What’s Ya Reading?

What’s happening in your book world? What books do you have on the list for July? Any you’re particularly excited about? Let’s talk books.

So far my book agenda for July is something like this:

I’m actually currently reading this one at the moment. I’m doing a read-a-long in my facebook group, Booklovers Unite, I’m only 2 chapters in but I’m already hooked and can’t wait to see where this story leads. I’m already in love with a certain emerald eyed guy and he’s barely said a word lol…save me now, too late I think I’m a goner…I think #BookBoyfriendAlert. That aside I’m curious of this new world I’ve been brought into… and I’m showing sooo much restraint following the chapters laid down. I just want to keep reading haha. I don’t really practice restraint when it comes to books. What a stupid thing to do lol. 😂

I have yet to receive this ARC but I will be very soon! I am legit very keen for this book…after the ending of Wrath of Gods I am so, so ready to get me some answers and find out what the Hades is going on…coz what went down I am sooo not okay with. So yes I’m very excited for this ARC to land on my iPad. So if you haven’t started this series…GO DO SO NOW! It’s seriously the perfect time…coz that means no waiting period…you can just binge them all at once. Feel free to check out my review for Releasing the Gods to help convince you. 😁

I then have this ARC that is waiting for me….and I’m really excited to see what Jena has in store with us, for this book. I’ve read her Legacy of Sins series and quite enjoyed what I read…but I’ve developed a new fascination with Supernatural Prisons and this world will give me all that and more. The blurb sounds incredible, with a kick-but female lead who’s ready to go assassinate her some royal Unseelie Prince. Sounds like it’s right down my ally… So keep your eye out for my review. It’ll be coming soonish. 😀

I recently got invited to Danielle’s ARC team so I am starting from scratch with all her books. And the first one I’ll be starting with is the Howl for the Damned, which has only just recently had a face lift, so to speak and has been re-released recently. The third book is actually set to see the world on the 16th I believe. Apparently from what I’ve learnt all D’s books are interconnected and if you’re an OCD nut this series is actually at the beginning of that timeline. Can’t wait to dive in and find a new world to escape into. This book seems to have it all. Magic, Shifters, Mates, Witches and something called Skinwalkers. Call me intrigued.

I’ve dived back into one of my top favourite series…this is just for fun coz I felt I needed to revisit some old friends. I missed them and wanted to reconnect. There’s something about a favourite book that really just steals your heart and honestly becomes a friend…and with being so sick of late…I just felt that I really needed to escape into a world that I knew and loved…it’s like getting a hug, it just makes you feel complete somehow and helps you feel secure because you’re in a place you know. This may sound strange to some but sometimes I need something that stays the same…providing a security, if that makes sense. It helps my anxiety when things stay the same. I’m probably sounding crazy by this point. But I would highly recommend these books. First book is Obsidian. Something I also find cool is that every book in this series starts with an ‘O’…and I just love that little pattern. lol I’m weird I know. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Aside from those books above nothing else has been really locked in at this point. I may come back here and update this post if anything new arises lol.

So now you have what’s happening in my bookish world…what about all you guys? Share with me…I’d love to know! 😀

As always if you love what you see please give me a follow…and or give a like or comment below. I love hearing from you my loyal Ramblers.

Anywho, that’s all for this Saturday. Keep safe everyone. 💜

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