Saving the Fae (Daughter of Light 3) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Whattup Ramblers! I’m back with another ARC review. I feel like they are coming out my ears haha. An interesting picture that created in my head 😆…Because I like to prepare you guys, just know my head is legit all over the place. Meds are at it again but my concentration is shot and it’s just free rein up in my head. Just imagine like little cute brain cells running around wild not knowing what to do. Or my personal favourite. Minions. They have taken over control of the motherboard of my brain. 😂

Can you believe that the final book is almost here?! Like five days! And my great hats what an epic conclusion to the series it was! Leia will take you on quite the journey with this one. She pulls out all the magic cards and things get real intense.

There will definitely be moments that you just want to curl up and sob your little heart out…there were some serious moments, that I will not divulge lol, but really ripped out my heart…Some I seriously didn’t know how to move past that point…I may have just laid there for a moment trying to process it all (you know what I’m talking about Leia…I’m still not recovered from that). Once you read it guys, you’ll know what scene I’m talking about…but for now, I’ll just torture you guys with where it left me…in that moment and what followed afterwards. A mess. I. Was. A. Mess.

But take comfort in the fact that it will all right itself (well mostly lol)…but before that time comes, some serious things will go down…so try and prepare yourself for that. If that’s even possible.

Truly, I was sad to see this series come to an end but if I had to see it close…then I will admit I was very happy with how it was all wrapped up. It felt like I could finally breathe again (coz don’t expect to be doing much of that…I lost count of how many times I realised I had unconsciously been holding my breath)…but do you know that feeling you get whilst being wrapped up in a favourite blanket after a bad day? How it can feel warm and complete? That’s the best way I can describe how this book will make you feel.

This book was my favourite in the series. Everything was all just go, go, go and the pace was just perfectly set. This book is about so much more than only saving Faerie. It was a book about learning who you are, revealing past wrongs and finally righting them. It was about healing and love and how you come back fighting stronger than ever before. It was about forgiveness and renewing a land without old hates. Allies and friends working together. There’s plenty of heartache (you have no idea!) and pain to come…but it’s finally time to have all the secrets revealed and to forge a new path, a new Faerie.

We know that book two left us with a lot of questions and totally knocked us for a spin (am I right?!)…so this book is by far the hardest and most brutal on the emotions. But it was also truly perfect and beautiful.

Let me talk a little about the plot. Well, we know that Lily learns that the man she loves, kinda killed her mum (talk about a complication! Don’t stress he’s totally redeemed in my eyes)…anyways, Lily is trying to work through the hatred and hurt of this truth. The pain she feels is so raw that you can literally feel it in the writing. But as more truths are uncovered and more secrets revealed, she knows that not everything is simple, but can get very messy and complicated. Our girl goes through a lot (they all do to be honest), but she pulls herself together and works with her friends and allies to mend broken bridges, to rebuild the trust broken. And that’s some major bridge mending going on. Think like X-men style.

But with them all being open, they all work together to take the Winter King down and to retrieve the crystals. Meanwhile, Lily is having to take on a lot more responsibility. Remember her connection to the Queen? Lily may just have to become a stand in Queen whilst the balance of Fae is restored and hopefully hand that over to her mother-aunt (as she first called her lol).

Yeah, No….Nothing will be easy…especially when the Winter King is definitely not ready to stand down anytime soon…he’s deadset on creating his own ‘New Faerie’…but surprise, surprise not all evil people are labelled, some are super manipulative and have their own agenda held close to their chest (and that is all I’m saying on that). The fight of a lifetime is here and they will have to fight with all they have to survive. Not all will survive this fight but with a ruling Fae Queen, with incredible power, it may just tip the odds.

I loved so much about this story. It was raw and powerful and hit me in the feels. This, in my opinion, was an incredible read! I loved how everything fell into place and not in an expected way (Like ummm dude that Hunt creature WTH??! I was like….)

The characters and friendships were extremely well thought out and I love how much they all grew as a whole and individually (can I just say, called it about Jasper!? Loved that character from the beginning. Sorry sidetracked…getting back on track lol)….Yeah they messed up and made their mistakes at times, but who doesn’t? I really loved how they picked themselves up from those moments and were stronger because of it. After all it’s just as Lily said:

Love was messy and hard and, at times, ugly, but I was learning that just maybe… love was enough. Because being near Liam again had made me feel at home. He was my family now, and we had to find a way to fix what was broken. Together.

The imagination and thought that went into this book was soo cool to witness and read. The story, honestly, just comes to life so easily. So many times my heart was in my throat and made me feel like I had the biggest adrenaline rush. I think this ↓ truly says/covers it all lol.

I don’t want to say too much more. I really struggled with sharing the plot today but I felt it was better to give you less on that side of things either way lol. But guys Leia has done it again…and created yet another world that I adore.

Can I just quickly say…that epilogue scene hit me like

Guys, don’t be fooled by that sweet, sweet cover…It’s tryin’ to trick you! Give you a false sense of okayness and all that lol! This book will give you everything. The good the bad and everything in-between. So make sure you go get yourself this final book to this fantastical series. If you have yet to start it…

This is the perfect time to start reading the series. As book three is releasing October 1st. You can find it on Amazon – Saving the Fae (Daughter of Light 3).

Thank you as always Leia for providing the perfect escape…I know I already told you this, but your worlds really have helped me through so much. Even to just escape my own head and the life of being chronically sick. It means so much to me, to be able to be on the ARC team for this series and to share with everyone how incredibly talented you are. Happy upcoming release day girl! 😀🖤

Hey guys, I didn’t do too badly 😆. I didn’t go off on any super random tangents lol…and the ones I started to float down I deleted and gave myself the whole ‘focus girl focus, stay on track‘ talk lol. 😂

Anywho, guys, I think I’m going to leave it there for today. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know your thoughts. Also if you’ve loved reading my Ramble feel free to click that ‘follow’ button below. 😀

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