Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Freebie


Today’s TTT topic is:

Halloween Freebie

So with this TTT topic being a freebie, I can create my own concept under the Halloween banner. Since I haven’t read any books that are really Halloween style…I thought I might mix it up a little and pick books that both make me think of Halloween or held a party that stuck with me. I may only do like five though haha.

1. Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

So this one was chosen because for some reason the Halloween party that Anna goes to, dressed as a witch, has always stuck with me. Maybe it was because Kai was dressed as a Gorilla or because of the angst and longing between the two. But it stuck with me and is one of my favourite scenes. So let’s just go with it. And as a second thought doesn’t the cover give off a halloweenish vibe? With all that fog in the forest. Something bad could totally happen there. My imagination says so lol.

2. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irvin

I’ve never actually read this book, I have watched the movie like ages ago but this definitely haS Halloween all over it. Even has a creepy pumpkin lol.

3. Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

I actually read this book yonks ago. Don’t remember a lot about it…but it was about ghosts and killing them. I think the main boy had a dad that was gruesomely murdered by said ghost and the son continues his fathers job. So if ghosty business doesn’t have Halloween stamped on it then I quit haha.

4. The Name Of The Star by Maureen Johnson

This is another book I read quite awhile ago. It’s a Jack the Ripper style book with the twist of spirits and such. It was kinda creepy and weird lol. Not my usual read. All I remember is that the girl starts seeing spirits and then begins to learn about how to eliminate them eventually. I never finished the whole series because I got annoyed with how one of the books ended lol.

5. Asylum by Madeleine Roux

Okay I’m purely just using this one because it’s creepy lol. This book actually contains real life historical photos that were found from abandoned asylums. It creeped me the hell out. I don’t think I actually finished reading it to be honest…the pictures and I didn’t get on at all lol. All I remember was the main guy had to dorm for the summer in what used to be an asylum. No. Thank. You! I don’t actually know what even possessed me to buy it haha maybe a ghost 😂

I actually did a lot better then I expected lol. I’m surprised I came up with five. Yeah Halloween isn’t really my genre/style so I’m pleased that I at least came up with some, without resorting to Googling. I try and do my lists without Google’s assistance.

Soo what books would make it on your list? Leave a comment below so I can see your answers too

For others who want to join in on the fun, you can find more information at Artsy Reader Girl


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