Midnight Kisses (Shifter Island 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Midnight Kisses (Shifter Island 1) by Leia Stone & Raye Wagner

Hey Ramblers!

It’s been FOREVER and a day since I last posted. My life has been a bit of a mess with new medications and my body decided to revolt. I’ve been pretty unwell, mostly been bedridden and a lot out of it…but I thought you guys would be happy to know I’m still alive lol….I honestly have no clue how this review will go lol. It’s definitely nice to be writing up a new ramble though. Let’s hope it’s not a complete flop.

I was legit so excited when I heard about Leia and Raye’s new shifter book and I was lucky enough to end up on the ARC team!

This book was seriously the best! It’s now tying in first place, with my top favourite shifter read, Raven Point Pack. I expected to love it because I’m a huge fan of Leia but I’m new to Raye’s work…but this just hit the ball right out the park! Ho-ly cows! this book is a MUST read. I loved so much about it…but was totally devastated at the end. First, for obvious reasons…you’d be upset too if your book just ended and the pages refused to turn any more! I feel the need to say

Followed by me internally panicking because like I said, the book ended and not only that it left my heart in a very emotionally wrecked place.

Just know girls, if this little ending scene isn’t fixed I will seriously go and riot. Not even kidding. Gah, it’s legit the hardest thing not to say what happened but I won’t spill that secret! Nope. Just try and prepare yourself for wanting to curl up with a pillow later on. But man my poor heart. I just need more information. I can’t handle not knowing just that one thing! Like, I need the rest of the books, that’s a given, clearly, but I dunno how to move on without having at least that one thing fixed!

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to stay on the ground until someone tells me it’s all going to be okay again. Until then, it was nice knowing you all haha. Dramatic much? I know, I know but it’s the book’s fault. I can’t help it. My heart is legit in pain. I don’t know what to do with myself. Sigh. Do you ever feel like if our books could talk that this would be one of the things it would say about us? haha 😂

So, as I’m sure you have worked out so far, I loved a lot about this book. The characters have been well thought out and feel so real. The relationships made within this book was executed to perfection. The connections made between her new friends really did feel authentic and pack like. You can easily see yourself in the group with them and becoming apart of the story. Then bring in the four Alpha Princes (not RH!) and I was happy with exactly how they built on that. It was a natural build-up fitting for the situation. Everything about it, in my opinion, couldn’t have been any better.

The story, although, a little predictable, for me in parts, was crafted well and I loved the little twists within the plot, some definitely took me for a spin (you know which part I’m talking about I’m sure grr)…But by the end of the story, the possibilities for where it could lead had been thrown wide open…and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me. In fact, I’d really love to get my hands on the next instalment like right now!

Seriously, I have so many questions I need answered…and there is not one patient bone in my body, when it comes to books. I just can’t get over that ending. It just keeps replaying in my head and then goes black, like you’d imagine an old film would. Stupid imagination!

Wait, I probably should tell you guys a bit about the actual storyline, right? My bad. Remember a medicated brain is all over the place. No judgement okay haha. Plot. I’m on it…Are you guys ready? Don’t be rolling your eyes and being all like

Okay, so we have Nai, who belongs to a pack of shifters, that were excommunicated from Shifter Island and were made to live in Montana. But every Alpha heir is made to go to this school, Alpha Academy, to train with the elemental magic they have inside of them, due to their Alpha blood. But for some reason, Nai is picked up a year earlier than expected by four men to escort her to this academy. But these sexy brothers are her sworn enemies and things are about to go completely out of Nai’s control. Like seriously out of control.

As the daughter of the Alpha of the Crescent pack, Nai has been training all her life, trying to be prepared for the day she enters Alpha Academy…but with her pack being on the outs, because of something her Uncle supposedly did, things are not going to be easy here. Oh not at all.

The King of the Shifters, who might I add is a complete d-bag, is far from happy to see her…probably the better word to use would be…mad. There was lots of yelling involved and maybe some throwing of things lol. But with her there now, it’s time for her to start working her butt off.

