to saving the world, of course, derh. That’s their M.O. But this time we get to be in the head of Jacob and Justice. And that was truly something amazing. I really especially loved being in the head of Jacob…his character always really intrigued me. Like he was just always so put together and calm…and I desperately waited for the day I could see inside his head. Now I don’t have to wait any longer. Thank the stars lol. So yes I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how his brain worked and just how much he struggled to express or stay calm…it’s almost like a warring of emotions going on inside our man…and then add on everything that’s happening and dealing with the new dragon inside him and a new mate. It truly was something special to witness. And not only him we got to delve into that very interesting mind of Justice…

So you guys remember how in Louis (the book), our man kinda went evil and showed the world that magic is real and that there was basically a whole other class of beings living on earth with them? And well, whilst all that was mostly fixed in the timeline change…the President still found out about them….and wanted to keep Justice and Jacob for a period of time to “learn” about them?

Well, this is exactly where this book picks up from. Jacob and Justice are living among the Presidents Security team…but the thing is, they haven’t seen much of the President at all (not shady at all). Justice is highly suspicious of this man and his agenda right from the bat but Jacob being our typical Compass doesn’t really believe he can do too much damage…but oh boy was he wrong. When their time is soon up, they request to head home for their allowed visit, but from here everything starts happening…hands are shown, well semi shown, and yeah…a whole lot of trouble starts raining down on them.

Ahhh…what more can I say without spoiling anything? Hmm too tricky…Umm well, Justice finally delves into her jewelled princess side and seeks more info about her ruby heritage and gets settled into find who she really is…and once this happens…man does our girl really truly start shining and doesn’t let anything stand in her way. That is what I love about her. Her strength to just continue on despite all the odds against her.

Justice wasn’t the best at hiding her true feelings. She thought she was, but I was learning how to read between the lines of what she said and did. I saw her, and even though she was fearful for the future, she was also ready to fight for it. We’d fight for it together.

And fight for it they did. As a pack, all of them together…and when that happened man did it give me all the feels.

“Our pack sticks together,” Mischa added, looking more and more like her twin every day. She was confident and strong and powerful, wearing it as a cloak of armor. “And together we will win.”

But I can’t go without saying! Holy flying baby llama’s! Those chapters before the ending my words I was FREAKING OUT! I knew Jaymin wouldn’t leave it that way…but I was like my heart! The writing was just that incredible that you just felt everything she wanted you to…regardless of whether in your head you knew it was, had to be, fixed…you still damn well felt it, like you were losing your Scott to your Stiles. (does that make sense to anyone else?)

So like I find myself saying, in pretty much all my reviews for Jaymin’s books…remember…

Have everything prepared to get you through reading this book…I’ve all told you about setting up a book survival kit and I think it’ll be needed for this book!

And oh my words….those bonus scenes they made my heart so, so happy! I’m not going to spoil it so that’s all I’ll say…but thank you, thank you Jaymin that was absolutely perfect!!

Lastly, all I’m going to say is flying Zombies…never thought I’d see the day. That is all. I’m gonna leave that to mess with your head a little hehe.

Can I just say, I have no clue when it comes to some authors…why in the world I end up writing my reviews so, so weirdly. Yes, guys…I’m doing it again. I’m writing the end than the start and then add something more to the end…before I start the middle, then I’m adding something here, there and everywhere, sigh lol. It’s like I’m cracked out or something. Probably cracked out on the book but I have no other explanation for it. What are you girls doing to me and my brain? 🙈 One day I will seriously wake up and I just won’t have a brain anymore because it’s up and decided it can no longer holiday in my body any longer. And then I’ll be permanently brainless. Now that sounds bad right?!

And I give you all the permission to make me brainless lol…but yeah it’ll still be mostly your fault…most authors like to drive their readers insane so that’s just part of it right? 😂

Sometimes I wonder what these authors think of me lol…as they read my reviews or see me converse with others….but mostly in my head, I hope they just think…

Okay, all I’m going to do is say a huge, huge thank you to Jaymin for this incredible story and the journey you have taken me on with all these books. They are so fantastically written and I know that I’ll never be able to stop returning to this world. Characters like this that truly touch your heart don’t come around every day…so thank you for this world you created. I’ll be having all my fingers and toes crossed for those baby series books hehe.

Anywho, if you made it this far I’m so so proud of you lol. Now all you need to do is go and pre-order this amazingly awesome sauce with extra sauce book. You can find it HERE on Amazon and be prepared for its release on July 7th!! I was provided this ARC by the awesome Jaymin, in place for an honest review, and as always that’s all you’ll get from me….and plus you can’t fake a review like this if the book ain’t good…just saying. 🤷🏻‍♀️

To all my loyal followers thanks for sticking with me…I hope you are all doing well!? To any newbies to my blog…WELCOME! If you love what you’ve seen please give me a subscribe down below. 😀

Anywho, Ramblers that’s all for today!

**Please Note: This book does contain mature content so I do recommend an older reading audience due to sexual content and swearing

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