Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison 1) – Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve

I just wanted to do a quick review (I copied it over from my Goodreads days of reviewing lol), for the first Supernatural Prison book just in case we have any readers that have not yet started this series. Now is the perfect time to start binge reading so you are all prepared for Elemental Compass! 😀

This was yet another amazing read by Jaymin Eve! Beginning to think it’s an impossible task to NOT, not like her books.

She’s set up an amazing world with yet more seriously awesome characters that you instantly just love! You can’t help it, they are just so dang perfect and you have no control how strong your gravitation to them is….but seriously, can we just take a moment to appreciate Jessa’s love of food and her four sexy as besties! (NOT RH)

There’s just something about Jaymin’s ability to create and describe her worlds, whilst also developing her characters to a point of being imperfectly perfect and so very real. She makes a beautiful place arise from her words and I just loved every minute of it. Sadly enough it felt like it was too short, don’t get me wrong…a lot of awesomeness happens in this book but it just seemed to come to an end so quickly…but then again that could just be me speeding through her works. Yes folks, she is just that good. It’s a true struggle to just put down the book. Which is how it should be.

Super quick summary of the book, So we are brought into a world of magic and shifters and a world where all around the globe there are these Supernatural Prisons, a place where all the deadliest of the supernaturals are sent to (Fey, Vampires, Shifters, Magic-Users and Demi-fey) …and well Jessa and her Four Compass friends (her chosen pack), are on the search for one of the Prisons that is in Stratford. You see the Four Compass brothers are the next in line leaders because of their insane power…and they don’t really like that they don’t know the hidden location of the prison.

Anywho, Jessa’s world gets turned upside down when she realises many secrets have been kept from her…the biggest that she has a sister and that she is what is called Dragon Marked. Jessa has only heard a little about this mark but she knows that having it puts her in serious danger. You see the Dragon Marked are known to be the ones to awaken the Dragon King, which is bad….and because of this mark, she has a massive target on her back…and if the information gets in the wrong hands the lethal Dragon Marked Hunters will be after her. The only way to survive now, is to keep that power locked uptight.

But many people are playing games and when her and Braxton end up in Vanguard (The Supernatural Prison they had been looking for), due to certain people trying to win the game…Truths begin to unravel and more secrets are brought to light …it’s a game of survival for them all but especially Jessa. But with her pack at her side, this is not something she has to go at alone.

Absolutely Can’t wait to dive into the next instalment. I’m excited to see what arises next for Jessa and her pack.

Thanks, Jaymin for all the amazing works that you create for us to escape in, you are truly a very talented and inspirational woman. And I take my hat off to you and guess what? There’s a crown waiting below just for you…because you’re seriously just that good and deserve that crown!

Fan for life Jaymin! ❤️

See I was a crazy book nerd fan even couple years back…and I ‘m pretty dang sure I’ve only become more addicted haha. I speak the truth lol.

Anywho, hope this helps those who have yet to dive into these books. Highly recommend.

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Happy Readings Ramblers 🤓

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