Wolf Girl (Wolf Girl 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Wolf Girl (Wolf Girl 1) by Leia Stone

Man! I don’t even know where to start with this book! But I can tell you, it is an absolutely phenomenal read. This book tore at my heart and I could barely process all that Leia puts us and her characters through. Like my brain truly stopped processing right at the end. I couldn’t even rant. It just ended up being a few short messages that I sent to a friend. I think it went something like. “Oh damn.” “My heart.” “It legit hurts.” That ending. Just…I’m not okay with that. I don’t wanna wait until February for my answers. That seems really far away. Like soooo far away!

My heart seriously feels like it just took a major beating…and I’m blaming Leia’s magic and her ability to just reach inside me and make me feel things, that I don’t want to be feeling. I’m just left here like WOW! I’m very cranky at a certain someone…I just can’t believe how he could do that and not listen or believe her! Not cool bro. After everything she’s been through and bam you just go and make these stupid decisions in the heat of the moment…you should’ve known the girl you were with but nope…I know your heart was hurting and you were mad but still. I will stand up for you, even though you made some really bad, terrible decisions. I get why in your head you did what you did…I love you…but just…so cranky and disappointed in you Mister. I totally felt like I had a mum moment just now lol.

I think the ending hit me hardest because Sawyer isn’t the typical Alpha heir. He is just so kind, caring and protective…so when everything goes to hell and he turns all jerk-face-potatoey it’s just like a punch to the gut. Even if he is hurting…

I honestly have no clue how this Ramble is going to go. Even a day and a half later and I still just don’t know what to write. All I know is that I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to get more answers. I have a lot of thoughts as to where this story may go, but ugh it’s not the same as having the actual story and knowing for sure where it’s going….so I know this is probably gonna mess with my head a fair bit until that time.

So imagine this ↓ mess in my head, as I try and act all cool, calm and collected. Don’t panic, we just being internally flooded with questions. We will be fine. Maybe haha.

For that’s where I’ll be until I have answers lol

Let’s move on from my misery, shall we? And let me tell you a little bit about the story. So we have Demi who has been raised outside of Wolf City, without a pack, as her parents were banished prior to her birth. Demi has had to survive in a world where she has had to be magically cuffed her whole life. Trapped and caged within her own body, never being allowed to shift. She’s attended school with Witches and other magical beings…bullied every day. Lost and losing hope of ever being who she was always meant to be…to stop having to fight her wolf and just let her free, without restraint and punishment…But everything changes, when Sawyer Hudson makes a stop at her school…and sees her and the internal battle she’s fighting within.

Sawyer is the next Alpha Heir. And he changes the whole game for her. Before he leaves the school, a message is delivered to Demi. A release of the banishment on her. She is finally allowed back into Wolf City. Under the condition of her participating in the Alpha Heir’s selection, to pick his mate. Hello werewolf bachelor.

Demi has to make this decision quickly, like say 60 seconds kind of quick lol…and she has to leave everything she knows behind, right then and there. It’s time to leave her life behind and begin anew. Before she can get comfortable in her new life, the day she lets her wolf free…everything changes, all over again. When Sawyer helps her to shift for the first time, there’s nothing normal about it…and is something that must be hidden from the shifter world. It could mean her death…and she has no clue why her wolf doesn’t shift like the others. Before she even gets to experience true freedom, she is once again bound to not shift.

I found this story to be quite unique. I can say, until today, I have never read a book like The Bachelor, werewolf style. The plot grew at a nice pace and there was always something interesting popping it’s head in, keeping your interest piqued at all times. It does lull you into a sense that all is going to be okay…right until the last moment and then BAM!…hello big, new, bad problems. It’s like we got our own Ursula working behind the scenes. Could you please stop already…these new developments are more than enough.

Okay, I seriously can’t say anything more…even though a lot of other big things go down on top of this. But there is so much more to the story and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I instantly loved the characters that were created and have become quite invested in this new series of Leia’s. My heart has so much love for these people I just met (even certain someones that I’m currently very mad at – please make them grovel, just a little lol – I am not petty at all lol)…my heart, truly, hurts for all that Demi has gone/goes through in this book. She’s a character you can easily just connect to and love… I tell you, your heart truly goes through an emotional wringer as you read her story. Talk about emotional whiplash…that was the case for me anyway. I’m still not over it, nor has it all been truly processed.

I do feel it is necessary to warn you guys that this isn’t really a book for a younger audience, in my opinion. The content is of a more mature nature. Demi has gone through some really rough/dark times and although it doesn’t delve too deeply into it, more like memory flashbacks, but she was raped and the word is used a handful of times throughout. So this could be a little bit of a trigger for some, please do keep that in mind.

So, who’s excited to dive into this new book by Leia? Wolf Girl is releasing on the 27th December so not too much longer to wait! 🙂 I can’t wait for you guys to see the world that has been created, it was very different and truly has caught my attention. I have a feeling you will really like it. So much drama and so many problems. A book lovers happy place (well, that sounds weird but you guys know what I mean, hopefully, lol). I’m definitely intrigued how this story will grow. Especially with that ending. I feel like it has really opened up the door for so much growth.

Thank you so much, Leia, for creating this world and more characters for me to fall in love with. It’s always quite the adventure you take your readers on. 🖤 Thanks for having me around on your ARC team and for putting up with my crazy ways lol.

As always, this is my honest opinion of this book and can’t wait to read more! Now what to read next. I feel like I may need to do a detox or something haha. Is there such a thing as a book detox? If not…

Now I just need to work my head out, which is basically a lost cause…so maybe I’ll just pretend I’m all good lol.

But before I get to that stage…

Moving on….anywho, that’s all my brain can deal with right now, which is probably a good thing lol. So, I’ll be leaving you to it.

Oh, oh also…if you are interested for fun Leia set up insta profiles for Demi and Sawyer. So if you want to check those out, you can find them here – wolfgirl_4 and wolfdude_4. It makes more sense after reading the book, but Demi is a photographer and Sawyer likes to stalk her page lol.

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