WYR Wednesday!

Okay Ramblers…here’s today’s hard decision….what will it be?  

WYR be stuck in a world where Reading was prohibited and books were securely stored away and monitored closely, if caught breaking the law the book would then be burnt….OR have all the books at your disposal, but suffer every injury inflicted within that story. (If the person dies you do not die…but you do feel the pain right to the end). 

Choices, choices

2 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!

    • Haha my facebook group think I’m evil. It’s a mystery to them how such a sweet person can be so evil when it comes to these WYR days lol…Good for you taking a hit for the books, I’d do the same too. I couldn’t live in a world without them lol…good thing I have a high tolerance to pain lol.

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