Dark Fae Cursed (Broken Court 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dark Fae Cursed (Broken Court 1) by Heather Renee

Eeeek oh my gosh guys, you are going to LOVE Heather’s upcoming new book! It releases in like three more days and I can’t wait for y’all to read it!!! I think I just want to go and read it all over again, it felt like it ended waaay too quickly.

I might do just that!

It was one of those books that you lose all sense of time and get so swept up into the story that when the last page comes, you never even realised you were close to the end…and that in itself brings out the two-year-old in you…and all you want to do is wail and scream about the dang page won’t turn any more. If you expect me or any book dragon to act all mature about this…think again lol. I know I sure as heck am nowhere near mature, when it comes to a favourite book ending and the drama it pulls out of me. It just can’t be helped. 😆

I do feel the need to quickly pre-warn you guys that my head is like really out of it as I write this Ramble, what is with my meds, the last few days I’ve seriously felt so drugged, ugh. So, honestly, even I don’t know where I may lead you today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you haha.

Okay, back to important matters. Oh yes. I was telling you how awesome this book is. Duh. This book was a highly anticipated read and it did not disappoint (wow dude it took me like seven times before I got the spelling right, should I be admitting this? 🙈😂🤷🏻‍♀️). It was everything and more than I could’ve imagined. The main character, Lucinda, is so complex and intriguing and I loved getting inside her head and working out what makes her tick. I think you guys will love her. Heads up she’s not all into the people thing and love/emotions….so you gotta be persistent with her and just force her to love you. Kinda like this ↓. 😂 You gotto be stuck to her like glue and being all kick-butt will probably help your case. So first, tackle to ground like so.

Then…don’t let go. She’ll probably get annoyed but deep down she wants to connect with others, she’s just stubborn haha.

Anyways, you are going to love all the characters in this book. I loved watching the development of the characters and how you slowly see their views changing. That was probably my favourite part. I feel the need to give a shoutout to Neva. She’s an amazing character. She’s of a more reserved nature but loyal to a fault and willing to nudge/guide others in the right direction (mainly Lucinda at this point). She sees something in our girl that others have failed to, and sees beyond what she is and into who she truly is inside…

“I know you don’t get it now, but I have hope you will soon. My words won’t change who you are, because you’ve already been changing on your own. You’re just too afraid to admit it because it might make you vulnerable, and I accept that about you. It’s why I’ve stuck around for so long.”
“Bulls**t. You had nowhere else to go,” I replied, instantly feeling guilty for snapping at someone I considered a friend, but she was pushing me beyond my comfort level, and I didn’t know how else to act.
“That’s where you’re wrong, Lucy. You might have saved me, but just because I was alone at the time, it doesn’t mean I had no one in my life. I chose to stay with you, because you were alone, not the other way around.”

As you can see by that short teaser Neva makes Lucy think, pushes her out of her comfort zone but at the same time doesn’t push her beyond a certain point. She truly touched my heart how she is with Lucy and the way she stands by her.

You are so going to love all these characters that Heather has brought to life and you may just fall for a new schmexy male Fae. The chemistry between Lucinda and him is whew. That’s some real chemistry.

I loved so much about this story and plot and how it all progressed. The development of plot and characters was done oh so perfectly. It felt real and raw and so many times did I really feel Heather hit the nail on the head, with how she slowly released the information and Lucy’s backstory. It just made it all the more meaningful and rawer. And gurl, you hit me majorly in the feels when a certain someone said she was worthy! My chest got all warm and fuzzy inside.

Wow, so I’ve totally talked your ears off on mainly just the characters…let’s get some plot background squeezed in there too…okie doke…well, its a world where we have all the magical creatures. Witches, Shifters, Vampires, Fae (dark and light) etc etc. It starts out in LA where we finally get to meet Lucinda, who is a Dark Fae. She naturally has this darkness inside her that makes her lean more towards punishing those that do wrong and protecting those that are weaker. They tend to drift a bit more to the rebellious side, which can make them great warriors. Anyways, Lucy was exiled from the Fae Islands by the King and that is why she is in LA, her new home, working with supernaturals that don’t particularly want to get down and dirty.

