Of Swords & Dragons (Royal Fae Guardians 0.5) – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Of Swords & Dragons (Royal Fae Guardians 0.5) by Heather Renee

Eeek it’s finally here guys!! Or will be soon for you guys hehe 😉 just a couple more days…you got this! Countdown is on.

From the moment I started reading this series…one, I knew that I needed a book in Jordan’s head and two, I was super curious about the before story and how Jordan knew of the Dragon Queen…and this book gave me all that.

I loved getting a feel of the team Ollie, Ryland and Jordan were…I really enjoyed watching them together, even if I missed Kali as being apart of that new team dynamic. It was just something else to see the friendship that was spoken of between them actually play out.

In my head it does lol so we shall just go with it, okay? Good.

It was totally epic being in Jordan’s head…I just knew it would be such an awesome place to be. It’s only a fairly short novella but it was enough to enjoy the moments of being like

You’ll have plenty of chuckles whilst reading this story and loving every minute of it. Jordan’s ways are just too funny sometimes…but what I continued to love about her was her fight, sarcasm and determination to not let anything stop her from protecting those she loves.

A teensy bit about the story…Jordan and her friends are off on a mission to stop a rogue dragon in the otherworld who is controlling other dragons by magic…but first they have to quickly make it through the other sectors…and it seems something else may just be following them…But you don’t want to get in Jordan’s way because she is seriously ready to kick some dragon butt, or anyone butt really lol…thankfully, though, she has Ryland and Oliver to help, just in case…and of course they have her back always…annnd she may also make some new friends…Okay, and I’m done. 😁

“Who’s ready to go slay some dragons?” I grinned wickedly at my best friends. “Some days, I really worry about your sanity,” Oliver said seriously, causing my grin to expand even more.

So what are we waiting for? It’s time to knock out of power an evil controlling dragon. Nothing too hard lol…

So jump on board because…

This story was extremely enjoyable and I loved seeing Jordan and her awesome sword at work. To see her have her moment in the light was just what I needed to see this series closed up. So thank you Heather for this book. It helped wrap everything up for me.

Anywho Ramblers, that’s all I’m saying on that. Just know that if you read the other two books, you’re totally going to want this one as well, duh.

Thanks Heather for yet another book to fall into! As always it’s an absolute pleasure being apart of your ARC team and being able to read and review your works. 💜

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Seeya next time.

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