Dark Fae Freed (Broken Court 2) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dark Fae Freed (Broken Court 2) by Heather Renee

Well, I’ll be damned. Heather has gone and done it again! I don’t know how she keeps doing this to me…and call me crazy, but I hope it never stops. I love the way she leaves me in a mess of emotions and this book is no different! I. Just. Wow. I’m not okay.

That’s me for sure

Like, I don’t even really know where to start. Which is really saying something. That ending really pulled out all the emotional feels in me…Heather made it utterly perfect in all the ways…and I’m just like…

I’m honestly, at a loss for words. This book was just so incredibly written and had so many different emotions building inside me. I truly feel like I’ve lost it. Which really just shows how amazingly talented Heather is. Just after I finished reading…I may have ranted a little and told her I’d throw something at her lol…but because she was a friend, I’d try and be more like Augie and not let Taya get ahold of me…and, well, she didn’t freak out or run away…soo if that’s not friendship, I dunno what is haha. 😂

Oh my gosh seriously…what is with my brain?! Heather, I think you truly did break it, like for reals. I think I might be dead…or something. Ugh. Where are my words?! I just can’t process passed that ending scene. My “brain” just needs answers.

Guys, trust me on this you NEED this book in your life sooo badly! What I loved the most about this book, was how we get to see Lucy grow and how she starts to feel again (so powerful). We know that she struggles with letting people into her heart but we slowly get to see it happen (yay!)…and personally, I think, she’s already let a few into her heart, even if she hasn’t realised it yet or admitted it to herself.

It wasn’t like me to let people get away, but I was evolving. Look at me go.

I also particularly loved seeing all the characters growth as well. Especially Finn and Neva. Neva has got to be one of my favourite characters, for sure. Her usually quiet self, is slowly coming out of her shell, finding her voice…and we also get to see a little bit more into her past….and I think I’m on Lucy’s side when she calls her something like a closet bad-butt (albeit another word was used haha). And I definitely hope that she keeps up her little cheeky streak, for sure. I love this side of her…here’s a little sneaksie peak for y’all. 😉

“Uh huh. Don’t think when this is all over that I’m going to let you go back to the way things were,” I said as I moved toward the opening.
“Oh, I doubt anything after this will ever be the same, but I look forward to it nonetheless, Ms. Lucinda.” She winked as I glared at her for the formalities that I’d thought we’d finally moved past.
Now that I was getting to know her even better, I was pretty sure the elf had purposely been proper with me just to irritate me the last couple of years. She was evil in an adorable package, and I kind of liked it.

I really loved so much about this story. The development of the plot was to perfection. The characters growth, beautiful. The relationships between everyone brought on so many emotions…and the world-building is just amazing! (Just had to add that in case people thought I was ignoring that fact lol).

A quick summary of the book. Lucinda initially had one goal. To kill the king. But when that failed they kinda had to retreat. New plans need to be made because with certain happenings, things just got a lot more complicated. Lucinda is more determined than ever to be “the monster” that Zephyr created and to use that rage against the king…but before this can be done, they need to make some new allies and fight off all the other problems that keep on popping up along the way…umm, say like weird, powerful sea creatures and unknown fae that totally have their own agenda.

We on a mission peeps. A mission to end the crazy rein of the king, who’s gone and lost his mind, in my opinion. His reign is coming to an end, but I have a feeling it won’t be without some sort of sacrifice. No matter what, death is coming for someone…and our guys will need to be on the top of their game, so it’s not them that are dying. And with what happened to someone at the end of the book, may be a game-changer. For good or bad time will tell…but with friends and potential allies, maybe they can turn whatever bad comes their way, into something good.

I seriously, just can’t wait until Zephyr gets a serving of his own medicine.

I just hope that everyone remembers that the king and bad guys will always try and get into your head…so let’s hope they all have the strength to know who they are…and don’t get too lost along the way.

The journey that Heather has taken me on with this book, is hella amazing! Yeah, that ending was a killer…but I would probably be disappointed if it hadn’t been lol. I get it. Authors and readers probably need to be in therapy but hey, if we are happy being tormented and taken through the emotional wringer…then all is well in my mind 😂🤷🏻‍♀️…I think, we have a higher adrenaline desire than those who want to bungee jump and jump out of perfectly sound planes. And they think we are the weird ones lol. (I don’t really know who they are but whatevs we’re going with it 😂😂).

People may tell you it’s not real and that you probably shouldn’t get this worked up about a book, but I’m with this guy. No one can convince me otherwise haha. They all totally live in my head and it’s real dammit! lols.

And yes, if you don’t end up liking this book…this will definitely have to be me, jokes…or am I? 😆

I’m nearly finished…but can I just say dang Finn is amazing and sweet. I totally claim him as mine! Their relationship is just so unique, like them…and I just love how they slowly begin to see how the other thinks and works. It is truly so swoon-worthy…and then add in the way Lucinda just loves to mess with him…it’s just so adorable and creates an even more satisfying reader experience.

You guys are in for a treat with this book! I seriously cannot wait for you to read it! 😀 This book is releasing in just a couple days, on the 5th December, so be sure to grab your copy of Dark Fae Freed. The second instalment only gets better and the plot has opened up to a whole new level. I cannot wait to see where Dark Fae Unrivaled will take me! Like seriously I have so many questions and need them answered like now dammit!

Be sure you have all your comfort food on hand because all I will say is, that you will definitely be in need of it, with this attention-demanding book. I know I sure did. Thank goodness chocolate and coke was on hand. Otherwise, that would’ve been depressing…Now, just let me lie here and try and process all the craziness that happened and hope I can recover soon lol.

Thank you, my beautiful friend, for putting up with me and my crazy messages lol. As always, it’s an absolute pleasure and joy to be on your ARC team and to be able to share with the world, your amazing book babies…I’m so proud of you girl! 🖤 Also, I feel like this may be you after you read my review. 😂

Just in case you didn’t pick it up earlier, I am absolutely head-over-heels obsessed with Heather’s new upcoming book! Don’t forget to get yours and tell me your thoughts and feels.🙂

Ha seems like I finally found my words lol. I do apologise if my ramble is even crazier than normal…my head is so incredibly out of it and pain is like, off the charts right now. I wish I could take strong pain killer right now. But yeah. Hopefully, I’ve at least made some sense lol.

Thanks for being here guys and for following my blog. Don’t forget you can reach out to me at any time. I’m available here, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Anyways talk to you later Ramblers.

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