But on a job chasing down a particularly strong vampire, she finds herself being followed by another Fae. This is where things start getting especially interesting. This very distractingly H-O-T-T Fae has a new job for her. One she is both hesitant to agree to but one she is also unable to say no to. She had sworn she would never ever return to the Fae Islands, a place that nearly broke her. But it’s time to face the past and the demons within…and put an end to the King, the one that nearly destroyed her. Oh boy he better watch out.

Since I kinda want the dude D-E-A-D!

Upon returning to her home, not all is as she remembers…obstacles arise and the plans she begins to put into action may not be as simple as she thought. Working alongside people is not something she is used to and especially not with someone who questions her ways and doesn’t agree with her or her particular methods (ahem Finn lol). But there’s also this darkness within Finn and it calls to her, gets under her skin….she finds it difficult to ignore the connection that is building between them, bringing along with it emotions she can’t really process…For our girl, she sees this connection or to care as nothing but a weakness. Feel free to totally blame a particular evil, cruel someone that beat into her, continually, that weaknesses wouldn’t be tolerated. That’s what I did. I may have also imagined kicking his butt too lol.

It’s time for Lucinda to face her past and show the Fae world just what she is made of…and that no one can break her…she has a plan, now she just needs to put it into action. She’s trying to find her redemption for all her past wrongs but this new path before her, may be the answer in more than one way…the path she may have been searching for unconsciously for awhile now. But will facing her past be her undoing? Will she finally find her worth and that she is more than enough, especially with the right people at her side?

“There’s a reason I sought you out, and even though I fought accepting who you are at first, I don’t any longer. You are worth fighting for, Lucinda.”

You seriously do not want to miss this new series by Heather Renee! I think this series may just become a new favourite of mine, in the Fae worlds. This is the kind of book that you won’t be able to put down. If you’re anything like me, you may just wake up with your phone on your face. Yes that totally happened. The night before I had a bad night, high pain and all that jazz, and this book helped me escape. So if you feel the need to get out of your own head, make sure you preorder this baby…and then tell me about all your feels when you’re through.

This book seriously gave me all the feels and I cannot wait to see where this story will go. That ending gah! I can’t believe it stopped there!

Honestly, girl…this has gotto be your motto too right? Because if not, it should be, since this is literally what you do to me with every book you release.

Girl, I don’t care what anyone else says but this is me telling you…

Now I must bid you all adieu because I need to try and sate my book-hangover. I finished last night and I haven’t picked up anything new yet…I’m all just like ‘ugh it’s not good enough’ – even though I know there is other stuff out there, my heart is like nope, nope, nope! Let us move on in our own time. Stubborn. Just like Lucinda haha. So meanwhile, I have devoured a bottle of Coke and am now onto hot Milo and TimTams (my brother bought an extra packet when I asked him to grab some for my sisters birthday…so that worked out perfectly well for me so thanks! 😁😍 – haha yes Heather we both have the same weakness…TimTams…Food me now lol…Excuse me while I go dunk and slurp that deliciousness in my Milo). So now, I’m going to go process all my emotions and work out what will grab my attention next…because we all know a Tassi without a book is never a good thing. So Lucifer is saying it all. Maybe he’ll come up with my next read lol. Read my blog Mr Ellis so you know my genre style…please and thank you 😂

Thanks as always to my lovely friend Heather, for always sating my bookish needs and for letting me continue to be on your ARC team! I can’t wait to see all the wonderful and torturous places you take me next, with this new series. As always Ramblers this is my honest review for this book. Be sure to check out Dark Fae Cursed and be ready for its landing in just three days time on Amazon.

Thanks to my loyal Ramblers for keeping with me and following my craziness. For any newbies I’d love for you to join my tribe….just hit the “follow” button below. Look forward to hearing back from you guys.

Anywho, peeps I’d say that was enough rambling for one day.

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