As a Crescent wolf, she does not get any of the special treatment the other heirs would get. In fact, she has to pay her way through it all. To earn her keep. Being an outcast sucks, but she finds her people and a bestie that shows her all the ropes, you are going to love Kaja! But we can’t possibly let things be and stop there…oh nope…we then have rogue shifters attacking the school and someone is also clearly out to kill her. Before you say…

Because, oh how wrong that is! She then starts getting these weird magical symbols that are popping up all over her body…and she has more than one elemental affinity…which you guessed it, is practically unheard of.

To make matters more interesting because Nai clearly doesn’t have enough going on…before classes begin, there’s this magical masquerade party she goes to, and well…you see, she finds her fated mate. You’re probably thinking oh yay this is awesome, finally something good happening to her! But no, wrong! Yes, our guy is smokin’ hot and between you and me is perfect (well not right away, I guess, but you’ll love him, I promise, heart-melting and everything)…but being a fated mate from another pack is bad. You see, intermingling of packs is classed as a high crime, stupid rules, I know! Why you gotto complicate things?!

But to top that off, there’s a possibility that one of the Midnight brothers, the guys that came to escort her here, may just be him…heck yeah! I was totally okay with this haha…but dude our girl has her hands full and this only kinda scratches the surface of the story.

This story has everything you need. It’s fast-paced and is bound to make your heart race. Nai is the kind of girl that doesn’t give up and she is willing to fight and not be pushed down, so look out enemies! She’s an Alpha through and through. She has a fire inside her, and she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks…And her friends are amazing and loyal which she’s gonna need in a place like this with enemies all around…gosh I really love the Harvest pack….and also some Midnight boys. 😁

Be prepared to get lost in this book and the world created by these wonderful ladies. Say goodbye to reality because this book is demanding to be read. Also, heads-up the landing back on earth is hardcore so, prepare yourself for that…Seriously, why does reality always come knocking? Ugh! Anywho, if you love you some enemies-to-lovers romance and shifters, this is the book for you. Seriously, you are going to love, love, love it. I honestly, can’t describe how thoroughly I enjoyed this book and I need more!

So Leia, Raye, the next book is coming out like tomorrow right? 😁 oh fine, fine…too pushy, right. How’s next week looking hehe? 😉 What? I legit think this ↓ is me. I’m going crazy over here thinking on your book. I need help lol.

I would like to be extra random right now…but can I just say, throughout the book, I loved how Nai did all these super random numbered percentages in her thought process and it was hilarious. At first, I was confused thinking I had muddled up that percentage number of being 99.9% positive…but then it kept happening and I was like, this is funny how precise she was being on things. My OCD ways loved it lol. Okay, my randomness moment has now passed lol.

Pencil it in guys. This book is releasing 26th September and you don’t want to miss it! Like you’d be crazy not to read it…Preorder your copy of Midnight Kisses now…and then tell me your thoughts later on. 🙂

So yep, this is my honest thoughts on this book. Thanks, Leia and Raye for this awesome Shifter story! It was one of those books that were exactly what I needed, without realising I needed it. You have both created a fantastic world, that has you investing in all the characters and wanting to throat punch any of the idjit, bad people. I can’t wait to read more. Like really can’t wait lol. You ladies are incredible. Thanks so much for having me on board your ARC team.

Any questions Ramblers feel free to reach out to me or comment below. If you love to read my Rambles please click the ‘follow’ button below, to keep in the know. I’d love to have you as part of my loyal crew.

Hope everyone followed along easily enough lol. Apologies if I lost you, I blame the meds on that. 😆

Stay tuned for there are a few more Rambles that will be coming your way soon. Some such as: Dark Fae Cursed by Heather Renee, This Dark Wolf by Everly Frost, Saving the Fae by Leia Stone, Rejected by Jaymin Eve etc.

I hope everyone is doing okay and hanging in there? Look forward to hearing back from you guys. Been a long time since I’ve been on any social platform, so yeah. Talk soon.

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